Or ‘Majority of English people not fussed if we stay or go’

As support for Scottish independence seems to be consolidating at around 54%, up from around 45% in the previous year and with, perhaps, further growth to come in the wake of job losses due to a hard Brexit and from observing further pandemic chaos in England, the Scotsman struggles to find something positive in this poll.

YouGov asked 1 530 English adults what they think should happen with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Perhaps with memories of IRA bombs, only one in four wanted to keep Northern Ireland.

51% wanted to keep Wales but only 46% wanted to keep Scotland.

Not liking the sound of that, the most solidly Unionist of Scotland’s newspapers grasped at the risible notion that only 13% of those living in a neighbouring country and with no say in the matter, acitvely wanted us to go, matters.

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10 thoughts on “Or ‘Majority of English people not fussed if we stay or go’”

  1. England can’t expect to continue to make major decisions about Scotland, while keeping Scotland chained by the neck, and for Scotland to have basically no say whatsoever, in what happens with Brexit. It’s just not cricket is it!

    When the chips are down, Scotland will decide to go, then England can at last be free, no more shackled to Scotland, subsidy junkie, draining away England’s hard earned cash. It just cannot be sustained, England can’t afford to keep Scotland after Brexit that much is clear and the people of England know that. It’s a no brainer init.

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  2. The view from England’s population on any topic is a matter of profound concern mainly because it is so heavily influenced by a media cartel with strong ties to those in the London power bubble.
    This learned ignorance of anywhere beyond the locale increases with distance, throw in a sea-crossing and it escalates markedly, possibly this explains the respective “Should stay part of the UK” results.
    Ultimately this ignorance and prejudicial view will accelerate fragmentation of not only the UK but England itself.

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  3. I think this must be from the same poll (although dates appear to be 2 weeks earlier).

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  4. Interesting that the groups that would like to see us leave the UK most (apart from Scots) are men and brexiteers (22% both) followed closely by age group 50-64 (21%) and aged 64+ and the richest social grade ABC1 (20% both) .


  5. “wanted to keep Scotland” this line in a nutshell is the epitome of all that is wrong with the mentality of Little England.
    We are not a possession of anyone and anybody that happily agrees with this sentiment can take a long walk off a short pier!

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  6. BBC bosses who wanted to “keep” Scotland (or its licence fee)——110%’

    BBC Hootsmon* and Radio North Brit* staff who are “Loyal”——99%

    **—This also includes Hon Sarah, Dame Warkie et al and all the other Labour exiles.


    1. Very interesting article and site.

      Thanks for pointing out both. I, and those at my stage of ‘development’, need as much of this type of info as we can get!


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