Has BBC Scotland vindicated the Scottish Government’s vaccine strategy??

This morning on the improved, Brewerless, BBC Scotland’s The Sunday Show, Martin Geissler introduced some good news including the massive fall in infection rates in care homes, and wondered:

It’s too early to say for certain, but this could be a vindication of the Scottish Government’s decision to give vaccinations in care homes priority over everything else.

That was it but it was something I didn’t expect. He could, of course, have used the death rate, also in dramatic decline, and compared the data with those for England, where a terrible price for their strategy is still being paid. Too Much?

Will Reporting Scotland pick up and extend this?

7 thoughts on “Has BBC Scotland vindicated the Scottish Government’s vaccine strategy??

  1. They know how to play the audience John. In order to keep them tuning in, they give a wee snifter of something very vaguely positive, then they go in for the kill, grrrr attack, wall to wall SNP baaaddd for the next couple of weeks. It’s abusive, but that’s propaganda for you!

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    1. Its coming up to an election. They have to hide their bias for a wee while.
      Geissler is a better journalist than most of the dross they have at Pacific Quay. He better watch his back.

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  2. Not a bit of it there will aways be wee Jeanie around the corner that feels she has been forgotten about or hasnae got her appointment yet. More interestingly I noted on Sky news that the UK Gov has announced it has met its target of ‘offering’ the vaccine to everyone over 70. Is that not a material departure from what they promised earlier. Anyone?t

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    1. Nope – offerings they said and offering they meant.

      The (offering) letter is in the mail, as they say.
      Some arrive more than once and both count – just like 2 tests on one person is two tests, 1 pair of gloves is 2 pieces of PPE and so on.

      Of course when you get an offer for a test miles away from where you live and then the local surgery (round the corner) calls you up with an appointment time tomorrow BOTH of those offers count too.

      I could get the links for you, but at this point I can’t be bothered any more.

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  3. I have no idea what Mr Martin Geisler’s politics are because on the ‘Nine’, GMS and on this new Sunday programme, he actually behaves as a proper journalist/reporter/presenter should. He actually asks searching questions – even of Tories! – and, today, at the review of the Sunday papers, he said, with heavy irony, ‘A journalist twisting a story to suit his papers political stance? Surely not?????’

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