SHOCK: Sun calls for UDI for Scotland

mail on sunday

In an incisive piece of writing by Sam Merriman, formerly of the Middle Earth Messenger, goes for the jugular in the ‘farcical’ Union.

The SNP Government have, it seems, got their act together and required ALL arrivals in Scottish airports to quarantine in hotels.

The Tory Government in London, under pressure from their corporate backers, has not matched Scotland’s strategy and thus some Scots arriving from airports in England cannot be required to quarantine in hospitals but will only be expected to self-isolate in their own homes.

It’s a farce. We agree with Merriman. Johnson has once more betrayed the Scottish people.

Sources in traffic police have told us that stopping drivers at the border wasn’t feasible at the moment but that it would be if Scotland declared UDI in May.

Another source has told us that while the police may not be able to stop drivers at the border, they could easily check to see if folk are self-isolating properly at home.

A neighbour has informed us reliably but on condition of anonymity, that the force has a ‘curtain twitcher‘ in every street in Scotland.

Final thoughts for Sam Merriman: Be careful working there in the ‘Dark Tower‘ that is The Daily Mail.

5 thoughts on “SHOCK: Sun calls for UDI for Scotland

  1. She was a curtain twitcher
    In fact
    She was a notorious curtain twitcher
    An Ambulance sped pastThe curtains would shudder
    A fire engine shrieking
    The curtains would jerk
    Most people have
    A curious streak in them
    She would rush outside with her broom
    And pretend to sweep
    And woe betide you if you happened to be passing
    Because, inevitably she’d collar you
    ‘Did you hear about’? Or
    ‘Did you know about’?
    All the locals nicknamed her
    Twitchy Witchy
    That wasn’t the kindest thing
    I suppose
    She was just lonely
    A product of our times!
    The estate agent pulled up
    Hammered his FOR SALE sign in
    That aloofness didn’t fool her
    No quick getaway for him
    No chance!

    Margaret Beil

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  2. The country which has had 25 Covid deaths in all (compared to UK’s c.116,000 and Scotland’s c. 6,000) has just locked down its major city again because of 3 (yes, three) new cases of the virus detected in the community: the first new cases in the country for a month. The handling of the pandemic and the outcomes in New Zealand could not be more different than here!

    In a country with c. 909 Covid deaths in all (compared to UK’s c.116,000 and Scotland’s c. 6,000), a state government introduces a further lock down after 13 (yes, thirteen) new Covid cases are detected in the community and also instigates tight border controls again. Border controls more generally are introduced again between individual states within the country by state governments. (Rules vary in detail state-by-state to reflect different circumstances and judgments made by the different states’ governments.) The handling of the pandemic and the outcomes in Australia could not be more different than here!

    Norway 592 Covid deaths to date; Estonia 481 deaths; Denmark 2,284 deaths; Finland 710 deaths; Ireland 3,931 deaths.

    Better together?

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  3. I have to admit that the MSM have been very successful in conditioning the English.

    Tory Governments are better
    Boris is a smart guy
    Brexit was a huge success
    “Offered” means “Delivered”
    The U.K. has a great State Pension.
    The U.K. are a Global Power.
    England subsides Scotland.
    I could go on or you simply read the Mail.

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    1. Julia
      Another way of putting it
      The band upon the decks of The Titanic
      Did play very well and many a fine tune also
      After all tis that shall throughly save you
      From being plunged into ice cold waters
      Without a lifeboat or a rescue ship insight


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