The ‘offer’ that can confuse

The state broadcaster knowing intuitively when it’s too dangerous to bite the hand that funds it.

We’ll see this all day, today. It’s essentially a lie to cover the failure of the UK Government strategy and implementation. Anyone reasonably ‘screwed-on’, notices when they manage the language in that way – ‘offered the vaccine‘ not actually ‘vaccinated‘ or ‘all eligible‘ not just ‘all.’

Sometimes in England, the offer was only to an eligible place:

What are the facts?

First, and perhaps explaining the introduction of the ‘offer‘, 13% or more than 7 million in England, are from BAME communities. Research published in the BMJ in January 2021, found that only 57% would willingly have the vaccine.

The Scottish data is based on actual vaccinations and not just letters offering it.

Previous experience with English authorities concealing deaths suggests that the reluctance in BAME communities may only be part of the story here but the MSM is not touching this.

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23 thoughts on “The ‘offer’ that can confuse

  1. Though there are multiple factors influencing the low take-up of vaccination in the BAME communities, disinformation punted by the more overtly racist supporters of the radical-right, is certainly a significant factor.

    Just in case folks think I’m a bit bigoted myself, my understanding of the political mind is informed through comparative cognitive biology, cognitive neuropsychology, social psychiatry, and stuff. Which is why I can say for certain, that the SNP’s support for self-identification of gender posses a serious threat to public health and social justice.

    Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response


  2. I note in the Irish Times today that the covid strain currently in the UK probably leads to more severe disease as well as being more transmissible. Have I missed this important news from our own MSM?


      1. John
        In lay man terms I explain as follows
        A mutation that increase the viability of the virus is called a Fold 1 stage
        Once this arises further mutants arise and some may go on to become even more viable This is Fold 2 stage
        If further mutations arise that make it more
        Aggressive and deadly Then That a Fold 3
        Finally a fold 4 will be highly resistant to Vaccines
        In the US they have found strong evidence of a Fold 4 from the English variant
        Albeit only 5 no.and this one keeping the science awake at night
        So History may judge a certain individual
        As being Boris the Terrible



      And why to you think that Boris the Terrible
      Along with all his partners in crime and MSM
      are all now singing from the same hymn sheet
      Re.going real easy on ending lock down
      Behind closed doors and on minutes filed away with a stamp upon it stating
      Do Not show to unauthorised persons or something of a similar nature
      Well here are the massive clues staring you in the face
      1.English variant was 1st noticed mid Oct.
      Official line now end of Dec.but i assure 100% The Science would have been on top of this in Nov.and early Dec.
      And what they found sent shivers down their spine,especially as Boris the Terrible was in Santa Clause mode
      2.Why such a fast about turn with easing of restrictions
      3.Why all media started towing the line
      4.Why all the Emphasis almost entirely on the Vaccine
      5.You honestly believe Whitehall does not
      Scan Foreign media
      Of course they do and as I do but only the leading English speaking editions weekly
      And in General here is a brief synopsis of what you find
      A) At first they were referring to UK variant
      B)Now they have twigged that by being smart
      Many of them realised if you separated Scotland and NI data from English data
      A completely different picture appears in front of your eyes
      So much so slowly but surely most of them now refer to the mutant strain as The English
      All report very highly contagious and recently
      That strong evidence more lethal and efficacy
      Of Astra Zenica vaccine lowered.
      Please note UK.signed up for a high % of Astra vaccine but EU not,therfore not long before the EU tortoise plods past the exhausted Hare ( Boris the Terrible) on vaccination success and effectiveness
      6.Late on Fri.UK.Gov website published a paper from a special Government agency
      NERVTAG whose function is to watch for and report on emerging and changing existing respiratory diseases, This agency been set up long before covid
      Although a small study, findings alarming which in brief are
      Far more contagious
      Far more hospital and ICU admissions
      Far more long term covid
      Far more lethal
      Far more Likely Females contract it
      Far more likely younger age groups catch it
      Add all that up and it does not make for a easy
      Ride going forward
      More importantly and without doubt when a virus such as this mutates in this manner it becomes Dominant which it now has
      So another more virulent,deadly and resistant one follows
      In the UK there are Millions of new cases
      Of this one now
      This is the main reason that The New cases
      Deaths etc.are proving stubbornly slow at decreasing
      I have no doubt whatsoever that in the early days that SAGE imparted strong advice that if not controlled effectively then without doubt
      Where we are now WOULD arise and not if but When
      Why do you think the Nations who acted with due haste and proper action from the very beginning.Because they also were given such advice and realised how serious this little virus was and acted accordingly
      Well we are parked here now
      Why do you think Boris the Terrible refuses to release the minutes of the Cobra meets
      I tell you why
      Because they will be the rope around his neck
      That shall yank his toes clear of terra firma
      Thats Why
      I posted in many various social media platforms at the start of this pandemic
      Stating exactly what would evolve if proper actions not implemented in full
      I was in most completely derided
      But useless saying Told You So
      All i say is Hell mend them
      And their place in it is guaranteed


  3. The Irish Times Tue, 16 Feb 2021

    European health agency warns UK variant may cause more severe disease

    NAOMI O’LEARY Europe Correspondent · Feb 16, 2021

    Tough and immediate public health interventions are needed to prevent a fresh wave of Covid-19 deaths caused by more infectious variants of the virus that are sweeping the continent, European health authorities have warned.
    The mutant strain of Covid-19 that first emerged in Britain may cause more severe disease as well as being more infectious, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) cautioned in a report that showed the variant taking hold across Europe.
    “Modelling studies show that unless non-pharmaceutical interventions are continued or even strengthened, a significant increase in Covid-19-related cases and deaths should be anticipated in the coming months,” warned ECDC director Andrea Ammon in a statement.
    The B117 variant first detected in England accounts for 75 per cent of cases in Ireland and is becoming increasingly dominant elsewhere, making up about 45 per cent of cases in Portugal, 30 per cent in the Netherlands and 27 per cent in Denmark. Ireland’s dramatic spike in cases over Christmas alarmed European governments, which are anticipating the variant could cause similar surges elsewhere due to the Irish experience. “Based on growth trajectories observed, several other countries are expecting a similar situation in the coming weeks,” the ECDC report said, warning of “very high” risk to vulnerable individuals due to the further spread of the variants.
    Two other variants of concern are also in circulation in Europe: a Brazilian strain, and a more infectious mutation first detected in South Africa that is resistant to vaccines. Austria is battling a large outbreak of the South African variant concentrated in the Tyrol region, while clusters have emerged in Belgium. The emergence of new variants that current vaccines are less effective against “may occur repeatedly in the future”, the ECDC said, and this would need to be combatted by the development of new and updated vaccines.
    Alarm over the new variants is triggering new tough restrictions on travel in Europe and the hardening of borders, including Germany’s partial closure of its borders with Austria and the Czech Republic, with long traffic jams caused by vehicle checkpoints.
    The ECDC also flagged the risk that “pandemic fatigue” could undermine public adherence with health measures, noting that protests and unrest in several European cities indicated “some parts of the public have reached the limits of their tolerance” of restrictions.
    “Increasing levels of pandemic fatigue need to be properly addressed as a matter of urgency if further waves of infection are to be avoided and population compliance is to be maintained,” the report said.

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  4. The BAME community in Scotland is 3%. Less likely to spread the virus as a percentage. Many do not drink (or smoke or take dope) They lead a heartier lifestyle. Eat and sleep well. Meditate. A barrier to spreading the virus. If the guidelines are followed. Getting the vaccine, hopefully. A higher take up.

    They bring food in many community to those who need it and help out. Charitable. Give 10% as part of religion. Good cheerful song and dance. Raising expectations higher, in a depression.


  5. The EU principals were complaining about the distribution of the vaccine through Europe. (Guy). The lack of supply, distribution and inoculation rate in different countries. They are trying to make improvement. There were complaints Germany was closing it’s borders.

    Scotland was being considered as the best in Europe on the curve. First on the chart. The practice of Inoculating the elderly and vulnerable first. It was advised to be followed. Including the essential workers.

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  6. The reports keep on referring to Israel, as good practice. Many Asian countries have a low infection rate. Non existent. They wear masks as standard. Australia and New Zealand shut their birders months ago. Nearly a year ago. Strict quarantine. Some people had a job getting home. No visitors.

    A row about the Open Tennis ‘players ’privileges’. They had to experience strict quarantine when tested, although some were not infected as a precaution. Sporting events previously spread the virus. Some sportspeople defy the rules and are super spreaders. Prima donnas above the rules. Some of them were fined or cautioned, worldwide.


  7. New variant? Let’s open up the restrictions. They are infringing on our civil liberties (to make money). Where can we get some help? I know – and can we keep the Scottish importation of cases going?


    Replying to
    We’ve had 3 very questionable articles from the BBC over the last 2 days. This, “Schools don’t spread Covid” and “Sharp rise in children admitted to hospital from self harm” all headlines designed to shift public towards opening up again.

    Deepti Gurdasani@dgurdasani1
    “Extremely irresponsible reporting by the BBC here- the headline doesn’t accurately reflect the discussions within the article.

    “Covid: Why goal is to live with the virus – not fight it

    Nick Triggle Health correspondent @nicktriggleon Twitter

    And the argument made against elimination- that it is incompatible with our freedoms is completely at odds with current evidence: A simple & factual rebuttal to this? Where have infringements of freedoms been greater over the past year- in the UK/Europe or in Australia NZ?
    We’ve been in an out of long-lasting restrictions for almost a yr- compared to Australia/NZ where life has been near normal.”


      1. Sam
        And as one of the Laurel and Hardie guys would put it
        Well England that is a another fine mess you
        Have gotten us into
        But all this very far from being a joke
        Tis Boris the Terrible that is the joke and a very sick one at that


  8. Alex Macheras
    @AlexInAir 15 Feb

    UK Quarantine RealityDown pointing backhand index

    Madrid to Heathrow flight

    Onboard: passengers from ‘red list’ countries, such as Brazil, and passengers from elsewhere

    They all mix: boarding, onboard, same lavatory, on arrival

    On arrival: Some escorted to quarantine, others walk free on to the tube.
    Show this thread

    Alex Macheras
    · 15 Feb
    On same flight

    Two passengers: 01A + 01B are together for 2hrs. Dining. Drinking.

    On arrival Down pointing backhand index

    01A: travels across England’s vast rail network, travels up to Scotland, stopping at Starbucks, pops into M&S en route, etc

    01B: is escorted to quarantine hotel at cost of £1700+

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  9. “Speaking ahead of the long-awaited quarantine measures in government-designated accommodation, which come into force on Monday, Nadine Houghton, GMB national officer, told the Observer: “If you’ve got people getting off planes from the red list countries, then being crammed into areas with passengers who aren’t going into quarantine – and staff as well – you’ve failed at the first hurdle.”

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    1. Sam
      And if you fall at the 1st hurdle
      Then your chances of reaching the 2nd one
      Are negligible
      And actually jumping it impossible


  10. The contrast in the farming of Covid vaccination coverage in different parts of the BBC News website is marked. The two contrasting articles referred to below appear to have been published within a few hours of each other.

    Under the ‘Wales’ tab today we have this headline: “Covid: How many people have been vaccinated in Wales?” Under the ‘Scotland’ tab we have this headline: “Why is Scotland slowing its vaccination programme?”

    In the BBC Wales article we learn this about the vaccination roll out in Scotland – yes about Scotland:

    “Up to Sunday night, England had reached 22.8% of its population while Scotland’s rate has risen to 23%. Northern Ireland’s rate is 21%..”

    “Scotland is currently giving out more first doses at a faster daily rate than the other UK nations.”

    “Wales is now on a similar daily rate to Scotland and Northern Ireland and above England, in terms of second doses.”

    And the Wales article has a graph showing vaccinations given to each of the priority categories in Wales as percentages. It is very informative.

    And more generally on supply, the Welsh article states: “But the next two weeks will see a planned reduction in supply, as manufacturers prepare their processes for a significant ramp-up of production from March onwards. That is likely to be noticeable with some of the figures we are likely to see in a few days time.

    In the BBC Scotland article we learn something different about Scotland:

    “So far Scotland has done very few second doses – just 14,501.”

    “After complaints that the Scottish programme was “lagging behind” the other UK nations, …”

    “Will targets still be met?” That is in a sub-heading but no answer is forthcoming from the BBC! So why pose the question, why imply a doubt? I think we know.

    This Scotland article does NOT have a graph showing percentages of vaccines given to each of the priority categories in Scotland. It is LESS informative on Scotland than BBC Wales.

    And just to emphasise my point, i.e. the contrast in framing, yesterday the BBC News website had this headline on its ‘Wales’ page: ‘Covid: Vaccine roll out rate can now ‘fly’ in Wales’.

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  11. “Replying to
    And that’s almost exactly what we see.

    Lateral Flow Tests are ONLY used on people with no symptoms.

    And in the closest period we have data for (the week to Feb 3rd), 0.4% of LFTs in England were positive…..

    …..The ONS estimate 1.3% of England’s population had covid that week.”

    So, in wk up to 3 Feb total LFD tests done 2,372,358
    Total number of positive LFD tests 9480
    Total number of negative tests 2,359,422
    Total number of unknown/void LFD tests 3456

    I wonder which,if any, of these two is accurate.


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