BBC Scotland’s slowdown

Vaccination slowdown is BBC Scotland’s preferred take as Scotland passes 1 million dose given, a record 63 178 today, 99.9% of care home residents and 97% of over 80s.

BBC UK mentions only the Scottish slowdown. BBC England and Northern Ireland have nothing to say on the issue. Only BBC Wales reports the same problem there.

In the BBC Scotland report we read:

Scotland’s health secretary, Jeane Freeman, told the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme earlier on Thursday that the issue was “about the supply into the UK, it is not about distribution around the UK” and would therefore affect all four nations of the UK.

Don’t they know?

Is BBC Scotland just desperate for bad news to tell us?

19 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s slowdown

  1. Yes the ‘media’ clampdown on any dissent is picking up pace. Sometimes blog on some ‘Unionist’ websites on Youtube but today for some unexplained reason they could not load my comments. Yes it has all the hallmarks of Nazi Germany.

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  2. A wee bit off subject,but just finished my daily
    Check off Worldodometers corona tables
    And report as follows that in the next 5- 10 days England without doubt shall have the Highest death rate/ million of population in the world
    How because Belgium currently hold such
    But as England has far more / million in ICU & Hospital than Belgium who are only a couple of deaths/ million ahead of England
    Tis as near a certainty as mathematically possible
    Scotland 23 rd in the world but with 6 nations in dire danger of surpassing us in 10- 14 days if current trends continue
    As for number of cases Scotland is 56 th
    And England 17th
    Please note this data excludes San Marino &
    Gibraltar who both are a statistical anomaly
    Due to a very low population

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  3. The most vulnerable in Scotland have been vaccinated.The ones who are the most likely to die. That is the most important aspect, to cut the death rate. The lockdown still in place to protect other less likely deaths.

    Healthcare, school workers, police and fireman. Essential workers have been vaccinated as a priority.

    Death and infection rates are falling. That is even more important than vaccination levels. The follow on in vaccinations will be of people of the cohort that are less likely to get seriously ill or die, Even if they get the virus.


  4. In the massive vaccination centres, school worker, police and firemen are being vaccinated, They are visible coming in after their shift to get vaccinated. Self evident. School worker, NHS workers known to others are all getting vaccinated as a priority. It is self evident. They have been seen visible in the community, Unmissable,

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  5. A doctor, a test worker, a school worker and colleagues, social workers, etc, etc have all been vaccinated. Anecdotal but still happening. People who are less likely to die are still isolating waiting their turn to have it done. It is the priority that is important to get the infection and the death rate down. Even more than the vaccination rate. Ie the way it is handled and the management. That is important.

    A massive effort.


  6. Doh! And you’re expected to pay….

    The BBC’s trolling is simply aimed at undermining our capacity to rationalise the world around us, and is symptomatic of totalitarianism.

    The Biopsychosocial Model of Health and Disease: New Philosophical and Scientific Developments
    Chapter 3 Psychology Regulates Activity in the Social World

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  7. I listened to the news at 6pm on Radio 4 tonight. There was an extended piece on Matt Hancock and the Tory Government’s plans for a big reform the NHS in England – yet again.

    At the end, the Radio 4 person said (in terms) ‘we’ll have to wait to see whether the reforms achieve what patients across the UK want, shorter waiting times.’ Well one thing seems certain, reforms of NHS England won’t do much for NHS waiting times in NI, Scotland and Wales – unless through a big uplift in Barnett consequentials.

    Do these BBC journalists just have no sense of how the nation-state in which they ply their trade is structured – even the basics?

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  8. Radio 4 person is wrong. More misinformation,

    Even a big uplift in Barnett consequential. Does not prevent the Scottish Gov mitigating funding. Making waiting times lower in Scotland, A better SNHS,

    The Tories cut NHS funding £4Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts and increased SNHS funding £2.5Billion. On average £1/2Billion a year. The budget was increased from £10Billion to £12.5Billion. From 2015 to 2000. From the (illegal) block grant

    The Barnett Formula is illegal. It take monies from Scotland and is wasted by Westminster poor bad decisions. It was illegally devised to take money secretly and illegally from Scotland to fund London S/E. It was kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher, Forsyth and Lang. Thatcher cohorts acting illegally.The situation continues to this day.

    £Billion have been taken illegally and secretly from Scotland. It means Scotland does not have the funds it needs to manage its economy better. Westminster poor bad decisions milk and affect Scotland. Negatively.

    Scotland has to pay for all Westminster corruption and lies. Scotland loses the monies it needs to manage it’s economy better. To make better decisions than the bad poor Westminster It is illegally prevented from having the necessary powers by Westminster corruption.

    Scotland has to pay for things it does not need and does not have the funds to pay for what it needs because of Westminster colossal, illegal wasteful interference.

    Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud has cost Scotland dear.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Cameron elected to protect the NHS cut funding. ConDems. Cameron ConDems ruined the NHS in the south .The Scottish Gov mitigated and protected the SNHS and introduce social care.

    The Tories wasting £Billions austerity. Mismanaging the economy. They continue to do so. Brexit. Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident etc. A total waste of public monies. Badly thought out schemes. Tories are wasting the public purse to line their pockets.In illegal spends of public monies, . Non accountable. Scotland has to pay for it.

    Now the Tories are trying to instigate NHS ‘reforms’. More in akin to Scottish system. 8 years later after Tories policies ruined the NHS in the south.

    Vote SNP/Independence to make Scotland a better place,

    Forsyth unelected. Unelected in Scotland has the illegal undemocratic right to interfere in Scottish affairs. No taxation without representation.

    The Tories will be voted out.

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    1. Gordon
      To give you and all a example of how the British State conducts itself
      Here is a fine example pertaining to the shootings at Dunblane
      But before i give it,Remember the chief constable resigned immediately upon publication of the public enquiry
      And what follows will explain exactly why
      On a Saturday morning 2-3 weeks after the shootings I was listening to a Radio 4 program
      On the shootings and on the panel of 4 there was a American gun expert
      When another panel member mentioned the 2 types of guns T.Hamilton used
      The American immediately said Excuse me
      Could you please say that again
      They did so
      American- are you 100 % sure that model was
      One of the guns
      Other- let me check,Yes
      American- was it used at Dunblane
      Other – Yes
      American- I know very little about your gun laws, but what is of very important interest
      Is who is responsible for any licences etc re guns
      Other- Chief Constable of Local police
      American- Do you know what that model of gun is
      Other -no
      American- well then it is a very special one
      And as far as i know only about 100 have been made,but only upon special request by
      Heads of CIA & FBI
      Why because that gun is a killing machine
      One bullet to head or torso you dead no mistake about that
      If bullet hits a limb it blows it completely off
      In America there are very strict protocols for this gun as it is nothing other that a Hit Mans weapon
      In fact the authorities know 3 no. have over the yrs went AWOL
      1 has been found and it was the possession of
      A mafia hitman
      The other 2 never been found,and their is a International alert been issued to be aware and report if any these 2 weapons ever show up
      So what amazes me how the hell did this madman ever ever get his hands on this weapon and if any in Authority granted a licence for it .I find all this incredulous and beyond belief, there is something very very seriously
      Wrong here
      So why do you think the Chief Constable did resign on full pension and safe from ever being recalled for any further investigation
      Or action
      Big clue the Sergeant who reviewed T.Hamilton,s gun licence renewal
      Placed inside the large fat file a post it sticker
      Upon the page that reqd.the signature of the
      Chief constable
      With the words
      Something very seriously wrong here
      Do not grant renewal
      Well the rest is History


  9. What seems to be driving the “Scottish” media at present is not so much public health but more that 21 polls in a row show a majority for independence.
    It is now abundantly clear,if there was ever any doubt,which master they serve.

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  10. Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie have illegally been kept secret under the Official Act for 100 years under the Official Secrets Act. Other matters are kept secrets under the Official Secrets Act for 30 years. That is how Westminster Gov tries to hide it illegal corruption and criminality, Non Democratic.

    Thatcher and the unionist parties use it at Westminster to try and keep their criminality and illegal activities secret. Including Scottish matters. It only comes out after 30 years what they did. Including Thatcher’s illegal activities.

    Dunblane 1996. Before Devolution/Holyrood, The Labour Party Westminster administration kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. (30). To hide Labour Party connections to the events unfolding which included Masonic connections and favours. He should never have had a gun licence and complains made about his behaviour were not investigated. The public are denied the truth of legitimate public matters.


  11. Illegal war Labour Westminster administration. Lockerbie Labour Westminster administration. Labour illegal activities affecting Scotland.
    Devolution 2000 set up with as little powers as possible, for Scotland to manage it’s own affairs and progression,

    Referendum result for Devolution, illegally ignored by Tories for 20 years. Westminster illegal interference in Scottish affairs and expectations of democracy.

    Vote SNP/Independence for more democracy and better management for Scotland.


  12. Privatisation in nhs England will in fact continue. Reform is only to give more control to Hancock. The less England nhs is funded the lower will be our consequential. Lower resource to mitigate. Cuts in English spending will cut our resources too.

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    1. Indeed Alex, succinctly put. Generalise your observation to the funding in England of all public services that are devolved and you have the Unionist’s ‘trap’ for Scotland, and a pro-independence government, revealed!

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  13. O/T
    re. Angela Haggerty. Not that I’m boasting, but I did suggest her ego is larger than her intellect, in the run-up to the 2014 indyref. As such, she is prone to epistemic irresponsibility. Which is the root of Trumpism, and is probably why the BBC is keen to promote her ill-formed opinion.

    Against Totalitarianism: Agamben, Foucault, and the Politics of Critique


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