Leading academic contradicts airport boss and every single reporter

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Professor Linda Bauld, University of Edinburgh on BBC Scotland

Wait, Scotland’s Quarantine system is ‘well-managed?’

Professor Bauld on BBC Scotland this morning at 06:27am, cannot be serious. Hasn’t she read the newspapers? Doesn’t she know it’s a shambles?

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And that ‘loophole’, what about that, Prof? Eh?

The Herald

Wait, what’s this?

The Scotsman

You can hear their regular letter writers:

‘Undermined by system in England?’ She said the E word! Don’t encourage the nats! Stone her!

There’s a new editor at the Scotsman. Will he try to save them? Has he dumped McLellan, Wilson and Monteith? Has Gina Davidson switched?

And, on that loophole whereby some folk get past the soft English system and sneak back to Scotland undetected, to infect us, how many are we talking about? Does anyone know? Is Professor Bauld worried about loopholes?

I searched for ‘professor Bauld Sridhar loophole’, found no sign of Bauld or Sridhar but did find this:

Who are their experts, I wonder. Oh, here it is:

Hugh Pennington, emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, labelled the SNP policy ‘daft.’

Pennington, I’ve seen that name before.


Did Professor Bauld get to say ‘well-managed’ all throughout the morning? Will she be saying it on Reporting Scotland later?

13 thoughts on “Leading academic contradicts airport boss and every single reporter

  1. Hugh Pennington…the renowned piller of Unionism. The cheerleader of Scotland in the Union. Obviously a balanced statement. The “Go To” man for a Unionist spin.

    The MSM obviously have a very small pool now for getting their “quotes”

    “We will not have a second wave” sums up his expertise.

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  2. “The news where you are.” – No sign of anti-governing party news media in the other nations on the BBC. No sign of Scottish troops heading South to help the struggling NHS in England. No sign of a 1 million milestone in the news articles.

    Really nice of them. Such a shame that think the readers can’t look at several sources of news, and work out when they’re being bull-shitted.

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  3. On GMS this morning, after announcing the introduction of the quarantining for arrivals, we were treated to interviews with two self-centred people carried out by telephone, one in Madeira and one in Germany, full of indignation that they could not get home because of these ‘confusing rules’. Their lack of self-awareness was shameful. We had a report from Glasgow Airport, where the reporter read out the arrivals board – 7 incoming flights today. And we were told that Mr Hancock had agreed to look at how to help the Scottish Government – how reasonable and gentlemanly of him.

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      1. It’s the message, ‘look at’, means we will help you because you are too poor and stupid and the Scottish government are obviously totally incapable of anything so your trusty, nice, warm and cosy minders in London will look after you, (meanwhile they have their drity nasty paws around Scotland’s neck!). It’s a mafia style of bullying…we’ll protect you and look after you but only if…kick boot kick, thumb screws! Scotland, arggh!!!, we can take a beating, can’t we?


  4. Well done Scottish Gov getting the information out.

    Westminster appalling behaviour in not introducing quarantine sooner. Out of the loop.

    Westminster are releasing questionable data.

    Are they claiming people have been vaccinated when only a letter has been sent. That is false data.

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    1. Only for some the daily rags on the shop shelves are absolutely tonto on how bad the SNP are doing at well, everything but today it was quarantine and stuff…
      if I saw those headlines and didn’t now better I’d be thinking what useless tw*ts at HR, or, as is the case any sensible person would be thinking, ah, now that looks like wall to wall bad and bullying to me when the evidence is quite clearly the opposite.
      Still, piles of the far right wing rags were on shop shelves after 8pm, so that tells us something!!


  5. “Pennington, I’ve seen that name before”
    Indeed, the odour of embalming fluid is a dead giveaway, they opened the crypt.
    As James (Seen the emails) Cook before, they appear to presume an absence from the limelight makes for a fresh start… Ehm, no.

    I can only guess HMS Sarah Smith woke up to falling audiences may be related to their relentless negativity being ignored, so allowed a degree of “balance” from Bauld.
    I imagine a few choked cornflakes hit the floor from the shock..

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  6. Instead of complaining. The airport bosses could have been responsible and set up test centres in airports. In and out. A relative simple operation. A temperature gun. Limiting travel for those affected by the virus. Containing it. They could have been far more proactive.

    The airline received compensation twice. Funds from the Gov and issuing vouchers for cancelled journeys and flights. With a low take up rate. The customers lose out.

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  7. Public health is not a priority for England’s Tories unless it involves lucrative contracts for their cronies.
    Johnson also has a problem with his revolting back benchers whom he selected based on Brexit purity.
    They want borders open to free trade and the economy opened up at all costs and so what if a few hundred thousand plebs die as a result.
    Most Scots can now see how important having control over our borders is,that it is no longer the sole preserve of Scottish nationalists but a life and death matter and that can only come about through regaining our statehood.

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  8. I consider that all the paper used by which
    All the MSM press print upon to be none other a criminal waste of trees,In these vital times of reducing C02 emissions
    And as such a crime against humanity


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