Newspaper tries to finish itself off as First Minister refuses to distrust the most trusted professions?


Maintaining that putrescent tradition in Scotland’s media (below), the Herald attempts to shoot itself in its gout-ridden foot with the above. They may have topped this earlier challenger for stinker of the week:

The First Minister has, of course and repeatedly, remind questioners that politicians set principles and highly qualified professionals interpret them in the context of individual cases. Everybody knows that and it’s apparent in the high levels of trust for those professionals:,For%20the%2018th%20year%20in%20a%20row%2C%20nurses%20are%20the,trusted%20profession%2C%20according%20to%20Gallup&text=Nurses%20are%20the%20most%20honest,profession%20has%20topped%20the%20list.

Where are the politicians? Well, clearly below the car salespeople in this US study. That reminds me, where is Jackson Carlaw?

Is any politician in the UK trusted by most of the people right across the UK? Well, just this one:


4 thoughts on “Newspaper tries to finish itself off as First Minister refuses to distrust the most trusted professions?”

  1. Let’s not forget just who were shouting loudest for the transfer of patients from hospitals to care homes from early March onwards. Not just once, but repeatedly, Jackson Car law, Willie Rennie and Richard leonard.
    Let’s also not forget that all of those individuals and their respective Shadow Health spokespersons would have been kept up to speed by the the SG on an on going basis.

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  2. Yep these BritNats make demands of the Scottish government then when ScotGov take that on board, partly due to media pressure, the so called media use it to ‘beat’ the Scottish government with. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking the BritNat media don’t like the SNP and would do anything to see them out of office. Hmm.

    BritNat media treating the people of Scotland with utter contempt, it’s been going on for a long time and people have wised up, thankfully.
    That downturned mouth pic isn’t just a wee bitty ye olde adobe photoshopped at all is it. It’s amazing what computers can do these days eh.


  3. Such a petty guy , he has shown himself up on numerous occasions , but he will follow his orders from his billionaire owner .


  4. I’m going to put politics to one side just for a moment as I bask in seeing that my wife an I occupy the two top trusted occupations. We trust each other too, although she thinks I’m an idiot. I guess that’s a nurse’s perogative. I do retain a sense of great trust in our SNP politicians as well though I have to keep my fingers tightly crossed.


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