Not just ‘Recently’ Reporting Scotland’s language is ‘choice’

They’ve been saying this ‘recently’ thing for some time now. It’s kind of stupid to keep saying it, know what I mean. If it was recently a while ago, it can’t really really be recently any more can it?

Unless, you don’t want it to seem more established.

See this:

See that blue line representing Scotland? On February 1st, it picked up, after the care home folk had all been ‘done.’ See how it has climbed far faster than all of the other nations, for 14 days, two weeks now?

Is it still recent?

And, see how it’s far higher now than the others? Might that be news?

It’s flattened ‘recently?’



16 thoughts on “Not just ‘Recently’ Reporting Scotland’s language is ‘choice’

  1. You have experience of Complaints to the BBC, how to word it etc, but we know they won’t answer, and are not subject to FOI.
    What about the other way round: a FOI to the UK Government to ask how many times Glenn Campbell or his office has been in communication by email, text, phone, with UK politicians or civil servants in the UK Government or it s Scottish Office. I don’t know what time scale could be used, I’d like to know about the last 6 years.
    I’d contribute to crowd funding that.

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  2. The BBC canteen “Beatles songbook” song:-

    All the vaccines seemed so far away,
    Then England’s army came up here to stay.
    They gave us all our jags in just one day.
    That’s what the Union Unit told the BEEB to say.
    Oh, we believe in the Boris Way!

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    1. gavinochilltree
      And yesterday belong to them only
      Tomorrow is ours for the taking
      It is ours and ours alone
      Independence is never
      Asked for
      It is ceased by those who it belongs to


  3. Complaints to the BBC are a waste of time and energy. I choose to voice my concerns with examples every time the BBC comes up in conversation.

    Keep telling people. If they hear it often enough they cannot miss the bias if they are looking for it.

    WHEN we gain our Independence do not forget those who opposed it, those who lied to you. Those who tried to mislead you…they will try to retain their positions and influence.

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  4. “Might that be news?” – “The news where you are is not the news where we are….”
    Their creation of the “falling behind” storyline to cast Scotland in negative light is kept alive by the “recently”, presumably their army fiction will somehow be spun as a contributory factor, that’s how HMS Sarah Smith rolls…
    With vaccine supplies allocated by population the lines will always merge, were it not so Scotland would be romping ahead, which would compel a diversionary “news” item from PQ….
    As ever the moving propaganda goalposts…

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  5. Looking at the vaccine delivery rates (assuming that’s what it is for England), we see that in round numbers Scotland is at 1000 per 100K and England is at 600 per 100K. Both have a slight downturn of 6 per 100K at the latest date, which is of course a proportionately higher drop for England.

    But that’s just nit-picking. The serious point must be that, if Scotland is using all of it’s population related supplies, then England must be failing to do that by a wide margin – where are they hiding their vials?

    And of course – if Scotland has failed to deliver all the jags provided, then England must be in even worse shape.

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      1. It seems the limit to the UKGov vaccination numbers is not the number of vaccines given but how quickly they can post out ‘offers’ of vaccination.

        Just the same as the testing at the beginning when they were counting tests kits posted out as tests done, counting gloves individually rather than pairs. They have lied and bumped up the numbers throughout this pandemic, trumpeted unquestioningly by the BBC as if they are the governments heralds, they are of course.


      2. NS briefing today “Now today, mid-February, is the final day of the period during which we said we would have OFFERED vaccines to everyone over 70 and everyone who has an extreme, clinical vulnerability.” oh dear OFFERED is spreading.


  6. Don’t know if it was just my imagination but when some questions were raised about the AstraZenica jag the news reports seemed to drop ‘Oxford’ but now that the scare is over, it has re-emerged. (Perhaps I’m just becoming more paranoid with each passing day!)

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