SHOCK: Sunday Post finds ONE!


This not-so-fine piece of investigative journalism is based on a ‘source’ at Edinburgh Airport. We know who that is. He’s in the media, serially, to find fault with the SNP Government because they don’t do just what he wants when he wants it, treat him with the respect he feels entitled too or because they haven’t done something well before they said they’d do it.

Where, Sunday Post snapper, is the zombie-horde of potentially infected travellers surging through the arrival gate to super-spread among us?

Did you speak to that one guy there?

Wait, that’s not the reporter posing for the camera is it?


Why is the rhinestone legend not in rhinestone? Is that Andy Stewart?

I’m reminded of the time, allegedly, when a junior told to get a photo of the just passed F1 driver, Ayrton Senna, returned with one of Ayr Town Centre.

8 thoughts on “SHOCK: Sunday Post finds ONE!

  1. In Taiwan, the translation of the Pepsi slogan: ‘Come alive with the Pepsi Generation’ came out as: ‘Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead’.


  2. I can just see the hordes coming to Scotland to pay £1750 to stay 10 days alone in a Scottish hotel in winter.

    “Scotland’s transport secretary says he is pressing the UK government to close a loophole which could allow travellers to avoid new Covid quarantine rules.

    “Michael Matheson told BBC Scotland the current UK arrangements for enforced isolation in hotels were “inadequate”.

    New UK quarantine rules only apply to people arriving from 33 countries deemed “high risk”, but Scotland’s apply to all international travellers.

    There are fears traveller could avoid the rules by flying into England first.

    Everyone arriving in Scotland on an international flight from next Monday will have to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days at a cost of £1,750.

    The Scottish government has block-booked rooms at six hotels near Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh airports.”


  3. Re the photie of a kilted Sydney Devine.

    This is the Sunday Post, perhaps that was the most up-to-date pic they had of the great man.


  4. Michael Mathieson Scotland’s Transport Minister just wiped the floor with the BBC’s Martin Giesler.
    Repeatedly MM. Made the point that England’s hotel Quarantine scheme was below what Health advisors require.
    Travellers possibly infected with the S. African variant would be free to travel onward to Scotland using public transport.

    Guzzler’s response “Ok”


  5. The Tories should have quarantined passengers Heathrow/International hub a year ago. To lower travel rates. Australia did and cut infection and death.

    The airports could easily has set up a test centre test passenger in and out. Those positive should have not been allowed to travel. Or they should have quarantined. Scotland’s infection/death rates were lower at that time, by comparison. More passengers/flights come though an international hub from abroad, by comparison.


  6. My holiday in Florida was cut short last March due to Covid. On arrival Heathrow I was amazed that there was no check or control over arriving passengers. It has taken nearly a year and many many deaths since then for government to wake up to this. From one Mickey Mouse place to another.


  7. I just feel it is very ill thought out. I travel to Norway regularly because I have family and a family home there. Norway has 1/10 of the cases of Scotland pro rata, a very safe country. There are daily 1 hour flights to Bergen and Stavanger from Aberdeen, which is the route I usually travel, mainly used by the oil industry. The rigs folk are tested every two weeks. The flights are 1/4 full. I really see no need to impose such restrictions on a country which has the virus under far better control than we have. Quite happy to isolate at home 10 days after return and pay for test, but £1750 in a hotel where you are in danger of picking it up is ridiculous.


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