The opposition is softening

The above line graph suggests that definite support for ‘Yes’ may have flattened but far more noteworthy is what is happening to both the ‘No’ support and the undecided.

As you know, I’m not a proper statistician but it seems clear that the ‘No’ support is much softer and in recent months has gone into a steep decline.

At the same time, the number of undecided has begun to climb more steeply.

I think, correct me if I’m wrong, far more of former ‘No’ supporters than of former ‘Yes’ supporters are becoming unsure, undecided.

This is a good thing, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “The opposition is softening

  1. I treat all “Scottish” media, press and television as foreign, from a country that is generally hostile to Scotland. I find that this makes it psychologically easier to deal with the constant misrepresentation and distortion.

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  2. Yes!
    We may have some debate going on about which Independence Party to choose but the support for Independence remains solid.
    The Parties who would form an Independent Holyrood would have changed at some point anyway. Labour and the LibDems are at real risk of vanishing in the upcoming debate.

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  3. The no vote whilst declining has only 2 places to go
    2 Yes
    And this graph demonstrates such
    If the trajectory shown continues then the Union is in a very perilous situation
    Given that their must be a real hardcore of die hard support for No and never ever will you change their minds,even if you put a gun to their head
    So what info is really missing here what age groups, socio economic standings and demographics are moving from No to Yes and Undecided and more importantly Why
    Once a human being changes their mind very very rarely will they reverse their decisions
    So in conclusion although not to neglect the Yessers from No (welcome and nurture them,as they a real asset particularly as they are fine examples in order to help persuade the undecided)
    It is of the highest order to convince the doubters
    Basically humans are a herd animal and rather akin to sheep,so their is a very strong instinct
    To go with the flow and follow the others
    As to what direction the herd is going
    This is why this graph is so important and encouraging
    King Canute ( Boris )
    Would be well advised to run for dry land and terra firma now
    But either way he drowns
    Too late my dear fellow

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  4. Forgive me but i’m going to sound a note of caution here, it sometimes feels like because there have been so many polls now with yes ahead that people think an indy majority is guaranteed

    I remember NS saying that a consistent 60% backing would the right time to strike and, even though the mid 50s is really encouraging, there is not yet sign of an overwhelming mandate. i know some folk are so impatient as to argue we just need 50+1 but there are then so many variables to consider that I can understand politicians not wanting to risk yet another defeat

    It may not be everyone’s view but I feel that the strategy so far (since 2014) has been to demonstrate sound & competent governance that takes into account all views, not just those wanting independence. I think this recognises basic democratic principles as the SNP have won steady support on this basis. They have to consider all shades of opinion and while it has held them back from any kind of truly radical changes it is this that might have slowly nudged the soft no’s to yes. I don’t for one minute believe SNP MSPs/MPs don’t want independence but recognise the need to persuade a majority of the Scottish electorate to back imdependence. Not sure if we’re there yet and there’s a lot to contend with including party strife, covid and the union campaign

    I hope so much things work out in May and there is a solid majority for indy parties but lets not get carried away, there’s still folk needing to be won over

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    1. BROBB
      All my iinstincts tell that once polling commences that the SNP and The Greens
      Lead overall will only increase
      And once Holryrood passes legislation for a Referendum then the momentum shall only increase in our favour
      All we have to do is stick together


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