Covid deaths fall days before lockdown exit plan

The 7-day average for Covid deaths yesterday was down from 40.9 the previous day to 35.7. The daily fall had been even greater, from 57 to 31 but, hey, we know daily changes mean little.

Strictly speaking a 24 hour change in the 7-day average is little better and we should be looking at it in 7 day intervals. So 35.7 yesterday, 40 a week before, 47 a week before that, 57 a week before that and 60 a week before that. Now that’s a trend. That’s news, even.

So, my headline above, useless, infantile, is of course just satire on the Herald headline. They lead with this:

The daily average for new coronavirus infections in Scotland has risen for the first time since early January, just days before the routemap out of lockdown is due to be unveiled.

Are they feeling clever because they resisted the temptation to go for the bigger daily change in total cases? Do they know a 24 hour change in the 7-day average is no use either? And the tiny increase in the 7-day average, from 815 to 833? Easy but not headline stuff I guess – testing.

The 7 day average for testing has gone up in the last week, from 17 754 to 18 490. Around 750 more tests being done daily and the infection rate only goes up by 18? What might that suggest about the actual overall infection level? Down, down, down.

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11 thoughts on “Covid deaths fall days before lockdown exit plan

  1. There little doubt the English variant is playing a massive part here
    Basically this new variant is now the dominant strain and responsible for over 70%
    Of new cases
    Scotland is approx 2 – 3 weeks behind the impact on cases down south
    Who are now showing big drops in new cases
    ICU,Hospital admissions and Deaths

    In the next 7 – 10 days in Scotland you should
    See a increasing DROP in all relative numbers

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      1. One thing for certain this virus even in mutated forms and once sufficient data available
        It trajectory all very predictable once you know the societal human scenarios it finds itself in
        Give the wee b**tard the tiniest of openings
        And soon it will sneak through then take full advantage of what it then finds
        That is the way Nature has designed it
        I assure you never ever shall it miss a chance
        And its 1st chance was not only to jump species( normal for it) but once over thrive and rapidly easily be transmissible in the new host
        All much the same as Colonialists came upon new lands and to hell with the indigenous peoples


        1. “All much the same as Colonialists came upon new lands and to hell with the indigenous peoples”

          For a minute there, I thought you talking about the virus! rofl


          1. I was always referring to covid
            Merely introduced colonialism to demonstrate How life forms take their chances when presented with a open goal and free run


      1. Probably impossible for us to close the border
        But the big big fear that one of the new strains mutates again making it more deadly and vaccine resistant
        Pray not but if so to hell with the politics
        Close the Border


  2. I listened to the news on the radio yesterday. (I know, I know). Briefly. Before switching off in disgust.

    Their ‘headline’? “31 new deaths in Scotland as schools return”. I listened, waiting for more detailed information about the briefing. Guess what? No cases numbers, hospital figures, people in ICU, vaccinations done. Nothing. Not even bare,out of context figures.

    I’d also watched the Coronavirus briefing. I usually do. THAT’s what they took from what John Swinney said?

    My son didn’t hear the broadcast and, quite reasonably, said they probably don’t want people to get complacent just because the figures are going down. Which is, after all, what SG *are* saying. It’s what the news(?) *could* have said. It’s probably also what our media friends would *say* they were saying, if challenged. And, of course, he didn’t get the context and tone.

    My loved ones shake their heads at me for ‘finding reasons’ till the pips squeak. If even I can see what they’re doing without even trying, it’s getting really blatant.

    Of course, you all know this already…

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    1. Terrence
      But only if you allow them
      You cannot govern without consent

      And they very soon be put to the test upon such matters
      Let them remember as to how and why they
      Lost America


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