What? Not even for the 1 MILLION dead?

The Herald review opens with:

Living in the public eye means always being asked to say you’re sorry. At least that seemed to be the subtext of last Saturday’s Meeting Myself Coming Back (Radio 4), in which John Wilson questioned former New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell. You might think Campbell has a lot to say sorry for, of course. But it soon became clear he was not much one for regret and remorse. Were you guilty of bullying behaviour, Wilson asked him at one point?

It seems Campbell once punched a journalist. I suppose if you’re a journalist, you’ll be thinking, I’ll ask him about punching a journalist and see if he apologises.

He doesn’t. It ‘was a long time ago’. He’s lucky he’s not subject to Holyrood rules.

Oh well, what else was there? Oh yes, didn’t he allegedly play some part in causing the death of that weapons of mass destruction inspector, Dr David Kelly?

Not mentioned? That was a long time ago too?

Oh, I know, the ‘sexed-up dossier’ with the big fib about Saddam’s WMD being able to strike us in 45 minutes? The one they used to justify the war? Campbell allegedly did the sexing-up?

Not mentioned?

The 1 000 000 million dead in that war he allegedly helped to make happen?

Well, I don’t suppose you could ask him about that. It was a long time ago. He’s been depressed. He’s been on the TV a lot telling us about his depression.

Poor man.




11 thoughts on “What? Not even for the 1 MILLION dead?

      1. Voted YES – 66% Y, 34% N when I left.

        Made the mistake of reading the comments. Memo to self: DO *NOT* DO THAT AGAIN!

        I couldn’t help but notice that there are excuses for this already:

        1) The figure’s rising because all ‘separatists’ are idle good for nothings who have lie-ins and have only just got up.

        Presumably aot hardworking individuals (possibly shiftworkers) who’re entitled to a lie-in at weekend.

        It also begs the question, does that mean all the upstanding, early-rising Nays have now voted?

        2) The Ayes are logging out and logging in again to skew the vote.

        Erm… Nope, no good. Words fail me…

        I think I quite like the idea of being a ‘separatist’, mind you. I’m a little rebel, me! 😀

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  1. With regards his depression
    What thou soweth thou Reaps
    The Joint Chief of Staff of Iraq prior start of Gulf War 2 secretly informed G.W.Bush Jnr.
    That no doubt Iraq would lose but he himself
    Stated he would fight us to the death
    But pleaded not to start the War as those in the West had no clue whatsoever of the forces that would be unleashed upon the defeat of Saddam and not just in Iraq but most of the Middle East
    Syria demolished
    Iran dominant
    Russia now has full sea and air access to vital
    Strategic bases in Syria and Iran,so much so next time they can tell the West to bugger off in the future of similar conflicts
    Also Russia cleverly playing Turkey off to seriously weaken NATO
    The Whole game has now changed for ever
    And a Tiger unleashed
    The West no longer controls the Middle East
    (A good thing)
    But all in dire danger of ending up in results
    That none shall desire
    Overall Iraq 2 war was and still is a unmitigated disaster
    Importantly note how China very cleverly
    Appears to have not only taken advantage of this situation but in reality has by clever foreign aid to who appear to be minor players in the region but nonetheless geographically positioned that can have serious impacts on future events in the area
    Overall Iraq.2 very seriously weakens Neo Liberal Western Capitalism
    What influence they once had Will be replaced by Iran,Russia and China
    All which hammers more nails into the coffin
    Of Western military and economic power
    Just look at who are supplying almost every Arab nation with Covid Vaccines
    Yes you got it Russia and China who are working together on this matter in a joined up
    Strategic manner
    Today covid vaccines are the most Powerful
    Diplomatic and economic tool in the box
    Already The West is gubbed and with no way back


  2. I seem to recall seeing, from one of Labours ex-spin doctors, a rundown of the Cabinet, in which he mentioned alcoholics, drug users, bullies, wife-beaters and sex pests. Of course no names were used, and no follow up from “journalists”.
    The Lobby System at Westminster being designed to PROTECT the guilty, not EXPOSE them.

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    1. 100 % jokingly
      It would appear that the only person who ever entered that den of inequity
      Indeed a person who i do believe went by the name of
      Guy Fawkes


  3. Disgusting, murdering lying, greedy, hypocrites. Hoping people will forget and not remember. Unelected. Looking for false sympathy. Trying to reinvent themselves. Still troughing on public monies and tax evasion. HoL is full of them. Non honourable parasites. Killing people. Vote Tory-unionist to die younger.

    Iraq, Lockerbie, Dunblane kept secret for 100. To hide the truth. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for 100 years. So the guilty will be dead before the information is released. The Westminster criminals keep their criminality and guilt secret under the Official Act. To keep the public from finding out.

    Scotland has paid dear for Westminster criminality, bad policies, poor decisions and secrecy. £Trillions.


  4. China military spend $261Billion . 1.3Billion pop. They spend monies on their economy.
    Russia military spend $69Billion 150Million pop. They spend monies on their economy,

    US military spend $740Billion . 320 million population. . 1/3 of all world military spend. Pro rata highest.

    World ($1917Billion – $1,91Trn)

    Saudi Arabia spend $61Billion Pop 33million (Pro rata 2nd highest).

    The West are the warmongers. Biggest spenders. Pro rata

    Uk 65million Military spend $50Billion.

    Russia saved the WW2. 26Million Russians died.

    Russia and China are not warmongers. They protect their borders. (Interests).


    1. Gordon
      Absolutely correct Re. Russia and China
      We are constantly fed none other than propaganda about them
      I recently had a discussion with a high ranking
      Russian space engineer and when it came to matters of war he stated what is correct
      Never ever has Russia attacked any
      And all conflicts such as Afganistan,Ukraine etc.you will note Russia was invited and requested to help
      Furthermore you in the West must understand that no one alive today in Russia have a direct Blood relative who was murdered at the hands of the Nazis and the blood we gave in defeating them
      Every Russian has vowed NEVER EVER again
      And woe betide any who attack us
      As for China study their long history
      It always been a matter of defence
      Recently when Trump said he would supply Taiwan with the lastest most up to date weaponry.Here was China,response
      Taiwan is Chinese sovereign territory and if you do then China will consider such as a act of war, one that once started we will win and finish
      Needless to say Taiwan awaits such weaponry
      But we in West are never informed of such
      After all it would only expose our weakness
      And Shatter the delusion that we currently fed
      We are merely a dog barking at the moon now and one with a very weak jaw and bite
      Russia and China now know such and are cooperating on all military procurement,research and development
      They know Western Hegemony is coming to a end
      Now they fill its grave


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