Death rate in England now only 50% higher than in Scotland

The death rate in England was twice as high as in Scotland, only three weeks ago. The lockdown there is working. and lessons have not been learned again:

This time we really have to close the land border.

11 thoughts on “Death rate in England now only 50% higher than in Scotland

  1. We really do need to close the land border…
    The attitude of the Tories and their message to the people via their compliant far right wing media, is one of reinstating peoples’ god given rights to eat out, go on holiday, fly around the globe, (spreading a deadly virus into countries and communities with a devil may care attitude!) while on the other hand, actually removing poor peoples’ basic human rights such as the human right to shelter, food and heating.
    It’s truly sickening and not something Scotland or the people of Scotland should accept or be part of, not now not ever.
    Rights for the rich and privileged, stringent rules for the poor. No thanks.

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  2. Oh, I think you will find, if you allow for the margin of the hourly promotion of “Boris” and the division of “Englands”/ UK infection rate by seven, multiplied it by three, take away 32 and you will find the Fanny Handcock, one UK, all in it together, Queen Lizzie deux, manifold destiny, stats—-all starting to make sense.
    You may have to impart some halucigens, take leave of your senses, and listen, volume turned up, to the Last night of the Proms, for 72 Hours.
    Gawd bless, Govey and DRossy loves you! The Directorate is watching over you–and your mismoves!

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  3. If England records any more than 200 deaths
    In the next 2 days then they will have the ignominious
    Title of the Highest Death rate in the World
    Consequently I nominate Boris the Terrible
    For the appropriate crown of Thorns to be firmly fixed upon his head
    Voting lines are now open to register your
    Intent to reward him accordigly
    Tele phone 666
    Or text Devil to 666
    Lines close at 1600 hrs on Wednesday 17/2 / 22
    When the rights to the title become correct and verified by the official data keepers
    This info is brought to you by The Keeper of The Gates of Hell

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  4. English Torydum is simply ideologically hostile towards social and environmental justice. As well as the “precautionary principle”. Simples.

    Social Ecological Approaches to Individuals and Their Contexts: Twenty Years of Health Education & Behavior Health Promotion Intervention

    Given the sheer stupidity that appears to have infested the SNP, here’s a re-post from a previous page. Affirmative action helps support the principles of democracy, but only if the resulting policy is ethical and proportionate.


  5. This is from Al Jeezera (I just googled “mutations crowds Covid”)
    “Each new infection gives the virus a chance to mutate as it makes copies of itself, threatening to undo the progress made so far to control the pandemic.

    On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged more effort to detect new variants.

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said a new version, first identified in the United Kingdom, may become dominant in the United States by March.

    Although it does not cause more severe illness, it will lead to more hospitalisations and deaths just because it spreads much more easily, it said, warning of “a new phase of exponential growth”.

    While the lunatics are still in power at Westminster we just have to hope the current vaccines cope with what happens next.

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  6. P.S. Just in case folks took that as a personal insult, public opinion tends to be legally and scientifically naive, though it is far from meaningless. Democracy simply does not function if government does not take public opinion into account. Though government that legally empowers poorly informed public opinion, is simply populism and undermines democracy (see Brexit).


  7. Must not ease lockdown too soon – see what happened last time
    Positivity was around 5 pre-christmas.

    Most of cases are now among those not yet vaccinated. Vaccine resistant variants can grow.


  8. This piece is 2 days old by Shaun Lintern,Health Correspondent of the Independent. Ideally, NHS England would get a lot more funding to address this issue. What NHS England is getting, it seems, is more large scale privatisation. We need to get out of this Union now.

    “Tens of thousands of coronavirus survivors needing long-term care are heaping pressure on Britain’s stretched community services, threatening a crisis that experts warn could dwarf that seen in hospitals over the past 12 months.

    As many as 100,000 intensive care patients, including up to 15,000 Covid-19 survivors, will need long-term community nursing care after being discharged from hospitals during the past 12 months, The Independent has been told.

    This will be on top of an as yet unknown number of Covid patients from the 350,000 treated on general wards since the pandemic began, as well as tens of thousands of people who were sick without going to hospital but have been left with debilitating symptoms of long Covid.”


  9. So this is how the changes to NHS England will impact the people in England. It will, of course, have a funding impact on Scotland unless our SG gets the finger out and does something about achieving independence.

    “The new plans would:

    Allow private companies like Deloitte to sit on boards that make decisions about how to spend NHS money.

    Introduce the American model into our NHS where unaccountable decision making bodies prioritise profit margins and making savings over caring for people’s health. This model is likely to lead to cuts and closures of NHS hospitals and A&E.

    Push more people to go private as cuts are made. Patients have already been promised greater rights to choose private treatment and have it paid for by the NHS.

    Open the door to more cronyism – yet more contracts would be given to government pals like Serco, as we’ve seen in the pandemic, but without any competition – that’s what the government means by ‘reducing bureaucracy’.

    Encourage private companies to take the NHS to court if they’re unhappy.”


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