Welsh Labour takes risks again for votes


Has Mark Drakeford, Labour First Minister of Wales, forgotten what happened when they tried to to come out too quickly from their ‘firebreak’ in November?


They were quickly condemned then:


Gove said:

It looks, with the benefit of hindsight, as though immediately after their two-week lockdown they lifted restrictions too expansively. As a result of doing that, the virus once more got out of control, they’ve had to slam the brakes on again.” That’s one of the reasons why we’re exiting the lockdown cautiously across the country (England). We are taking a cautious approach (in England) because the example of Wales shows what can happen if you lift the restrictions in too blanket a way too soon.

There is of course an election imminent but surely they wouldn’t try to buy votes with a too-soon exit from lock-down.

I see no evidence that SNP leadership plans to follow Wales.

Perhaps BBC Scotland could ask Ian Murray what he thinks of the Welsh decision?

4 thoughts on “Welsh Labour takes risks again for votes

  1. John
    With regards to asking Ian Murray
    You or none need ask
    All you have to do is push the Play button
    At the rear of his very hard neck
    And then you shall hear exactly what the head office in London have pre programed one of their Bots with after they agreed to implant of a silicone chip within their cranium
    When they promised a Ermine robe which by no accident is paid for by the Tax Payer

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  2. Disappointed that the Welsh Government is opting to use the same weasel wording as Westminster Tories on Covid vaccination roll-out. What follows are extracts from the the WG’s website (with my emphasis):

    “First Minister Mark Drakeford said: Vaccination is the number one priority for the Welsh Government and for the NHS in Wales.

    To have achieved this first milestone and OFFERED vaccination to everyone in the first four priority groups – those who are most vulnerable to coronavirus – is a truly phenomenal effort. I want to thank everyone who has been working around the clock to reach this point.”

    And: “The NHS has confirmed everyone in the first four priority groups HAS BEEN CONTACTED to be offered a vaccination appointment.”

    A means of blurring for, public consumption, the difference between an output ‘target’ (the jag received – the real value) and a process ‘target’ (contacting/offering) – and a mainstream media seemingly content to go along with this, at least outside Scotland?

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    1. stewartb
      Ah but one must realise Mark Drakeford
      Works out of a branch office of the Establishment in London
      Just join up the Dots and you get the picture
      The elite are Grooming K.Starmer for next PM and not to rock the Boat
      They know full well that Admiral Boris (Captain Pugwash) must vacate the helm of
      HMS Ship of Fools and take the motely crew with him down the gangway ( i would have them walk the plank)
      This ship of state must sail on but not hit the rocks of Scottish and Welsh Independence
      Particularly as the Scottish Rock shall sink their ship

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