Scotland vaccinates more than England

As predicted here, Scotland has now vaccinated a higher percentage of its population than England. After giving England a four week head-start by concentrating on just care homes while England only did some of those, at the same time as doing the slightly less vulnerable in mass centres, to get a head of the EU, Scotland took only two weeks to overtake.

Now it seems supply shortages might hold Scotland back.

13 thoughts on “Scotland vaccinates more than England

  1. And still the Unionist media and parties will tell lies and shout SNP BAAADDD!!!

    I had a slight tiff with a Unionist friend earlier today. He was going-=on about poor vaccination totals – using Sky News data which had the 70-74 rate as just over 33%. It is actually well over 75%.

    He then doubted my figures when I quoted this, until I copied and pasted direct from the Public Health Scotland website.

    This is what we are facing, blatant lying from the Unionists – but: what’s new?

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  2. Trouble is the Brits will screw down the spigot on the vaccine supply as soon as Scotland is more than 0.5% “ahead” of England with its percentage of folk jagged.


  3. Anent the supply issue: the rate of vaccinations in England has been declining for about a week. In the past few days all four countries have shown a decline.

    From a Scottish perspective, it is amazing to see that, when the programme for those over 70 began a fortnight ago today, when my wife and I were vaccinated, that in that period well over 80% of that group would have been dealt with.

    Despite the stories of anti-vax refusers in the media, the true story is of almost complete compliance. They tried to imply that Scotland’s BAME community had a high refusal rate, by using survey data which was substantially English based. England has a much higher percentage of its population in the BAME group.

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    1. Alasdair,
      NHS Scotland has also vaccinated over 50% of the 65-69 age group as well. Data from the SG Covid-19 web site:

      Latest progress on first doses shows we have vaccinated:

      269,951 people aged 80 or over (100%)
      195,841 people aged 75-79 (99.9%)
      237,058 people aged 70-74 (85%)
      159,947 people aged 65-69 (53%)

      at 8:30am on Monday 15 February:

      30,103 care home residents (exceeding the initial target for residents in older adult care homes and 94% of residents in all care homes)
      40,930 care home staff (91% of staff in older adult care homes and 79% of staff in all care homes)
      282,501 frontline health and social care workers exceeding the initial target provided by Health Boards.

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  4. Scottish media and opposition parties had a fit when Scottish vaccination rate dropped a fraction on Sundays.

    We now see 10 days in a row of the vaccination rate dropping in England – is there an outcry from English media or opposition?

    And now we have the Scottish opposition parties saying the SNP’s quarantine plan for international travel is a shambles instead of supporting what all the experts have said is the correct approach –

    “Crumbling like feta cheese” according to Rennie.
    “Loophole makes a mockery of the SNP government’s tough talk on quarantine” according to Colin Smyth.

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  5. Strewth John, you might have warned you reframed the headline to reflect reality, only when I went looking for it did the HMS Sarah Smith version “Covid in Scotland: FM ‘satisfied’ target for over-70s vaccines has been met” pop up, which is so much more their style…

    Naturally they gave space for Forres Gump to spout inanities, but what initially puzzled me was to see it open for comments, until I read a few of them.
    So PQ are back to using their on-call keyboard army impersonating the Scottish electorate, naturally slagging off with gusto and up-ticking each other’s vitriol….


    1. For several years, the BBC “Have your say’ facility has been swamped by trolls pouring out anti-Scottish independence bile, while hiding behind a range of quasi Jock (as they would call it) names.

      The fact that this facility continues to be offered despite having been completely colonised by such bile suggests that it is a deliberate policy by BBC Scotland to offer a platform to such views, which the BBC, of course, ‘could not possibly say’.

      The NI and Welsh sites do not appear to be infected.

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      1. Correct, Rentamob on the speed-dial, but obviously this was the ONLY article with HYS available on the main Scotland page.

        It has now disappeared but remains on the Scotland/Politics page along with a Hancock/Quarantine item and one on SG’s new child benefit all with HYS open… 🙄
        Fairly obvious selections for debate really given the intense public interest 🤣


      2. Bob
        I gave up on ABC hys ages ago
        But cannot resist every now and again popping in now and again, all in order to
        Impart verified ceckable facts
        Many times in the past i sent the facts in the form of a Trojan Horse which had the desired effect of bitter rabid comments from the Unionists Bots
        Only for them to discover that by doing so they had indeed have trod upon a bear trap
        Then i made a move to put the poor suffering beastie out of its misery with my final comment in response
        Such always ended up in total shut down from the Bots on the matters i raised
        And it was not long until they were well aware of who I am and what i present to them
        So having taken a break of over 4 months
        I went on last night made 3 posts
        Waited a Hour No response from the Bots
        Wonder Why
        Well here is clue
        A) posting no.1 Official England now has highest death rate in the World
        B) England 16th in world with highest infections
        Scotland 58th
        C) Kent strain now commonly referred to as the English Strain in most foreign media
        Am i disappointed
        Not in the least,but delighted because
        In their case Silence is Golden
        Propagandas worst enemy is
        The Truth


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