Welsh Labour sneak into a fake lead with an offer, just an offer of a jag

Yeh, yeh, but read on:

Wales will be the first UK nation to have offered the top four priority groups a Covid jab, the Welsh Government has said. Within hours, officials say, all over 70s including care home residents, will have been offered a first dose.

Where have we seen this before?

Their offer is no better than their word.

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2 thoughts on “Welsh Labour sneak into a fake lead with an offer, just an offer of a jag

  1. Based on a quick look at the data, here are the figures for 1st doses received in Wales updated at 2200 hours on Thursday 11 February:
    80 years and older: 88.4%
    75-79: 86.3%
    70-74: 79.8%
    Care Home Residents: 80.3%
    Care Home Workers: 83.5%

    At 0830 hours on 11 February, the Scotland figures were already at:
    80 years and older: 97%
    75-79: 87%
    70-74: 54%
    Care Home Residents: 94% (99% for older resident care homes)
    Care Home Workers: 78% (90% for those in older resident homes)

    Wales data source: https://public.tableau.com/profile/public.health.wales.health.protection#!/vizhome/RapidCOVID-19virology Public/Vaccination?:showVizHome=no&:embed=true#2

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