Shocked journalist told hospital-onset infections increase after an admissions increase and then fall when…..

The number of Covid infections caught in hospitals has begun to decline (end January 2020) but don’t expect our media to be interested now. Caitlin and others were much interested when they were going up but she’s onto something else now.

Why do they increase? I bet it’s that SNP not providing enough nurses or cleaners.

Well, you’ll see from the two graphs, hospital-onset infections started to climb at the end of September 2020 as admissions increased. More patients, more infection. Who’d a thunk?

The same thing happened in the first wave. Admissions start to fall at the end of April and, as if by magic, hospital infections did too.

I used to be a primary teacher. I rate that concept teachable at P4, age 9.

It’d be P6, age 10 though, before I’d explain the percentages. So, it’s 2% to 3% definite cases and around 2% probable cases at the peak.

NHS England has solved its problem with reports of up to 25% in October of all cases hospital-onset, compared to 1% in Scotland, by just not recording that anymore.

21 thoughts on “Shocked journalist told hospital-onset infections increase after an admissions increase and then fall when…..

  1. What these liars will say to pay their mortgages. Scaring the hell out of people who could well end up not going to hospital when they perhaps should.
    Irresponsible daily right wing rags, as if they care one jot about the people of Scotland.
    Their lies and propaganda may well contribute to deaths in Scotland, despicable.

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  2. For info/interest, from an analysis of English hospitals’ data by the Nuffield Trust, the independent health think tank, published 18 November 2020:

    ‘Chart of the week: The proportion of Covid-19 infections occurring within hospitals is growing as cases rise’

    ‘During the first wave, it was estimated that 20% of hospital cases were acquired in hospital – defined as cases diagnosed more than a week after admission. A similar proportion of hospital cases were acquired in hospital between 1 September and 14 November: the proportion has grown with the number of cases, from 10% in September to 19% in the first two weeks of November.’

    ‘An investigation into hospital-acquired Covid-19 during the first wave identified a complex range of factors which contributed to Covid-19 infections in hospital, from the challenges of separating Covid and non-Covid patients; the impact of building design; high levels of bed occupancy; and staffing levels, training and morale.

    ‘Some of the factors which were relevant in the first wave are less significant now, such as lack of testing and PPE, but hospitals are also busier as they continue to undertake more treatment of non-Covid patients. Other factors, such as ward layout, may harder to address without affecting overall capacity.’


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  3. O/T From the Good Law Project website this evening regarding the Department of Health and Social Care’s procurement practices during Covid:

    ‘The High Court has ruled “The Secretary of State acted unlawfully by failing to comply with the Transparency Policy” and that “there is now no dispute that, in a substantial number of cases, the Secretary of State breached his legal obligation to publish Contract Award Notices within 30 days of the award of contracts.” We have won the judicial review we brought alongside Debbie Abrahams MP, Caroline Lucas MP, and Layla Moran MP.

    ‘In handing down the judgment, Judge Chamberlain brought into sharp focus why this case was so important. “The Secretary of State spent vast quantities of public money on pandemic-related procurements during 2020. The public were entitled to see who this money was going to, what it was being spent on and how the relevant contracts were awarded.”

    ‘The Judge went on to say that if Government had complied with its legal obligations we “would have been able to scrutinise CANs and contract provisions, ask questions about them and raise any issues with oversight bodies such as the NAO or via MPs in Parliament.” When Government eschews transparency, it evades accountability.’

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  4. O/t

    Kenny MacAskill has a piece on Wings trying to convince people that for electoral success, it’s the parties popularity that matters. . . . An Individuals prospects are determined on the parties standing . . . . . . So it’s ok by him to get rid of NS. . . (And that’s in the days before the May election)

    Whilst right now the SNP and independence are riding high in the polls due to the FM’s handling of the pandemic.

    A few weeks back he was interviewed on CH4 . . . . . Made the point that Scotland’s independence must be based on solid foundations.
    Quoted the case of how Parnell was taken down, but that Ireland’s independence followed. He omitted to point out that the independence followed about 40 odd years later.

    Who’s side is he on? The Union or Independence?

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    1. Yesterdays Men?
      A new party with recognisable names, standing on the list, would be a good thing. Why don’t they do that?
      Instead we have good people ego tripping and jumping up and down—they need to SIT down and smell the coffee.

      It’s not all about them! Or Sturgeon. Or Salmond.
      It’s feckin’ BIGGER than that.

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      1. Gavin O.

        Yes Indeoendence is bigger than any one indvidual. B B B But right now we’re weeks away from an election with a leader who through her own actions plus events , very rare events has gained huge public aproval, for her self and her party.
        To remove her or damage her at this stage would set the cause of independence back for a very long time. And throw away tge best chance we have ever had of becoming independent.

        I no longer think of AS and his troupe as “good people” .

        Should check out some of the comments on WGD


    2. I’m more than happy to hud ma wheest for the cause, if you can prove to me that the SNP’s current gender agenda and proposed Hate Crime legislation won’t significantly harm the potential for open democracy and justice in Scotland.

      The group engagement model: procedural justice, social identity, and cooperative behavior


  5. A bit O/T, and with apologies for nor knowing how to show the graph but…

    Looking at the graph for 7 Day Average of Vaccine Doses Administered by Day and Country, Per 100k Pop here

    Is it just me, or have all the Devolved Nations’ figures gone down at roughly the same time and following roughly the same pattern, whilst England’s has levelled, if not risen slightly? (Willing to be told I’m wrong, as I have a problem with line perception).

    If I’m right, why should this be?


    1. Because Pfizer announced several weeks ago that production of the vaccine at its plant in Belgium would be reduced for 2-3 weeks or so while it upgraded its facilities there so that it could increase the volume of vaccine it produced.

      This has resulted in a reduction of the number of vaccinations per day over the last week or so. It has affected all 4 UK nations but the apparent levelling off for England rather than a decrease as seen in Scotland etc may suggest that England had stockpiled doses, and at the same time quietly reduced the daily vaccination rate, so that its rate appeared unaffected. Added to that there may also be an element of inefficiency in its rollout.

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      1. Reference

        Note Dr Kanani’s message about supply.

        And this from SG daily Covid-19 stats on vaccinations

        COVID-19 Vaccine supply data
        As of Monday 15th February:

        total number of doses allocated: 1,618,320
        Total number of doses delivered: 1,520,690
        Further information
        Data definitions and sources
        total number of doses allocated refers to the number of doses that have been made available by Public Health England to the Scottish Government for ordering, and is the cumulative amount allocated up to 11:55 15th February 2021.
        total number of doses delivered refers to the number of doses that have been delivered from Public Health England to the ownership of the Scottish Government, and is the cumulative amount delivered by 23:59 14th February 2021.END QUOTE

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      2. Thanks for the response. It was a genuine question (AOT a ‘Hmmm… now let’s take a guess at why…) type! Following a head injury years ago, my memory/perception of symbols, line drawings etc is poor. So interpretation of info presented like that is hampered and I do need to confirm what I’m seeing.

        I was expecting the figures to decrease when Pfizer slowed down. So the pattern of the Devolved rates wasn’t a surprise. It was the English figures that seemed to be bucking the trend.


    2. “Is it just me, or have all the Devolved Nations’ figures gone down at roughly the same time and following roughly the same pattern, whilst England’s has levelled,..”

      That’s what the graph shows! The nature of the drop off in Scotland and NI in particular looks very similar in terms of degree and timing.

      Why? One can only speculate (wildly?): (i) experiencing similar current supply constraints that are not being felt (yet?) in England; or (ii) having to husband supplies for second doses because of a degree of uncertainty over future supplies, an issue that is not (yet?) a concern in England – or something else entirely! However, it will be interesting to see how these trends develop. Good spot!

      From the same source you give, it looks as if Wales and to a lesser extent Scotland have both increased the daily delivery of second doses as % of population more rapidly than the other two nations since 16 Feb.

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      1. Thanks for getting back. As I’ve explained to Legerwood, I suffered a head injury years ago, my memory/perception of symbols, line drawings etc is poor. So interpretation of info presented graphically is hampered and I do need to confirm what I’m seeing! Now I’ve seen it, I’ll be watching… (Not, unfortunately, that I can do anything about it 😦 )

        I’d noticed the increase in 2nd doses too. I look forward(?) to MSM asking why SG is ‘lagging behind’ everyone else in supplying 2nd doses next!


  6. One thing I’m pretty certain of, is the potential for distributive justice in and for Scotland, will be considerably impaired if we allow the legal identity of women to be colonised by men. Which would simply ape the colonisation of Scotland’s constitutional identity by English Torydum.

    The Psychology of Procedural and Distributive Justice Viewed
    From the Perspective of Fairness Heuristic Theory


  7. Stating the blooming obvious. Scotland has been so much more successful in keeping the virus under control. Reducing deaths and infection. Everyone in Scotland has played their part, Some ‘reporters’ are deluded. Repeating and repeatedly misusing obvious statistics. To get the false outcome report for remuneration. They are set that task by others for remuneration.

    MSM get called out in the internet repeatedly, Tarnishing their ability and reputation. Not being believed. Bringing their ‘profession’ into disrepute. Zuckerberg and Murdoch, both criminals, now squaring up to each other for a false buck. Government should be tackling them instead of enabling them to control the ‘news’ agenda. Fake news from crooks and criminals trying to overcharge people.for their inferior products. People are sick of it. Spreading false information in a pandemic.

    There has been a few dissenters who knowingly broke the rules and guidelines, ‘Believing it would not happen to them’. It did. Otherwise the spread. Infection and death rate would be down even further. It could have been zero deaths with low contamination. If the Scottish Gov had more overall control. It would have been a better outcome.

    Pandemic planning is reserved and was not planned or managed properly by Westminster. A dereliction from responsible governance. Lack of planning. Now being disclosed. The management team was not consulted properly. Funding was cut and procedures abandoned. To concentrate on Brexit. Another catastrophic disaster unfollowing. More people will die because of it.

    Westminster mismanagement kills more people that should be protected. The Scottish Gov has done a better job in the circumstance.Far better. A lower death and infection rate. Still going down. It would have been lower. Much lower. Zero if Scotland had the power and was Independent. Vote Tory-unionist to die younger. Especially in Scotland.


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