NHS Scotland has now vaccinated 22.4% of the population. NHS England has done, maybe, 22.5%.

NHS Scotland has also, done, really, 99% of those in care homes, 99% of those over 80, 99% of those 75-79, 94% of all of those in care homes and 78% of those over 75.

The Army has done, maybe, 0.5% of the above.

NHS England has done quite a lot, allegedly, but has definitely done offered 100%.

6 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Prof,
    Clarification needed: you state that NHS Scotland has done “99% of those in care homes” as well as “94% of all of those in care homes”.


    1. This is how the Care Home data is presented on the Scot Gov website

      as at 8:30am on Sunday 14 February:

      30,076 care home residents (exceeding the initial target for residents in older adult care homes and 94% of residents in all care homes)
      40,877 care home staff (91% of staff in older adult care homes and 79% of staff in all care homes)

      You will find the rest of the vaccination data and much else here


  2. The Brit Nits under Kim Un Jongson is to “offer” Scotland a chance to be constrained by the terms of the Scotland Act.
    There will apparently be 4dozen in the Union Colonial Unit to propagandise Scotland and our elected government, which is apparently regarded in Downing Street as the equivalent of the Vietnam Cong.
    Hi Jack is General Westmorland, and will be played in the BBC dramatisation by Nellie Oliver–if they can fit a suitable hair-net!

    Boris is to announce that the “tunnel” under the sea to Ireland is a “go”.
    Of course that is mince; it must first go to be checked for feasibility. Which it will obviously fail, but not before it can be weaponised over several election cycles.

    For interest sake, it should be recalled that the English Channel tunnel, built at a shallower depth: through much better geology: softer, less fractured rocks: and without potentially explosive ordinance–without all that ( and more) the cost of the Channel Tunnel was OUT by more than 80%.
    All because Hi Jack wants a corrupt, big bucks, pork barrel scam on his doorstep. You won’t read about that element in an equally corrupt media.

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  3. Are Westminster claiming people have been vaccinated when they have only received a letter to book an appointment? Go on a website to book an appointment. They will have to wait until people have been done to add to the statistic/data,

    In Scotland 1 million+ are children. Less likely to be troubled by the virus. Younger folk not so likely to die. Under 40/50’s. Essential worker have been vaccinated. They have to go out into the community and society. Still important to wear masks and isolate if necessary, for a while. People in their fifties/sixties have died.

    The death and infection rate are going down.


  4. Wee bit short on the over 70s though
    “So we remain on course to give first doses to all 70 to 79 year olds, and those with a serious clinical vulnerability, by the 15th of February.” J Freeman.


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