Army vaccinating less than 1%


The claims of the Defence Secretary seem exaggerated. A poll by Talking-up Scotland found that only 0.5% of them had been vaccinated by a soldier and only 2.7% had even seen soldiers at the centre they attended.

There were 557 respondents to the the poll. 29 of them made comments.

One nurse wrote:

I worked with the British Army for a week. They didn’t want to be there and to be honest weren’t much use anyway.

Others wrote:

As far as I’m aware there’s been no army assistance in the Scottish Borders area at all.

Saw 6 of them hanging about like spare p***ks at a wedding while SNHS actually did the work…maybe there for a photo op.

How desperate are the Westminster Government ? The army have been used in areas where they have been able to add expertise i.e. logistics planning. They are also providing mobile capacity. The vast majority of vaccinators are NHS. Why try to claim otherwise about our troops?

And insightfully:

To be fair they wear a lot of camouflage. There might have been hundreds there .

17 thoughts on “Army vaccinating less than 1%

  1. There will soon be more generals than soldiers, as the UK cannot afford both troops and WMDs (and it NEEDS them to sit on the UN security council), so good-bye “Tommy”.
    Your next jag might be delivered by an Admiral or Brigadier, if they can be dragged out of their London Clubs..

    This is all part of the ramping up of anti-SNP/Scotland stories being pushed by the colonial media. It has become relentless and wide-ranging. Boris is now on, and in, every news bulletin while Sturgeon is on none (doesnt stop the whining about the “SNP party political broadcasts).
    Never thought I would see such a thing, but we are now living in an “East German” style media landscape, with unabating State propaganda in the press, TV and radio.
    Will they erect giant speakers in every town and village? So the voice of the Great White Father (Boris) can be available to all.

    North Korea ! Kim Un Boris.

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    1. Gavinochiltree
      Here a wee snapshot of the Actual state of the British army
      1.UK no longer capable of tank manufacture
      2.Currently less than 100 fit for purpose tanks available
      3.Those tanks are Challenger 2
      4.Those above 1st Designed in 1960,s
      5.MOD currently negotiating with Germany
      To procure old 1970, s German Leopard Tanks but revamp and thoroughly overall
      6.The Swiss army tanks are the most modern
      Western tanks available and a Larger number that British Army
      7.Russia now equipped with over 600 of the most advanced tank ever made
      It works in platoons of 12 no.with a very sophisticated electronic command control
      Each tank has its target identified within micro seconds, loaded gun automatic aimed and fired in less than 1 second and all with
      A super high velocity projectile
      So much so that The head of Nato stated
      That even if they deployed their most modern tanks upon the battlefield it would be sending lambs to their slaughter against this Russian tank
      Rooth the Mooth Now mount you tank

      Tally Ho

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      1. Arthetty
        There always 2 sides to every story and i learned very early in my adulthood
        That tis a wise man who looks at both sides
        Before any action
        So on that basis i regularly check the English speaking media of our perceived enemies
        But in full awareness that they also play the propaganda card
        So i then go onto cross check respected academic unbiased sources to verify or otherwise to check if what i have seen to be accurate or not


      2. Terrence
        Probably and it will not take long to overwhelm our defences
        But in General here is the advice a Chief of Staff would give to all in Nato
        If ever you find yourself entering potential conflict with Russia or China and possibly both at the same time
        Then I obliged to inform you that if any possibility of such conflict becoming serious
        And ending up out of control
        I assure you in that event we would sustain extremely high and disproportionate losses
        And unable to withdraw successfully so consequently we would have to deploy small battlefield nuclear weapons in order for ourselves
        To retreat in a orderly fashion
        But such more than likely would trigger a strategic nuclear strike in retaliation
        And that is a event that is unthinkable
        Unfortunately for us we have fell asleep at the wheel and both of these foes have managed quantum leaps in highly lethal weaponry for which we currently have no effective solution and if these matters not attended to then the gap can but only grow


  2. The deployment of Army is nothing other than a propaganda exercise
    And without revealing as to how i know
    Just go and look at the number of SNHS
    trained vaccination staff many of which
    All recently trained so,for the sole purpose of
    Ensuring that there were enough of them in order to meet the carefully planned and implemented vaccination program
    Once you have there number, then work out
    Ave.number vaccinations each can do / day
    Then all becomes rather obvious
    Not believe me then explain this
    How were the Army involved when at the start of vaccination, the nos.of vaccs.adminstered low
    Now nos very high
    No MSM loud mouth are screaming about the actual nos.of vaccs.done by the Army
    I 100% assure you that very soon that
    The Army personnel shall return to Barracks
    Propaganda campaign over
    And if you care to observe very closely it is all too obvious that the Army were allowed to
    Strictly on the basis that they were deployed and managed by Senior managers from SHNS
    at all times
    Whilst in EHNS tis rather obvious it is a rag taggle band deployment

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  3. John,Re Sunday Post A better headline would have been this one.

    Property developers who built flats covered in dangerous cladding have donated £2.5 million to the Conservative Party since the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, analysis has found.

    That would not go down well but they did have a small article about it inside.

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  4. People who attended the vast centre will not see any service personal there. People will know there are hardly any military personal vaccinating people. They will know the amount of any support being given. Al their families and friends will know the amount of support.

    They will know there was only a minimum of support. The Tories are lying again. Using it for a misleading photo shoot. To vastly exaggerate Westminster support or involvement. Trying to take credit for Scottish Gov efforts.

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  5. It is claimed/reported military support is ‘6%’. 6% of what. They are thin on the ground. The army has a recruitment problem. Few applicants.

    Liars always get found out.


  6. It certainly is a hard sell for the British state, to convince us it cares about Scotland’s well-being. It never has before, and Brexit confirms it views Scots as being the sub-human property of Westminster.

    I note that positive discrimination is coming in for a bit of a bashing elsewhere. Discrimination against anyone/thing is indeed a hard sell, though it should be remembered that cultural patriarchy stands on the shoulders of the structural misogyny that is still all too pervasive in society. Efforts to overcome cultural patriarchy need to be well thought through and ethically balanced. Which makes the Scottish government’s desire to empower men to colonise Scottish womanhood, all the more tragic.

    Talking of misogyny, I hope folk appreciate that was not the motivation for me putting the boot into Angela Haggerty the other day. Though in the interests of fairness, I should correct myself, as it was actually around the time of the Kezia Dugdale defamation case that I first commented on Haggerty being out of her depth. Hopefully I don’t need to remind folk that Dugdale is another who appears to have benefited disproportionately from positive discrimination.

    Patriarchal Beliefs, Women’s Empowerment, and General Well-being

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  7. Interesting comparison again between Scotland and London,
    Worst Scotland positive cases East Ayrshire 252/100k down to 39 for Scottish Borders (excluding Orkney&Shetland), Hounslow 360 down to 117 in Camden.
    So 10 regions in Scotland are over London’s MINIMUM detected rate, and 20 regions are below it, yet Ben Wallace thinks the vaccination ‘front line’ is in Scotland…

    Perhaps given HMS Sarah Smith’s extensive presentation efforts they might be sub-contracted to do the same for London information, leading to fewer thinking lockdown easing is imminent….
    A secondary effect would be a lull in the propaganda…


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