Tom Gordon chooses physical appearance as attack strategy on woman politician

Tom Gordon: Holyrood's finances are out of step with the Covid crisis |  HeraldScotland

You’ve seen the picture of the FM today under the headline: Sturgeon refuses to say when she knew patients with Covid put in care homes.

It’s a cheap immature attempt to imply grumpiness using a picture not even taken at the time of the incident being reported. It’s still up:

The text, too, is deliberately misleading, suggesting that:

Ms Sturgeon sidestepped the question

I watched it. She didn’t have to side-step anything. She told Ruth Davidson repeatedly that ministers set policy and highly qualified professionals interpret and enact, daily, in the interests of patients.

No previous ministers, even Tories, expect to know every detail of what thousands of professionals are doing every day – simples?

Gordon knows this. We all know it but still he writes this, in collusion with the opposition parties.

Does the chief senior political editor not choose the picture? It does seem an odd choice given Gordon’s own post-viral look.

Tom Gordon: Holyrood's finances are out of step with the Covid crisis |  HeraldScotland

10 thoughts on “Tom Gordon chooses physical appearance as attack strategy on woman politician”

  1. Tell you what Gordon does not know
    That his perceived position that he holds
    Is hanging by the shoogilist of nails
    And shall fall upon stony ground when we are not if but when Independent
    Sound advise to this Chap
    Be most careful of what you endeavour to

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  2. The photo of Nicola Sturgeon is photoshopped, they can darken areas of the face, lengthen the mouth, do anything really. It doesn’t take much. They do obviously believe that a photo of someone (especially a woman) made to appear miserable, or tired, or dark under the eyes, will actually influence how people perceive the actual person in terms of their profession and professionalism. It’s a classic tactic that might work on some who already display a hatred for a particular person, or political figure, but really it has little bearing on how people view the person’s ability, competence and integrity.

    The BritNats are extremely threatened by Nicola Sturgeon’s professionalism and competence, and indeed caring nature. They know that she is VERY popular and that the majority of the people of Scotland can see for themselves when someone is genuine, or just displaying a persona. We all know who the fakes are.

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  3. Gordon is just one causal factor in the long slow death of the Herald. He demeans his employer’s reputation every time he pulls stunts like this, although, it’s entirely possible that his employers are quite happy for him to aim ever lower.
    On a personal level, there must be some question as to whether he purposefully lowers the tone in his articles or he really fails to recognise that he damages what’s left of his reputation by abandoning any semblance of journalistic integrity.
    Clearly, the good ship Integrity has sunk without trace in his case.


    1. The Herald online carried that story and photo yesterday but I don’t think it made it into today’s paper edition.


      1. Ask that Gordon chappie if he wants to investigate why
        UK.Gov.Web site
        Corona daily dashboard is currently over 1 hr in downloading
        But downloads in less than 1 second
        Oh dearie me tis not the might of the union and its very broad shoulders
        It is as Boris would say

        It will be World class
        And Gordon please convey my admiration
        Of this UNIONS outstanding and expeditious efforts in ensuring we are all
        Kept up to date via UK.Gov in a manner
        Undoubtedly not only World Class
        But World Beating
        After all only a few days ago it took over 6 hrs to download
        So todays performance has someway to go if the World No 1 spot to be maintained
        No doubt Gordon would understand that this matter is of the utmost importance in order to investigate and report back to the Nation and help Boris fulfil his words
        As to UK world beating efforts
        We are all in this together are we not together
        Hail Hail Hail Boris
        The Last Emperor of Scotland


      2. Legerwood, it was on p2 of an early edition today with a story by the ever-industrious Tom Gordon. The link to the P&J item shows that the Herald’s text is very similar t the Herald’s, except the Herald identifies the other two shoulder-to-shoulder revellers as “Calum Neilson, a former Youth Outreach worker at Conservative HQ in London, and Michael Kuznir, who stood for the European Parliament in Scotland last year.

        “During the election it emerged that Mr Kuznir had written a “guide to escorts” for a student website while at Aberdeen University, recommending that people Google for sex rather than “physically trawl the docks of Aberdeen”. He apologised for the “clearly unacceptable” content, which he said had been written in a “tongue-in-cheek manner and certainly do not reflect any views that I hold” “.

        I read that statement in the Herald and wondered if he means that “physically trawling the docks of Aberdeen” is therefore his preferred modus operandi when looking for sex? However, that aside, I’m sure he’s a jolly nice chap,


  4. Forever unsurprising Gordon’s attempts are to portray SG’s handling of anything other than a disaster, the Herod are not exactly unknown to amplify such stories…
    I agree totally with your take on the “Ms Sturgeon sidestepped the question” as an outright lie, I watched it also and was amazed how any could take away that summation, other than the perpetual Tom Gordon.
    Keep biting that bullet Tom, eventually you’ll hit the detonator and give everybody else peace…

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  5. Writers do not normally pick the pictures, that’s down to the sub-editor setting-out the page.

    But, since the Herald keeps cutting staff in its slide down the stank, it was probably chosen by some Tory posh boy on work experience from a public school.

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  6. And remember that England’s Westminster is still subsidising the wages of newspaper journalists in Scotland
    It’s a long time that they’ve been doing that

    It was supposed to be temporary
    They thought the huge drop in the number of people in Scotland buying newspapers was a brexit referendum temporary blip

    It isn’t

    The Scotsman , The Herald and others would have folded and gone out of business if it wasn’t for this government subsidy
    The Scotsman did actually go bust didn’t it but was rescued by mysterious means

    The subsidies continue because they were never intended to be temporary they were nothing to do with brexit either
    These subsidies allow England’s Westminster to nationalise the journalism in Scotland completely , the output of newspapers all tv and radio is now hugely influenced and in some instances controlled by England’s Westminster

    It’s Scottish independence they are battling

    Scotland is in a propaganda war

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