For all the Indybloggers on this day

C’mon boys and girls, remember where you are. Remember what we’re trying to achieve here.

I know Stu has been a bit of a wee maths show-off but he’s our wee show-off so let’s try to work together.

Oh, and remember, no playing the ‘Nazis clothes were smart‘ version by Bryan Ferry or the Top of the Pops version with all those dancing mini-skirts.

You’ve been told.

I know it’s contrary to Mrs Sturgeon’s Covid-19 order but just this once can’t hurt can it?

7 thoughts on “For all the Indybloggers on this day

  1. Excellent, great song I remember it well. Thanks. I can’t remember seeing the band on tv though, so it’s good to see them here, I think my brother had the single so probably heard it blasting out of his room way back when.

    If people who want an independent Scotland don’t ‘work together’, the BritNats win.


  2. Given that i can remember when newsnet a collection of emails, I confess to being embarrassed as hell that this is my first visit here….but certainly wont be my last.

    One other confession; whilst i share your dislike of Mr Ferrys apparel (tho his white suit reminded me more of Bond than Hitler), I preferred the TOTP version of Canned Heats’ track on youtube (Audience Feb 1970) than some bloke wie a beard. Thanks tho for the (unintentional?) tip….


      1. Having just looked again….yup, agreed. No way in hell would that be broadcast today. BUT it also has to be said that the rise of political correctness seems to coincide with the death of ‘decent’ programs; comedy being a good example. However, it did occur to me (somewhere on my 2nd or 3rd viewing) why my kids watch youtube more than the telly. And here was me thinking they were all slightly mad or had low attention spans!!!


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