Wings blanks The Tusker

Writing yesterday to assess the relative popularity of ‘the incredibly wide-ranging, mutually-supportive pro-Yes new media‘, the Rev Stuart Campbell presented the above graph.

I was puzzled at the absence of The Tusker: Talking-up Scotland which according to WordPress has had the following figures over the last few months:

In a free trial, I think SimilarWeb, the traffic analysis site, only lets you compare 5 sites. Why was TuS not chosen?

Further confusing me is Talking-up Scotland coming second only to Wings at 17 and 22 respectively in a listing of the top 50 Scottish News websites with the Daily Record at 1:

I’m not upset.

Aye right!

I am.

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19 thoughts on “Wings blanks The Tusker”

  1. Most likely selective comparison so Mr Campbell can blow his own trumpet in relation to Mr Kavanagh’s WGD, the Tusker would only muddy the point he was attempting to make.
    Analytics don’t tell you everything, I mean, Daily Record tops Scottish News websites… 🤣 News ?

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  2. Only recently i have been a subscriber but I am loving your content and media debunks. It gives me ammo when i am defending the case for Independence! keep it up!


  3. Well, I pointed it out to him – I see that Peter A Bell has written a (surprisingly 😉 ) well-balanced response to Wings – I pointed out that Peter was regularly blogging too, but of course I was ignored as usual.

    The thing is – his site is ‘well researched’ and ‘thorough’ ,,, is it though? He didn’t bother his arse finding out or knowing his stuff. A quick check of the blogs he knows very well exist would have been sufficient. He was finding it so difficult to to find pro-Indy sites he resorted to including the ferret?! And he includes Scot goes pop even though the pair of them are constantly bickering, so it wasn’t like it was his preferences.

    Poorly researched, and not informative was my conclusion.

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    1. Then perhaps you’d care to revisit the Wings page which has been updated to include the figures for this site and to read his BTL response regarding the original exclusion. It would appear that there was no deliberate exclusion. He was not aware of the site’s new address, hadn’t been updated by the Prof and hasn’t seen any other links to it because of course he’s no longer on Twitter. And since you expected him to deliberately exclude another site (SGP) solely on the grounds of ‘bickering’ you’re hardly the oracle on the quality of research and information.


      1. I said he HADN’T excluded anyone just because he didn’t like them,,, eh? You are way off base there.

        And I was writing regarding his original article, obviously – if you have time to continually revisit sites bully for you but you can FRO with your moronic criticism.


  4. John, remember the Rev’s own blog motto: “There’s no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go, if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

    Yours is one of the finest blogs available today. You are, on a daily basis, doing a sterling job for Independence, Keep doing it, please.

    Also, learning-wise a Professor out-ranks a Reverend, and Stu is a wee bit miffed.

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  5. It’s all about making friends and influencing people,hopefully by providing objective evidence.
    This blog goes a long way in satisfying those criteria,so thank you John and please keep on blogging.

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  6. You weren’t included because I’d genuinely never heard of your new site, perhaps because you blocked me on Twitter and I’ve never seen anyone post a link to here. I checked the old one.

    SimilarWeb records you at 78,000 visits a month on the same measure I used for the rest of the feature, not 300,000. I’ve edited the Wings piece to include you.


  7. Not as far fetched as you might think
    M15 is the secret service branch responsible for UK only
    M16 is for foreign affairs
    So do not be surprised as to the subtle infiltration methods of M15 to any Indy support organisation and what happens
    Once inside the tent
    And importantly with regards M15 under law they must report to the home secretary and such is the only form of control and scrutiny they can ever be subject to
    However matters become most interesting in relation to Scotland and the
    Act of Union where Scots law pertains
    Therefore by deduction M15 in all probability will have to be answerable to
    The Secretary of State for Scotland
    So if one applies such then this lends massive credence to the recent completion and opening of The UK
    new Government office in Edinburgh
    One wonders just how many M15 staff
    By subterfuge or otherwise Will be seconded from London to Edinburgh
    As no doubt whatsoever they know their
    Preciousssssss Union is under the direst of danger
    So they need to put all hands to the pumps to save SS Britania from sinking below the waves
    But in the eyes of the World they must be seen to be acting (to use their words )
    Acting within the Law
    So if A.Jack signs off and approves any of M15 activities then they are seen as Acting within the Law
    Know thy Foe
    Especially their history and modus operandi of their State Security Services
    In times of peril


  8. The only side of the constitutional debate that wouldn’t want this Blog advertised is the Unionist side!

    However lets be generous and put it down to an oversight.

    Managed to put up Bellacaledonia, in the not too distant past the Rev. Often criticised it.

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