Ian Murray’s sleekit words

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Free from any apparent editing, Ian Murray is allowed below to tell bare-faced lies based on stories that cannot survive a collision with the evidence. Three of his lies are countered below.

First, the Nike Conference in late February 2020 was not ‘our ground zero moment‘ leading to the virus spreading throughout the city and spreading to North-East England

That myth was put to the sword in June by the Chief Medical Officer who explained that the virus was already in Scotland at the end of February when the conference was held, that the early cases had no links to travel and that community transmission was already happening. Genomic sequencing had shown that the specific viral lineage associated with the conference had been eradicated in Scotland by the end of March. He referred in depth to a scientific report published by Glasgow University on genomic epidemiology and the Edinburgh conference:


Second, hospital discharges did not cause the virus to spread through care homes. There is absolutely no evidence of that but considerable evidence that it was inadvertently spread by agency staff working and travelling between, especially, the larger corporate-owned care homes:



Third, the Audit Scotland report is deeply flawed. Why did the report suggest that the Scottish Government and not the profit-making care home-owners themselves were to blame for planning? Also, we know that Scottish Government plans for PPE stock upgrades were sabotaged by the UK Government blocking investment:

Reading the scrofulous product of Murray’s mendacious mind is bad for my health.

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32 thoughts on “Ian Murray’s sleekit words

  1. Ah fret not
    Because ever time his slithering tongue wags
    His tales that get ever longer and longer
    His tongue also grows proportionally but little does this knave realise that slowly but surely such words from his tongue are slowly
    But surely wrapping around his own political neck and will continue to do so until there are insuffice votes to ensure that a space between his toes and terra firma Does NOT arise

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  2. Tis the desperate skirls of a “labour lung flapper”, who’s only contribution to Scotland is to run his own country down.

    But with independence his time will be over and their wont even be a seat in the H O Lords for his whinning earse to be plonked on.

    It will be the end for Ian Murray and his ilk, they’ll nae be missed.


          1. Much better.

            By virtue of the right eye droop of your new emoji, I hereby declare you an obviously trustworthy Person of Scotland! ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Murray is playing to his Unionist base. He holds his seat through a Better Together alliance. He now has to play to that audience, throw them some evidence of his fight for the Union.

    When Murray’s name is mentioned I always think of the guy with the rickshaw blasting out the Glasgow welcome to our Imperial Masters.
    Better Togethet never went away!

    Labour politicians using Tory money to oppose the aspirations of the people of Scotland. Never forget that. ( and the LibDems cheering them on)

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    1. Murray, another embarassment to Scotland. These useless jumped up, hyped up taking from the public purse so called polticians, working against the people of Scotland for their own self interest and bank accounts, bring the Scottish parliament down to a town council level at best. Looks like the BritNats have nothing else but to regurgitate the same old false complaints about Covid and the ScotGov. Murray should think himself lucky he lives in Scotland and not in England right now where the virus is spreading like wildfire.


  4. There are very few politicians – even amongst Tories – whose tone, whose manipulation of evidence on important and often complex issues etc. I personally find more grating, more disagreeable, more duplicitous than Mr Murray. ‘Sleekit words’ is a fine description!

    As to Mr Murray’s claims on hospital discharges to care homes, he either doesn’t know, or perhaps given his track record he wouldn’t really care anyway, that we know this from his own party in government in Wales. The BBC News website (28 July, 2020) tells us:

    “Discharging patients from hospital into care homes did not increase the risk of coronavirus outbreaks among residents, research has suggested.

    However, the study, based in south-east Wales, did find the type and size of home was a contributing factor.

    More than 1,000 hospital patients were discharged to Welsh care homes without a Covid-19 test during the early stages of the pandemic in March and April.”

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    1. And on the Nike Conference in Edinburgh and the Covid ‘ground zero’ claim that he is still peddling, does he actually deny the science? Or is he hoping that enough of his readers will be less than well-informed, will not check out his claims with independent sources, and so permit him to mis-inform and thus perpetuate his ‘all is bad in Scotland because those bad nationalists’ prejudice?

      Well a ‘reliable’ reporting source – the BBC News website told us as far back as 10 June, 2020 the following:

      ‘Coronavirus was brought into the UK on at least 1,300 separate occasions, a major analysis of the genetics of the virus shows.

      ‘The study, by the Covid-19 Genomics UK consortium (Cog-UK), completely quashes the idea that a single “patient zero” started the whole UK outbreak.’ Could one be more clear than ‘completely quashes’?

      ‘They found the UK’s coronavirus epidemic did not have one origin – but at least 1,356 origins. On each of those occasions somebody brought the infection into the UK from abroad and the virus began to spread as a result.

      “The surprising and exciting conclusion is that we found the UK epidemic has resulted from a very large number of separate importations,” said Prof Nick Loman, from Cog-UK and the University of Birmingham.
      “It wasn’t a patient zero,” he added.

      Where was Mr Murray’s article published? Is a retraction of false claims in order? Are parliamentary standards being trashed by this MP in denial of scientific evidence?

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      1. Stewartb
        And this pathetic excuse of a peoples representative
        I do believe was recently on ABC ( BBC )
        Scotland debate night very recently
        To which i only just tuned into which I 99% certain he uttered
        ‘Although Scotland got off to a terrible start
        To the vaccination program,we still playing catch up’ (i had not recorded so unable to play back)
        This Statement was not only a lie it was blatantly wrong data
        And this went unchallenged by any on the panel including SNP Kate Forbes
        If I was in her shoes here is exactly how i would have interjected immediately
        Hold it, Hold it Mr Murray
        Care to repeat what you just said but clearly and slowly word by word and when he comes to
        ‘And we still playing catch up’
        I cry out Stop and state those words back to him
        Informing him that what you have just said is a LIE and I say such live on air With Full Prejudice and I hope you fully comprehend what that means not for my sake but of critical importance to yourself
        So let us focus on your words still playing catch up
        And please explain to all the panel,guests and the audience how that when a horse in a race
        Who overtakes the leader and starts to stride away is playing catch up
        Just how is it possible that such a horse is in a state of catching up
        Think long and hard before you repsond
        Because if you insist on maintaining playing
        Catch up is a fact, not only are you being misleading but without any reservation You Are A LIAR
        I have in my possession the UK.Gov.data that
        Beyond all reasonable doubt that indeed proves you are a LIAR
        Because for the last 6 days/ head of population
        Scotland has the highest numbers of actual vaccinations given daily and not only so but now overall in the lead

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  5. John,This is the reply I received from Mr Murray regarding the article,nice person is he not.

    ๏ปฟBoth governments are to blame. These were reports from Audit Scotland but I suppose you donโ€™t want to believe them as they are independent from government.

    Sorry you think this can all just be washed away.

    Government is there to be held ot account. I will continue to do so for both the UK and Scottish Government.

    Thanks for wasting your time emailing.

    Its greatly appreciated.

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    1. Hi Scott, obviously don’t know what you wrote to Mr Murray but let me say two things:

      1) this ‘tone’ you report is similar to one received on a couple of occasions in responses to a direct e-mail to him from someone I know to be a ‘polite’ constituent. Similarly dismissive and unnecessarily snarky! I suspect he detected a sympathy with the Scottish Government and ‘reacted’.

      2) The Audit Scotland report was: (a) not as negative as Mr Murray might suggest or wish although it offered the gift to him and others of what in a previous thread on this site I called a ‘vacuous phrase’ ( i.e. ‘could have been better prepared’ – who couldn’t?); and (b) the topics he raises in his article are of course not all covered in the Audit Scotland report and as I have posted above, third party evidence runs counter to Mr Murray’s assertions in his article especially over his persistent ‘ground zero’ claim, now ‘completely quashed’ by the relevant science (see my earlier btl post) His persistence with this falsehood should damage his credibility.

      And I agree: ‘nice person he is not’ if the tone of his responses are anything to go by!

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      1. Not abusive at all so I did not really expect that kind of reply I did say to him maybe he did not like to be challenged on the truthfulness of his statements.

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        1. It actually sounds very unprofessional. Keep the reply. Someone in that sort of highly paid job should adhere to certain standards at the very least. He is paid hugely from the public purse! I would complain to whoever it may concern, is he in breach of official office standards with that sort of insulting, offensive response? In my book it would seem so.

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  6. John I was very pleased to read “Why did the report suggest that the Scottish Government and not the profit-making care home-owners themselves were to blame for planning? ”
    I would go futher than the Audit Commission Report as a paradigm seems to have developed which suggests that the SG was responsible for provision of PPE to private Care Homes. When the owners (usual suspects) appear on TV they remind me of baby birds in the nest wondering why mummy and daddy arent feeding them – why is Nicola Sturgeon not getting us the PPE that we need.
    There are two reasons I would suggest it is the duty of the owners. For one thing, look at what they charge these old people in their homes. Do they have no responsibilities? Oh yes they do. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 says in Section 2 (“the General Duty of employers to their employees”) “It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees.” – the employer, not the Scottish Government.

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  7. The problem that faces Murray in his constituency is that many of the people who voted for him are strong supporters of being in the EU.
    It is clear to these people that the only way to rejoin the EU is through Scottish statehood.
    No amount of posturing and obfuscation from Murray can change that fact which leaves him in nowhere land.
    All that he and all the other Westminsterites have left is SNP bad rhetoric.

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  8. Another lying non entity, likely to get their jotters. Into oblivion. Like all their mates. They have been running down the economy for years. Abominable. Just an embarrassment. So full of holes. Losing support faster than a sieve loses water. Clinging on, like death, after causing most of the problems. Supporting the Tories sycophants. Abysmal policies.

    Get rid of Labour. Take the fight to the Tories. Independence will win. Support for SNP/Independence rising. It will be a cert to win.


  9. If the elderly had been left in hospital they still could have died. The most vulnerable to the disease. 50,000 died in Scotland a year.1000 approx a week on average, Mainly the elderly. More on average, in the winter than the summer. 500,000 die in the UK a year. 1/2 million+.


  10. As their last MP under the Westminster model, Murray with his manifold lies and distortions is as fitting an epitaph to the once mighty Labour party in Scotland, no longer leading the aspirations of the people, but those of a London mafia bedecked in a Union flag.

    Both Murray and the public know he is lying, and although the English electorate appear to accept this as “normal” politics, Scots are repelled by it and demand change.

    The flag waving Unionist myth is dying in Scotland, yet Murray appears determined to bombast and lie his way to the P45….


  11. As if combating the learned psychopathy of British nationalism wasn’t enough, reasonably minded Scots also need to deal with a bunch of delusional ‘word perverts’. Who’s ideological extremism will almost certainly ensure Scots will never enjoy the benefits of open democracy, or access our inalienable human rights to development and health.

    Moral Grammar and Human Rights: Some Reflections on Cognitive Science and Enlightenment Rationalism


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