I suppose the Scottish Tories should know all about chaos

In a not-so-exclusive report on Jamie Greene doing a Richard Leonard we hear:

There’s only several things daft with this.

One, the prevalence of cases IN schools is incredibly small, IN one or two of 5 000 schools and learning centres and mostly BETWEEN teachers not IN the weans.

Two, research out yesterday suggests the risk of infection from weans is incredibly small, 0.3% of the 17 500 tested.

Three, as McArdle points out down the page, where 99% have stopped reading, local health protection teams are already on this.

Four, McArdle, Greene? Go away, we’re busy. Read your library books or something.

9 thoughts on “I suppose the Scottish Tories should know all about chaos”

  1. Test kits are not very reliable (1 in 7 fail to produce results) and the results take a relatively long time to process (1 to 3 days). It might be that the Scots Tories are seeking to introduce chaos into the testing (needless?) for children.

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    1. You bet your bottom $ The Tories have not only taken the gloves off now
      But now fitted out with shiny new jack boots
      But not to march in public
      But in Rooth the Mooth,s own words
      Put the Boot In
      But by the back door and down very dark alleys

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  2. And, of course, ONE disenchanted and anonymous teacher tweeting some ‘horror story’ in ONE anonymous school is guaranteed this being broadcast and generalised into becoming the ‘norm’ by the media and then the three horsemen of the apocalypse amongst the BritNats at Holyrood will stand up one after the other and shout, “This pure BAD. We ur bealin. Whit ur yese gonnae dae aboot it?” And then Glenn-Campbell-Brian-Taylor will tell us how Ms Freeman was ‘roasted’ in Parliament by the opposition.

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    1. And, right on cue, check the front page of the Glasgow Times today. The Covid-19 test for ONE teacher has, reportedly, gone astray.
      Ergo, dog-whistled implication, “How Many have gone missing? Can we trust these people? They are SEPARATISTS, you know.”


  3. I wonder why some children have ‘chaotic backgrounds’ in Scotland. Tory austerity, Tory and Labour long standing legacy of neglect and poverty, terrible housing, (schemes) lack of opportunties for young people. The Tories and red Tories are responsible for kids’ ‘chaotic backgrounds’.

    The term ‘chaotic backgrounds’ is actually a disgrace. It is the usual blame the poor, blame those who have historic poverty keeping them back, and take no responsibilty for it. It’s POVERTY, it’s Tory/red Tory English DWP sanctions on the poorest, let’s call it what it is, criminally imposed poverty on the people with the least capacity and power to fight back, then blame the Scottish government.

    The Tories plunge people into economic and social chaos and blame them for it, they like kicking people when they are down, hell mend ’em.

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    1. Re. Tories
      Kicking those who are done
      Is nothing other than a sympton of their
      Own weakness
      Never shall they take on the strong
      And we are strong
      And they Paper Tigers
      Shout Boo at Holyrood 2021 ballot
      And they Will turn and flee


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