Herald takes 2021 Clickbait and misinformation awards with same headline!

It’s a fantastic achievement. With only these facts to work on:

A father and daughter who went into hotel quarantine in Scotland on Monday have been told they can leave after only one day, due to a loophole with their arrival.

the Herald’s Senior Headline Editor, Jamie Ross(16) has turned these two wee fishes into a meal for thousands. ‘International travellers!‘ What, all of them? Thousands surely? No? Just the twa?

I suppose it is better than the Sunday Post One:


The judges were also impressed by the use of the Nicola photo because it was her, called to the airport, who told the staff to let them go. The transport secretary was unwell after, as he put it ‘wastinma time wi that moron Shapps.’

8 thoughts on “Herald takes 2021 Clickbait and misinformation awards with same headline!

  1. Of course this ‘loophole’ which affects all of the UK. Passengers on onward flights from Dublin which originated in ‘red list’ countries would not have to quarantine after disembarking at, say, Heathrow or Manchester, because of the ‘Common Travel Area’.

    In fact travellers from any non-red list countries can, on landing in England not have to go into hotel quarantine, even if they began in a red list country and there was a stop in the non-red list country.

    I suspect that the response of the British Nationalist media will be to attack the Irish Government. Priti Patel will be threatening to ‘starve them’. A labour Party spokesperson will stand, solemn-faced, in front of a phalanx of Union flags, and intone that they will work CONSTRUCTIVELY with the UK Government to encourage ‘foreigners’ to comply with Britannia. He/she will then begin singing, a medley of “It’s a Long Way from Tipperary”, “There will always be an England” and “Roses of Picardy”.

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    1. Alasdair
      I note you have omitted from the play list a certain favourite of theirs
      But me thinks it would go down like a lead balloon
      And all because it is NOT
      A Land of Hope and Glory
      But one of
      A Land of Despair and Plaque

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  2. The airport managers certainly manage to cause confusion by their mismanagement. Or lack management. In this quiet period they could have easily set up a testing centre. Preventing passengers from travelling with the disease and returning to go into quarantine. Be proactive instead of wasting times complaining on the side lines constantly. Making the disease spreading more likely. They blame the Scottish Gov for their failing but are the managers up to the job. They have little to do just now for lack of volumes. They could easily get organise and help follow the rules. A temperature gun would suffice.

    A small amount of effort to identify those who need to quarantine and direct them to hotels or their home destinations. Or help others turn them back if they do not have the correct paper work. It is not rocket science just a but of organisation. It is their job. How do they manage normally, For their large salaries and remuneration.

    Two of the airport managers are always complaining. Briefing the Press. Feeding the frenzy of the incorrect headlines. What the motive. The public are picking up the tab. In cancelled flights, non used vouchers and Gov subsidy of public monies to the airports and airlines. Many getting twice from different Gov and agencies, internationally. .

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    1. Gordon the head management at Edinburgh hates the SNP and the Scottish government just listen to him he gob shitte’s everytime when he gets interviewed mostly on stv.


  3. Westminster should have introduced a travel quarantine nearly a year ago to stop the spread of infection. Closing the stable door once the horse has bolted. Better too little too late than not at all. It was airline, airport, holiday travel which proved to spread infection. Increased the death rate and infection,

    Entirely mismanaged in every way possible. From early warnings ignored, to lack of necessary action, planning and supply. Tories are not good at organisation and management. Poor, lamentable management and choice of projects. To benefit them and wasting public monies. Unscrutinised properly. Illegal. Overpriced and over compensated. ill thought out projects. A wasted effort. Waste of time and public monies. With better alternatives.

    There should have been a higher lockdown level during the time the death and infection rate was rising. Better alive than dead because of a stressful holiday, causing more anxiety. A homestay can be appropriate in the circumstances following rules and guidelines. People could still get away when the death and infection was low. Or as close to zero as possible.

    Going to Spain and Blackpool spiked the pandemic by people not following the rules and guidelines. Believing it would not happen to them. They would not catch the virus infection. They did and spread it around, Especially among the elderly and most vulnerable. Thank goodness they have all been vaccinated. The wonders of modern science. Such a great effort. An amazing achievement still on going.

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  4. Alasdair
    I note you have omitted from the play list a certain favourite of theirs
    But me thinks it would go down like a lead balloon
    And all because it is NOT
    A Land of Hope and Glory
    But one of
    A Land of Despair and Plaque


  5. The “Scottish” press.

    Looking for a Wee subsidy for:–

    Honest, unbiased journalism.

    Well, look no further!

    Feck off……………..!


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