SNP support increases as internal divisions rip through it?

While the data tables for the above Savanta/Scotsman poll are still under wraps, wikipedia seem to know the numbers:

Poor wee Conor, living in fear of the dread MacLennan, the Savanta poll actually shows a 1% increase in support for the SNP just ‘as internal divisions’ were supposed to be ripping them apart.

Oh dear, that won’t do. That doesn’t fit.

I know, thinks Conor. I’ll just ignore that and pretend the 4% fall from the last Savanta poll to this one is evidence that it’s ripping them apart. No one will notice, will they?

Tee hee, muppet!

31 thoughts on “SNP support increases as internal divisions rip through it?

  1. Good news, but the colonial press/mejah don’t like it up ’em.

    Tonights Repressing Scotland will lead with :-

    “Sturgeon denies plotting the Great Train Robbery”.
    “Sturgeon denies she controls the weather”.
    “Sturgeon denies being an Illuminati”.
    “Sturgeon denies controlling the English rugby team, through witchcraft”.

    “and now to the weather—Heather”?

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  2. By the bye. The Torygraf reported that senior Cabinet Ministers (Jack?) were/was accusing DRossy of being “SNP-lite”.

    DRossy claims he leads a political party, separate from the Boris Tories, yet none of his Scottish colleagues ever follow through the Lobby.
    Strange, eh?
    Even stranger he has been reported to the Tory whips for disciplining.
    How can that be, if he is not a Boris Tory?
    Did the DUP ever report to the Beaks?
    The DUP got more than a £billion in bungs.
    How much has the “Scottish” Tory party received?

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    1. Gavinochiltree
      As to what the Scottish Tories receive
      There is one thing I am absolutely certain that not only they receive but thoroughly deserve
      The Hardest of Kicks upon their Arse

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  3. I for one hope to see a hit to the Unionists on the list vote. The SNP have now made my second choice easy…I support Independence and Women’s Rights so my Constituency/List votes will be SNP/ISP.

    Please don’t post telling me I’m wrong. They are my votes and my mind is settled.

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    1. Julia Gibb, what do you actually know about ISP ?
      They were only registered may 2020
      What do you know about the people who run ISP ?
      One used to be in the SNP but left after being accused of racism
      One i think is the son of Lib Dem leader in Dundee who went independent then coalitioned with SNP to run the council and was made mayor
      One wrote a piece for WOS as recently as november 2020

      What if they go against Scottish Independence once they get your vote

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      1. I obviously know more than you do! The branches are mostly ex-SNP activists and that is increasing rapidly. You sound like a worried Tory.


    2. Whit?
      You are NOT going to vote for the DRoss (handpicked by Dame Ruthie)……….
      *Raving Loon, Howl at the Moon, Whistle a Tune-up Party*?
      Allied with the “Wee Wullie, Boy Band Party”.
      Shame, shame, shame.

      This film has been brought to you, by Murdo Loser Productions Inc.

      3rd Stunt Coordinator– Monica Lemon.
      Best Boy– Anas Starwars.
      Animation Crew–S.K.Stammer.

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    3. There is no longer a ISP ‘Party’.

      SNP policies supporting women and others. Nurseries, baby boxes, educational support, uni support, equal representation, gender lists, equal pay, social care. £10 child benefit payment to support children & women/families Ease poverty. Kinship payments, SNHS support. MUP.


    4. In the North East region the SNP got 137,000 list votes, they won no seats.
      The Tories got 86,000 list votes, they won 4 list seats.
      Labour got 39,000 list votes, they won 2 list seats.
      Lib Dems got 18,000 list votes and won 1 seat.

      I’ll be voting SNP 1 Green 2 to increase the Indy majority and try to keep as many Unionists out of Holyrood.


      1. Alex
        Given the ongoing impact to Agri.& fishing
        From Brexit a certain Unionist party is about
        To be punished severely
        The timing of May is perfect as the consequences hit home


    5. I am slithering at present but I am possibly going the same way. Will make final decision depending on whether AFI can get ISP & SF etc into alliance


  4. If supporting open democracy through science and stuff makes me a “conniving dissenter”, then count me in.

    I’m certainly not hostile towards the SNP, as I still see them as our main vehicle towards our liberation from the near-apartheid of British nationalism. But there still appear to be strong support within the party, for those who’re eager to deny science and piss on transparency. Which simply apes Westminster’s rather exceptional and authoritarian approach to law and democracy.


    Click to access 10.1023%2FA%3A1026064512686.pdf


      1. As I’ve already pointed out, I can’t tell how pdfs will display. Surely your not hostile towards a line of text and a link?


      1. I’ve absolutely no idea what you’re suggesting, other than your trying to misrepresent my contribution. Which would simply be a case of epistemic violence (see your man Ellis). Care to justify your comment?


  5. Good to see. Reforms to the health service in England may help to sustain or increase that trend e.g public health functions remain outside the NHS.

    “Far from reversing the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, as has been widely reported, or responding to the National Audit Office’s finding in 2017 that “The Departments have not yet established a robust evidence base to show that integration leads to better outcomes for patients,” the proposals consolidate the market paradigm that the 2012 act strengthened and which the government has favoured during the covid-19 pandemic.

    The core of the disastrous Lansley reforms remain in place: no duty on the government to provide key services throughout England to everybody; entitlement to services dependent on membership, now of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), in the future of “Integrated Care System (ICS) NHS bodies,” though abolition of CCGs is implied, not expressed; commercial contracts and the purchaser-provider split still the basis for delivering services; foundation trusts still able to receive 49% of their income from outside the NHS; and public health functions and communicable disease control remain outside the NHS.”

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  6. Another failed Tories policies that has to be overturned and sorted out. At a cost of wasted £Billion and the underfunding of the NHS. Another major Tory catastrophe that did not work. (Cameron ConDem cuts) . Take away competitive Trust to work together. To cooperate not compete.

    Or be sued by private company providers. (Branson etc for profit). @ Polly Guardian.

    The same situation exist in the universal credit changes. Now have to be changed back. After the £Billions wasted on the bureaucracy. The scheme did not work. Increases have to be made after the previous cuts. Austerity. More £Billions wasted by Tory/Dem wasters which could have been better spent, To stop people starving. Ill nourished people just add to the healthcare and other social costs. It would be better, obviously, to stop people starving. Ignorant Tories+ unionists Parties, Labour went along with it, or abstained,

    In Scotland there was an increased in SNHS because of SNP Gov policies and integration .

    The Tories are now trying to bring policies agin to SNP health integration health policies with social care. 8 years later.

    The Tories are still trying to sell off the NHS on the cheap by not funding it properly. A disastrous policy in the south. The Tories do not have a clue.

    The disastrous Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident. A total waste of public monies which could be better spent.

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