Labour activist rentagob wheeled on by BBC Scotland to bad mouth SNP Government

This is Labour activist Sarah Chisnall presented tonight as a parent and member of a parent’s group but she is a long-time Labour activist with an agenda to criticise the SNP Government regardless. She says:

I think we’ll only just about to hear in the next week or two, what the SQA have ‘come up with’ in conjunction with teachers to base the assessment on and really should we not have had that information available for them earlier than this because we knew that this lockdown was going to be fairly lengthy.

She, of course, knows that the lockdown length was dependent on a fall in infection levels which could not be predicted.

Chisnall is a PR-type who knows how to get on the media and, dishonestly presenting herself as some kind of Josephine public have a go at the SNP.

BBC Scotland and the newspapers make it easy for her.

In 2016, she was listed as a Labour Party member calling for Corbyn to go:

In June 2020, John Beattie allowed her to present as just a mother:

2/The group came to our attention in June last year when they appeared on BBC Scotland news attacking the Scottish Govt. The group spokesperson - and co-founder - was a Sarah Chisnall, who was presented as a 'Mother of two and public affairs professional'.

In April that year her fondness for Ian Murray was revealed.

3/We quickly established that there was a bit more to this 'mother of two' than the BBC was mentioning.Sarah Chisnall was also a member of the Labour party who only months earlier had tweeted her delight at Keir Starmer becoming the new Labour leader.And there was more ...

Should you want more Chisnall, just search for her name and you’ll see how regular a crooked-mouth she is.

7 thoughts on “Labour activist rentagob wheeled on by BBC Scotland to bad mouth SNP Government

  1. On Reporting Scotland immediately after the school decision was read out, there were two vox pops, with this being one. It was obvious that they were casting doubt on the decision. There was no interview with anyone who was prepared to welcome the decision. Earlier, on the radio there was an interview with a public health academic from Stirling U who stated clearly and without reservation that this was the correct decision.

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  2. As far as the real world concerned this nasty little mouthpiece is
    Still wet ahint her lugs
    In need of a nappy change
    And as for the ABC editors who seek her opinions
    But as I consider my a Honourable Fellow
    I have counted to 10 and held my tongue
    And for once I hold back in speaking the truth
    As to what type of Human Being this creature
    Indeed is


  3. Old skool British politics have failed Scotland badly for generation, promoting learned helplessness and diminishing the fabric of our culture and civic society. It is mahoosively unlikely such politics will help sustain our well-being in Brexitania, which is going down the stanky at a rapid rate of knots.

    So it doesn’t strike me as being particularly clever or healthy of those who alleged to support social justice in and for Scotland, to carry on with their carry on.

    Formulation and the Biopsychosocial Model: Introduction for Psychiatry Residents


  4. More Labour lies outed. When will they ever learn? A PR campaign does not cut it. Having no policies and backing up the Tories. It should have landed on the cutting room floor. Edited. Biased or full disclosure. . Liars always get found out.

    White noise drowned out by the joy of the mother/carers and others over the moon because their children are going back to school. The relief. The SNP grand policies have achieved a massive effort. People are grateful for the massive inoculation effort to get the children back, Thanks to everyone.

    Fifty years of Labour. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion, Ruining the economy, The banking crash. Backing up the Tories lies, corruption and killing people. They are an absolute disgrace. Roll on Independence. When Scottish affairs can be handled even better.

    Labour caused death, destruction and poverty worldwide. Killed innocent children. In a pathetic barbarous act. Labour Party lies. Everyone could have had a better education system. Instead of illegal wars. 2003 to 201l and more. No amount of PR job can cover it up.

    Labour did not support Education when the Tories cut funding. Labour caused poverty. Supported Tory cuts. £16Million from Welfare. They supported austerity. Labour are a disgrace and have no policies, They just support the terrible Tories. The terrible twins. Two peas in a pod. No PR job will change that fact. The elephant in the room.


  5. Labour are paying PR plants to try and fool people, They ruin people’s lives and ruin the economy. Appalling actions, They did not support MUP. People have died prematurely because of these actions. They have no policies. Just support the Tories. A total lack of opposition. The Labour Party are failures. People join for what they can get. Not for what they can give. Especially in Scotland. Ditto other unionist political parties.


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