PM NOT accused though deaths in English care homes still running at more than twice the rate in Scotland

Even with all care home residents in England offered the vaccine, that does not seem to have been enough to stem the tide of Covid deaths.

In the week-ending 7th February, there were 1 330 deaths in English care homes but only 58 in Scottish care homes.

England has ten times the population so had the rate been the same as in Scotland there would have been around 580 deaths. The rate, thanks to the Johnson regime strategy is 2.3 times higher.

It makes you wonder if actually giving the jag is more effective than just sending a letter offering a jag.

Imagine the Scottish media if this was the other way round?

And it’s not looking good for the week ending 14th January. In the 5 days reported so far, to the 12th, there have been a further 819 deaths in English care homes.


24 thoughts on “PM NOT accused though deaths in English care homes still running at more than twice the rate in Scotland

  1. Were ALL Care Homes oin England offered the jag? Or was it just ‘eligible’ Care Homes? I thought NHaS England was hot going anywhere hear Care Homes if they had any Covid-positive cases in them. That is the same NHS England that started discharging Covid patients back into Care Homes late last year to fee up beds in hospitals. A policy underwritten by the UK Gov because insurers would not insure such homes.

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    1. BBC Scotland is now running the line on radio news that those in care homes not for elderly adults have been ‘ignored’, so the claim that more than 90% (sic) of care home residents have been vaccinated is ‘false’.

      They then run two interviews with parents of young people who are in such homes. Such parents have always had to argue for provision for their children and many become adept at managing media relations. I am certainly not going to blame them for that because they want as much for their children as possible. What I do object to is the cynical use of such young people by opposition politicians and the media to pursue their agenda of hostility to the SG.

      If they are so concerned about young people in care homes why have they not spoken about it before.

      The priorities for vaccination were drawn up by the JCVI and what we are getting now is demands to be able to jump the queue.

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      1. You’re absolutely right Alasdair. but I do believe the Scottish Government talk about elderly over over 80’s in Scottish care homes when they give vaccination figures, so aren’t misleading anyone.
        BBC Scotland are again being wilfully stupid. Just as they are when they uncritically read out the daily express headlines every morning in their “What the papers say” section on Radio Scotland news.
        Can’t criticise the parents of disabled young people trying to get the best for their kids. But BBC Scotland have a habit of using such interested parties to construct bogus arguments. A very nasty abusive practice .

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  2. John,About this story in P&J.

    EXCLUSIVE: How Westminster U-turn derailed Scotland’s PPE plans

    In today’s paper they are running with the Audit Scotland’s report but no mention of what they were saying before but then again they are toties.
    I don’t know if I have got this right but I try.


  3. Simples
    The bean counters ( note. The beans are either borrowed or stolen )
    In the cabinet merely look upon care home residents and severely disabled as none other
    Than liabilities
    Therefore they cleverly act with the sole purpose of reducing outgoings in a unseen manner as possible
    This all adds up to selective genocide and eugenics
    At least at the end the Nazis were open about
    Such policies
    But believe me so would this lot if ever they had total control and get away with it
    Tis a tiresome and tedious process for them
    Having to be sleekit about doing it YAWN YAWN YAWN
    Of reducing such liabilities


  4. Nothing has changed from the days of Pathé News.

    Gentlemen never question the Government or Royalty.
    The ungrateful wild natives of the Empire are fair game though.

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  5. On19th April at England’s daily Coronavirus press briefing, in response to question from Hugh Pym BBC about declining PPE supplies in the UK, prior to the pandemic, England’s deputy CMO, Dr. Jenny Harries said “the UK has been an international exemplar in preparedness”

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    1. It was an international exemplar in preparedness until the pandemic arrived and everyone discovered it was all smoke and mirrors. The emperor had no clothes, or enough PPE to cover his nakedness.


  6. As the figures from the Scottish Care Inspectorate includes care home residents deaths in hospital (according to their notes) should the England deaths for the week ending 5th Feb not also include these as this takes their total to 1848.

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  7. Tories killing people. Vote Tory to die younger.

    The Tories liars (Raab) want a stop to the conflicts in the world so people can be vaccinated. The Tories have been illegally supplying/selling illegal weapons and the military, worldwide (Yemen). For profit. Westminster (Tories) have cause illegal wars worldwide for years. Illegally against International Law. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq kept secret for 100 years.

    Westminster (Tory) sell illegal weapons to Saudi Arabia warmongers.For illegal donations to their Party and the Royalty. Killing millions of innocent people worldwide.

    The Westminster (Tories) are an absolute bunch of complete and utter liars. Illegally killing people all over the world for profit. Raab looking for a bit of cheap publicity. Just disgusting, Vote Tory to die younger. Warmongers.


  8. British nationalism is akin to gender dysphoria, as it articulates a political psychology that is divorced from the legal nature of a unitary state. Britain is not “One Nation”, which is simply the articulation of Tory ideology, ethos, and tradition. So it is deeply alarming that ‘our’ legal Establishment seeks to establish such detachment from reality as a component of Scots law. It is similarly alarming that ‘our’ legal Establishment holds international law in such contempt.

    Ecopsychology and Social Work: Creating an Interdisciplinary Framework for Redefining Person-in-Environment


  9. I expect you’re right about “it’s not looking good for the week ending 14th January” but you can be equally sure Gove et al are equally aware and have deployed a plan to interfere with the numbers and deploy the usual SG disaster/deflection story from HMS Sarah Smith… Again..

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  10. On PPE…I seem to recall a report from last year detailing how stockpiles of PPE (in England) allocated for onward distribution to NHS SCOTLAND…were re-allocated to PHE (Public Health England)….anyone got a link?

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    1. Yes indeed the EngGov instructed PPE companies to NOT supply Scotland with essential PPE, they wouldn’t withhold adequate suplies of the vaccine, would they?
      Had an email from my carers charity, saying vaccine supply is delayed (in Scotland?) so we carers will have to wait a wee bit longer than planned…


      1. It is not just in Scotland that the supply of the Pfizer vaccine has been temporarily reduced. The company announced this reduction a few weeks ago. The company is upgrading their plant in Belgium so they can produce more vaccine.

        The UK Gov tried to make out that the slowdown in Scotland was SG’s inefficiency but it transpired it was UK wide.

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  11. Neither British nationalism or gender-ideology are compatible with a legal understanding of reality, or the common law of torts. So Scots will never gain access to due process in law, or enjoy the benefits of open democracy, if we continue to stand under a legal order that is openly hostile towards cognitive reality and international human rights law. Westminster only holds legal force over Scotland while it retains Scotland’s permission. Which I’m pretty sure it no longer retains.



  12. Photos of the dope on a rope. It makes people sick. Disgusting display of ignorance, arrogance and greed. Despicable performance of the multiple liars cabal.


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