I’m not going to write anything new about Oliver. He’s not worth it. I don’t need to. Here’s a wee reminder of his achievements:


Neil Oliver and his very large Claymore. BBC Host, author, battlefield  archaeologist Barefoot and in a kilt. Oh myyyyy. | Favorite celebrities,  Women, Kilt

In the Herald today, Neil Oliver:

Neil Oliver has said that he believes Scotland choosing independence would be a “step backwards” and would ‘infringe’ on his human rights. Speaking to Unlocked the Coast presenter said: “For me to draw a new hard-line separating Scotland from England in that formal sense is a backwards step. I prefer what I’ve always had and I bridle at the thought that someone can take away my nationality and replace it with another.

What is Unlocked? It’s a proudly ‘common sense‘ Youtube TV news broadcaster:

A new common-sense media channel for those abandoned by the MSM. Fast-moving & fearless, we speak Britain’s language.

When I hear people claim authority based on ‘common sense’, I reach for my……google quotations. Here’s a good one:

Albert Einstein on Common Sense 28 Painting by ArtGuru Official

And, back to this human rights thing. What about my human rights? I don’t want to be British. What about the millions like me?

And, backwards step? How is becoming a small, more democratic, pacificist, non-nuclear state a step back from being only half-democratic, militaristic and with a policy of wiping out your neighbours?


Readers will remember Oliver’s suggestion that a second independence referendum was a cancerous presence, that FM Alex Salmond was ‘round‘ and that Professor Tom Devine looked like an old man in the Muppets.

It’s ironic that Oliver bemoans comments on his appearance when unable to come back at academic criticism he, himself, quickly falls back on personal abuse.

Most entertaining, however, in the light of his choice of ‘cancerous‘ to describe the democratic wishes of millions, and his defence of the racist TV historian David Starkey, is his assertion that he has held “very middle of the road” views all his life.

I suppose if you’ve held right-wing, imperialist views for a long time then have had to moderate them just a touch to keep your job at the BBC, you start to forget what you are.

16 thoughts on “Bleeuurrrrrghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  1. In Eastern Buddhist philosophy
    There is no such thing as common sense
    Only wisdom can truly exist as such in every sense wisdom is eternal
    We are born with the ability to gather as much as possible
    But all the forces of society that are exerted upon our minds seek only to divert and deny
    Us to drink from the ever flowing fountain of wisdom
    With the one and only caveat being
    It is from within that true wisdom is to be found
    Finally may i give all another quote from Albert
    ‘ Having giving much consideration to all the great religion’s of the World
    I have come to the firmest of conclusions
    That the only hope for civilisation and mankind
    Is to adopt the Philosophy of Buddhism ‘


  2. “Nelly Irrelevant came to town.
    On behalf of the Brit Nat circus.
    With a swish of his hair, and a squeal of despair,
    Trump! Trump! Trump!

    Nelly Irrelevant packed his trunk of shame
    And said good bye to his ill-gotten fame,
    If the Scots vote tae go, so will NelliesTV show,
    Trump! Trump! Trump!”

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  3. I note the sub-heading in the Oliver piece in the Sunday Times – about Holyrood’s failure in managing the pandemic.

    This seems to be the preferred Unionist message now. On BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House show this morning, in a discussion between the presenter and two journalists, it was about Nicola Sturgeon having had (in terms) a ‘bad pandemic’. References made to shocking outcomes in care homes in Scotland – but the public, strangely, seem to approve of her regardless. One could almost hear the (empty) heads shaking in disbelief and frustration!

    Every effort is now being made to divert attention away from Westminster’s track record in handling the pandemic more broadly and since the outset. The tight focus is on the vaccination programme – a triumph for Boris and Blighty!

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    1. The right wing rags and the right wing BBC should just pop onto travelling tabby every day they could then see that the numbers of infection and deaths in England are still utterly horrendous and that Scotland is doing far better, so someone somewhere is doing something right against the odds, in Scotland.Hmm.


    1. Only he is allowed to have human rights, wait till he sees what his BritNat lords and masters have in store when they can get their fat greedy arses organised, scrapping the HRA altogether…


  4. Imagine saying your country ‘is making me ill, because the majority of the people of your own country don’t want a British Nationalist government next door stealing resources galore, ridiculing you, and kicking you in the b**ls to boot! A despicable specimen who gets a platform in the BritNat media, as if he is worthy of his toxic words being put into print, pah!


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