Tom Gordon: A cluster of right-wing Unionism and contempt for strong women?

Tom Gordon’s question at 51 min and 28 secs in shocked even me with its bad-tempered growl, repeat interruptions and offensive language.

Now I’m all for a healthy disregard for authorities. Many deserve it. I failed to grow up in the late 60s, reading Marx, Sartre and the Scottish Anti-Psychiatrist RD Laing, leading me to decide with full confidence: ‘It’s all shit man!’

I still think a lot of it is still all shit. Scotland’s opposition leaders and the so-called experts at SAGE such as the shapeshifting Whitty, tell me I’m not all wrong.

I’ve even detected a worrying aroma coming from the SNP leadership at times. The current internal squabble and before that, the FM strangely praising the war criminal Hilary Clinton, have caused me to doubt but, but seriously, on social and economic policy within Scotland and the UK, they are clearly trying to achieve good things.

On the pandemic, this is a popular elected leader clearly committed to saving lives, who has led a strategy that, in Scotland, has saved thousands who might have been lost under Britain’s broad shoulders and small brain, so respect?

Gordon, like a recently neutered Schnauzer, growled and snapped at the First Minister, interrupting loudly and angrily four times, always coming at things from a Westminster perspective, and saying things like

  • this half-baked system
  • a perverse incentive
  • give up, on your system and go along
  • this strange perverse incentive

Last March, Gordon stepped in to defend the Prince of Wales and his flight from Covid to Braemar with full entourage and slammed anyone who criticised the Royal prerogative.

Gordon’s questioning of the FM and his many earlier attacks on her in the Herald make me wonder is he really just a cluster of overlapping tendencies? Do Unionism, Conservatism and contempt for strong women just fit together well?

He has nipped at her heels before. See:

24 thoughts on “Tom Gordon: A cluster of right-wing Unionism and contempt for strong women?

  1. The “union” is being run by right wing xenophobic morons and anyone who defends their policies is presumably supporting that ideology.
    Unfortunately for media outlets such as the Herald,most Scots do not agree.

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  2. Watched the broadcast, and yes, his questions were a disgrace in their manner, and tone. But day after day, that is all she gets from these so-called journalists. While I agree all politicians should be questioned on their actions, and decisions, these briefings have descended into farce, as it is now completely obvious that they have only one purpose, to denigrate the First Minister, and the S.N.P Government.
    These reptilian creatures aren’t interested in the truth, only in trying to destroy Nicola in the mistaken belief that that in turn will destroy the independence movement. Boy, wrong on both counts.

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  3. All this because the UK Government once more forgot about Ireland when drawing up its plans this time in the context of quarantine arrangements and the huge gaping hole punched in them by the Common Travel Area.

    It was unfortunate that it was travellers to Scotland that brought it to light but it applies to England as well. It is the UK Gov’s responsibility to sort it. Stopping non-quarantine access via the Common Travel area is not within the powers of the SG. This loophole is solely the responsibility of the UK Gov to fix. So far the UK Gov efforts at quarantining travellers has more holes in it than a leaky sieve and these holes affect Scotland too but we have no powers to sort them.

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    1. It is important to note that there were only two people involved and the adult, who works in health was fully supportive of the quarantine arrangements and had planned for staying in the hotel. When he and his daughter were informed they could go on to their home, they decided to stay the night and, when the wife/mother arrived, the man repeated his support for quarantine and stated that he and his daughter would quarantine at home for the required 10 days.

      It speaks volumes for the mindset of the opposition and media in Scotland that they were gloating at this incident, which as Legerwood has pointed out could have happened anywhere in the UK and was the reason the SG wanted all incoming flights to be subject to the quarantine rules and not just those from ‘red list’ countries.

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  4. I watched this in disbelief. It was clear from his contemptuous tone that he was pursuing a personal agenda that he could not conceal.

    This happens on a daily basis from some of these “journalists”. What bothers me is that Nicola Sturgeon almost always lets them away with it.

    She should be slapping them down on air immediately when their bias becomes as evident as this. If she doesn’t do this it looks like she has no defence to their attacks. Get the boot in! Let the public know what they are doing.

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  5. Think it is hard for her to criticise them too vehemently, she knows they are waiting to pounce on a villifying headline for next day’s paper , she has said as much , what she does is clever , she goes over the true facts slowly making them look like fools .

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    1. Absolutely agreed – As many others I’d previously hoped for a spark of defiance, but realised that was exactly the reaction they hoped to provoke and thereby exploit.
      I imagine the FM is every bit as angry and frustrated as the viewers but both she and Jeanne Freeman have managed to keep their cool and deploy patient explanation.
      It is only the “journalists” who end up looking foolish in such exchanges.

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  6. I saw TG once from 50 yds. Unmistakeable. The big black bags under his eyes, the square heid, black hair all that was missing was the bolt through the neck.
    Unfortunately for Tom he doesn’t have the personality or intelect of his twin . . . Frankenstien!


    1. Seems a wee bit harsh there P, maybe we could just settle for him being humiliated when NS gets a majority in May and when Scotland votes for independence and he will be out of a job, or at least he will realise he’s been wasting his time lol!


      1. I was merely suggesting that if ever he repents that such a course of action could be
        Offered to him on the grounds that he is a compulsive serious offender and way past
        After all how is one to go about calming down
        Such a person


  7. Not unexpected from Gordon, if you ever read his stuff it just oozes anti-SNP, this was just a visual display of it. I’m sure he believes he is unbiased, we all have the ability to fool ourselves.

    As for Clinton, it wasn’t really much of a choice as the alternative was Trump, governments always like to ingratiate themselves with those they believe will win the US President (just got this one wrong).

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  8. As Confucius stated

    Wisdom begins with giving all things a proper name
    But in the case of Tom Gordon
    I must exercise restraint upon doing so
    As truth doth hurt
    None the less and no doubt many of us seal our lips as to the nomenclature one would impart wisdom pertaining to this indivual


  9. The FM has encouraged them. She treats them like journalists instead of accepting what they are. The style is intended to lock ideas in people’s minds from statements instead of questions

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  10. The briefings have exposed the hacks.

    Some may be good writers but many are seen to be inarticulate, poorly prepared and/or inattentive.

    The only rebuttal of the above would be that they are ill-intentioned and scheming shills.


      1. Arthetty
        Re the ‘good’ liars
        This has arisen due to the fact all are
        a clone of Pinocchio
        As genetically engineered by The Propaganda
        Dept.of the Dark forces of the UK state
        I do believe that such World class works are carried out the MOD facility at Portadown


  11. Offensive misogynist ‘journalists’ should stop telling lies and apologise. Or they will be called out on the internet. To a wider audience, Lose their privilege position. Their bully, nasty, lying behaviour will be self evident to all. Denounced as 3rd raters and affect their ‘click bait’ remuneration. Arrogant and ignorant.

    Groundhog Day at the Herald every day. No wonder no one bothers, anymore. Readership going down and down, Recycled, regurgitated rubbish. Wasted paper. The gutter press. Nonsense. A waste of time, money and paper. No worth the effort.


  12. Things to consider;-
    1.–the election is ever closer and Brit Nat propagandists are running out of road, and time.

    2–the Union Unit/Colonial Office/Hi Jack Bunker are recruiting.
    “Gullible Loopy Dupes wanted–No knowledge of the Jocks required”.

    3–the Herod is sinking fast, and checkout jobs are growing scarce.

    4–the embarrassing Salmond Inquiry is slowly deflating. Its ego-tripping, but useless, Brit Nit element having “leaked” every piece of private evidence that came their way.
    They brought a rope, but no tree.

    5–Pure rotten, girnin’-faced faux Tory pretendy journalists, and belly crawling, cringing, neo-fascist, running dogs of the colony.
    A waste of good typewriter ribbon.

    Ian Bell must look down in despair at these cretins.

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  13. It does seem that too many in the public eye, ie supposed journalists who must love getting an airing on TV, have a real problem with the FM and in a wider context the SNP. Their vitriol is off the scale at times, it’s quite sinister. They should take a look in the mirror these story telling liars, who really is the subject of their irk?


  14. Time for some hack’s retirement. Yesterday’s people, Totally out of touch. Try and keep up to speed. Or off into the sunset. Good riddance.


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