Neil Oliver’s ‘middle of the road’ cancerous thoughts

Readers will remember Oliver’s suggestion that a second independence referendum was a cancerous presence, that FM Alex Salmond was ‘round‘ and that Professor Tom Devine looked like an old man in the Muppets.

It’s ironic that Oliver bemoans comments on his appearance when unable to come back at academic criticism he, himself, quickly falls back on personal abuse.

Most entertaining, however, in the light of his choice of ‘cancerous‘ to describe the democratic wishes of millions, and his defence of the racist TV historian David Starkey, is his assertion that he has held “very middle of the road” views all his life.

I suppose if you’ve held right-wing, imperialist views for a long time then have had to moderate them just a touch to keep your job at the BBC, you start to forget what you are.

21 thoughts on “Neil Oliver’s ‘middle of the road’ cancerous thoughts”

  1. This sleekit wee anal licker has by his own words and deeds brought all upon his head and is guilty of none other than possesion of a traitorous tongue
    And no magnnamanity can ever be offered for his actions or any of suchbtreacherous ilk
    Let his Imperial master for whom he performed duties of a scatologucal nature
    Keep him from now on
    Awa wi the Man

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  2. No idea what this guy’s problem is, but if he is calling people who support independence in Scotland, bullies, then he is a very bad example to his chidlren. Real bullying, genuinely damages the victim sometimes irreparably and for life. It’s dreadful.

    To accuse people of bullying who are simply expressing the need to have a say in how their country is run, is quite frankly sickening. It does seem quite common for bullies to accuse those that they are themselves actually bullying, of being the bullies. A classic tactic and of course this guy has a platform with which to do that, presume he is paid for his stories as well.

    Bullying is not a matter to be taken lightly Mr. Oliver, be careful who you accuse and what your purpose is, because real victims of bullying and harrassment deserve better and any faux made up victimhood does them a great, great disservice.

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    1. Nationalists were fed a relentless hate campaign by the National and whipped up their followers to have him removed from the NTS, BBC and targeted his publishers in an ongoing twitter pile on. Sounds like bullying to me. Disagree with him by all means.

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      1. I disagree with personal abuse entirely, but I think you will find that it was Mr Oliver who started regaling Scots with his poisonous and hate-filled opinions, not the other way round.
        Apart from his obvious ego issues, I had no problem with his coffee-table style programs, until he decided to open his gub—and forgot to close it.
        When you have a media profile, it gives your opinions a far greater importance than they probably merit, and that gets reflected back at you.

        Poor Lovie!

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      2. Scotland is INTERNATIONALIST. It’s people like N.Oliver who have attempted to divide people with his very public bias, displaying utter contempt for those who support independence in a peaceful, respectful manner. He is given a plaform in the media, to spread his own hate speech towards certain sections of society in Scotland, it’s a disgrace. Lastly the NTS I am sure had their reasons for ‘removing’ this guy from their organisation, nothing to do with independence supporters and The National, which is actually just another BritNat establishment daily rag posing as pro independence.
        I have direct experience of neighbour face to face bullying and harassment, ongoing, and my son was viciously bullied at high school, it’s about belittling a person, and it is one way bullying, it’s horrendous and always to be condemned.

        N.Oliver’s ‘war of attrition’ seems to be have been more a two way spat. I don’t think we need waste any more time on him quite frankly.


  3. What does Oliver ( The male version of Susan Calman) expect, he’s a British nationalist to his core, who loathes the thought of an independent Scotland. Of late he even blamed Ian Blackford for disclosing Johnsons holiday destination when it was the Daily Mail that did it. Why the NTS gave this bozo a post is beyond the belief of many.

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    1. Why bring Susan Calman into this? Whatever her thoughts on the Union, she hasn’t done or said anything that in any way compares to Neil Oliver’s contributions …. unless you know better.

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      1. Calman lied through her teeth that she was abused on Twitter by Scottish independence supporters around 2014 the time of the indyref, not one shred of evidence was forthcoming from Calman.

        Her staunch British nationalism, as opposed to the nasty civic Scottish nationalism, has earned her a lucrative media career from radio shows to Bank of Scotland adverts, where she proclaims to know how (Those she wants to keep oppressed in this horrendous union) Scots think and act.


      2. I was under the impression it was more about others being “offended” on her behalf. She didn’t exactly run with it either way. Also, plenty pro-indy comedians, actors, etc have remained successful despite their politics. I doubt Calman’s success is down to any unionism she may have espoused six years ago. She’s very personable.

        Whatever her views on Indy, she does not hold a candle to Neil Oliver’s brand of vocal martyrdom …. in my opinion.


    1. Yes of course he and any other for that matter are of course allowed their viewpoint
      But those who have a high profile and able to have their views widely distributed
      Should ALWAYS chose their words with the utmost of care
      If you live by the sword then you must accept you may die by it
      In other words when the times change and they are doing so with due haste now
      Attempting to dampen down and temper
      Your previous vitriol are the actions of a coward who indeed realises his sword is now broken
      Tis the most cleverest of warriors who wins by merely placing his hand upon the sword
      So given that your word is the sword in todays world
      It is a wise man who maintains its sharpness and readiness but if forced to deploy then it must be swift and sure
      Used with extreme rarity but with terrible consequences for those who force it to be drawn
      Something Rooth The Mooth know,s none of as she draws her sword against Nicola
      And her sword is blunt rusty and severely fractured
      Whilst that of her opponent she has chosen to draw swords upon is now rapier like crafted by the finest involved in the Indy movement
      So much so that Nicola has attained the superfluous levels of the wisest of Warriors and now only has to look upon the scabbard
      Far less touch
      As a most humiliating outcome awaits those that are stupid enough to seek engagement
      All this begs the question as to how long Boris would keep his head should he ever have the misfortune to go face to face with her
      Ah but Boris and his cohorts fail to realise that the traditional upbringing and education of true hard working class Scots
      Is indeed one of the finest in the World
      And no monies wasted upon Eton and its kind can produce such qualities
      And to Quote Andrew Neal
      END OFF

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  4. A media construct, and a man with “history” opinions way out of date.
    Always looks north from England, never south from Scotland. Wrong end of his telescope.

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    1. He “jumped the shark” for me with that “documentary” about Orkney being the first capital of “Britain” back in pre-history. Utter bunkum dreamed up to try and create the idea of the “United Kingdom” pre-dating an independent Scotland.

      Absolutely laughable to claim stone-age Orkney was of any more (or just “any”) influence over stone-age Southern England than stone-age Northern France and Germany …. never mind the “capital” of a notional United Britain.


  5. i know very little about Oliver. Archeologist, TV presenter, millionaire. His height is unknown to me and possibly to all but his close family.

    Aah, he is Piscean. That should tell us something.

    Typical Pisces personality traits
    EMPATHETIC (read: emosh) …
    MYSTICAL (read: wild) …
    ROMANTIC (read: wet) …
    IMPRESSIONABLE (read: elusive) …
    IMAGINATIVE (read: fantasist) …
    PLEASURE SEEKING (read: drunk) …

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    1. Jokingly and seriously
      But his name suggests he is as far as we Scots concerned rather akin to a certain historical chappie who wrecked havoc upon us and the Irish and goes by the name of Cromwell ( Oliver )
      Upon Indy Street name plates bearing such name must be replaced
      Between Cromwell and Edward 1st
      They were responsible for over 90 % of our written history being lost forever
      Ironic one Oliver destroys it
      The other alters and corrupts it either in a lazy or corrupt ill intent manner


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