‘Farce’ Trained researcher slams alcohol-fuelled amateurs

In the Herald today:

The hospitality industry has lambasted a new first-of-its kind study which casts doubt on whether bar owners can effectively prevent Covid-19 transmission after observing “risks” over conduct in Scots licensed premises last summer. The critical research carried out by the University of Stirling in May to August last year came after a team scrutinised what was going on in 29 bars across Scotland.

The British Beer & Pub Association accused the researchers of ‘seeking only one outcome.’

Here’s what the University of Stirling researchers found:

A new first-of-its-kind study has questioned whether pub operators can effectively and consistently prevent COVID-19 transmission – after researchers observed risks arising in licensed premises last summer.  

Led by the University of Stirling, the research was conducted in May to August last year in a wide range of licensed premises which re-opened after a nationwide lockdown, and were operating under detailed guidance from government intended to reduce transmission risks. 

While observed venues had made physical and operational modifications on re-opening, researchers found that practices were variable and a number of incidents of greater concern were observed – these included close physical interaction between customers and with staff, which frequently involved alcohol intoxication and were rarely effectively stopped by staff. 

The new study – published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs – is the first in the world to examine the operation of COVID-19 measures in licensed premises and its findings will inform governments, public health experts, and policymakers in the UK and other countries as they consider the impact of the pandemic on hospitality and the risks of lifting restrictions. 


I know, I’m biased, I’m very fond of beer, so I’ve asked Julie Robertson, 4th Year Politics student who got an A for research methods only last year, at Glasgow University. She said:

‘Aye right, the British Beer & Pub Association or a team of trained, experienced researchers, who you gonna trust?’

And, why does the Herald headline start from the perspective of the boozers and not the researchers?

13 thoughts on “‘Farce’ Trained researcher slams alcohol-fuelled amateurs

  1. The Herald are losers. Many people lost their lives because Coronavirus spread through the towns and city from the boozing epicentres. It spread like wild fire though the community traceable from pubs and clubs. It instilled another lock down. A beer can be partakes at home in moderation. Following the rules and guidelines.

    The unionist parties were giving out illegal license to pub and clubs for donations. Breaking the guideline and killing people. A criminal offence. Then the Scottish Gov has to step in and ensure another set of rules and guideline to follow, To save people’s lives and reduce infection.

    The Westminster half price eat campaign also spread the virus further, There are suggestions for it to be introduced prematurely. The higher the virus spread the more the economy suffers. The higher the cost. In lives and extra NHS care. Higher the spikes. Burdening the healthcare system and the staff. Until a vaccine was found and mass injected successfully.

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  2. Few people enjoy visiting pubs more than me but my own experience during the respite last year totally confirms the researchers findings.

    When the rules were changed to require people to wear masks while moving around pubs I saw people being served at the bar in my local with no mask on. The staff were not interested in enforcing the rule and served them without batting an eyelid.

    I also saw groups of people sitting closely together, shaking hands and putting their arms around each other. As soon as the swally kicks in common sense and reason disappear. This is not rocket science.

    Restaurants are a different proposition. It’s much easier to control contact in restaurants.

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  3. Look at the behaviour of people when they drink. Louder, closer, etc.
    You don’t have to be a researcher!
    Look at the booze parties before a lockdown, the crowds in the streets outside pubs.

    Money, money, money….once again.

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  4. And little do they realise that the road currently being travelled is indeed a cul de sac
    With no way out and that quite simply Humans must live with the virus and the only way to do so is Adapt,Evolve and survive
    But that only applies to a Human society and
    And all species on earth also have their own societal systems and are a piece of a jigsaw termed as a eco system
    So as far as the licensed trade is concerned
    Things are now irrevocably changed for ever and a day
    The new future will emerge by many forms of trial and error but careful thought MAY just lead to the following as far as most travel and hospitality industries concerned
    1.100% effective instant easy rapid testing
    Neg.and you in
    Possitive you not allowed
    1a.Vaccination passports
    2.Massive investment in airflow and filtration
    Systems inside all premises
    3.Meticulous record keeping and tied into the
    Authorities data bases
    4.A whole new licencing strict regime
    5.A strict employment regime and proper qualification and training system
    6.Thourogh daily deep clean all subject to unannounced frequent checks
    All this more than possible now
    So my advice is Wake up Smell the Coffee
    Cast your eyes to the New Future
    Device and act
    Otherwise Die

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  5. Now there’s a surprise, not. A commercial mouthpiece rubbishing science. And a yoon rag promoting their dangerous opinion as credible. This is largely because the right-wing mind is bio-neurologically impaired to deal with complexity or empathise with others. Which leads the right-wing mind to value individual liberty over public safety. It also tends to view the world in the immediate to short-term, with little regard for long-term consequences. That’s Torydum for you.

    Trending Science: COVID-19 be damned! From prehistory to daily behaviour, why we break physical distancing rules

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  6. “Why does the Herald headline start from the perspective of the boozers and not the researchers?”
    Just to decry the “Scottish Government backed” study, ie their usual attack.

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  7. Lets face it pubs are the likeliest places you would catch covid19 nobody wears a mask , inhibitions are washed away with each drink and nobody is going to confront the people refusing to adhere to distancing rules.

    That anyone would say otherwise is incredible.
    But there are idiots out there who will defend the indefensible for money
    Even if what they defend is a killer

    Pubs get away with murder already so many are unhygienic and should be refused a license
    Allowing them to worsen by infecting people with covid19 is the last straw

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  8. A day in the Herod “newsroom”!

    ‘A grizzled auld hack fae the paper,
    Every tale that he writes is a “faker”,
    He works fae the pub–it’s a media hub,
    An’ the barmaid’s gies, a gid “rub-a-dub”
    Washed doon wi’ a gless o’ the “cratur”‘


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