My mum dismisses Herald journalism

From the Herald above and BBC Scotland below:

Here’s the supposed ‘dismissal’:

Asked whether travellers bound for Scotland but arriving in England would be quarantined, Boris Johnson’s spokesman said: “If travellers arrive in England from a red-list country and wish to continue to Scotland, they will first need to complete 10 days in managed quarantine in England.

“If a traveller arrives in England from an amber-list country and wishes to continue to Scotland, they will be able to do so but will then fall under Scottish quarantine rules on entry.”

Asked if the UK Government accepted there was a “loophole” in the UK’s Covid defences because people from non red-list countries could travel through England to Scotland without having to undergo forced quarantine, he [Boris Johnson’ spokesman] replied: “If they arrive from a red-list country, they have to quarantine in England for 10 days.”

Spot the dismissal? Me neither.

Before you go, remember:

10 thoughts on “My mum dismisses Herald journalism

  1. Even more basic and more alarming is that flights are arriving in England with mixed passengers of red zones and others. Only red zone passengers required to go to managed quarantine!

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    1. Just published on UK.Gov website
      Initial report from NERVTAG on a study conducted on the Kent variant and the findings are very concerning
      It shows that it is not only more contagious but more DEADLY by 30 to 70 %
      And even more concerning many more young
      Females are becoming infected and having to be hospialised

      Female infections were considerably below male infections, but now 50/50
      Aljazera now say this variant is now referred to as The English One world wide

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  2. Who,s hand is up their posterior bumbing the gums of the dummy
    And for the official record that as of today at 1600 hrs
    England now has the highest death rate in the world,having overtaken Belgium and now streaking ahead


  3. Channel4 News pointed out that the so called ‘loophole’, which gave the BritNat media so much glee on Sunday actually applies to England, too, because travellers from ‘red list’ countries could change planes in a non red list country and fly into Heathrow, or Manchester, etc and avoid quarantining.

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  4. This highlights the fact that potentially everyone crossing our border from England could be infected and we either do nothing about it or accept that English public health policy applies to Scotland.

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    1. I am a bit naive about border control and what exactly the ScotGov can do to stop people travelling into Scotalnd via road or rail unless hey are essential workers…
      Can the ScotGov fully police the border and stop people travelling into Scotland? If as seems, England is still not putting proper measures in place and still on herd immunity tactics. what can ScotGov do without facing massive inslaught of critiicism and accusations of racism etc..

      It would be good to know what the situation is re that, and what sort of policing would be required and also available. It’s not like the ‘British’ army can stop themselves coming into Scotland either…and they would not be deployed to stop others either…



  5. The political propaganda being wrung from this is as appalling as it is astonishing, if the Herald wants “dismissive” they should interview their own Tom Gordon.

    What is at stake here is importation and seeding of Covid variants, any one of which could potentially bypass the protection afforded by current vaccines. With the vaccination program only part way through, are we seriously considering starting all over again once they develop a vaccine which can cope ? It’s lunacy.

    As Johnson’s father Stanley demonstrated with his Greek holiday via Bulgaria, anyone can get around the rules if they are not tight enough.
    Instead of limiting the loopholes Junior is more interested in minimising them at the worst possible time to make political hay.

    Which county of England is going to breed the next variant which rings alarms ?

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