Yesterday, we see the above in the Herald. Here’s the evidence:

So, 137 deaths in Scottish care homes in the week-ending 17th January and only 58 last week, down, a 57% fall in only three weeks.


We do get a vague wee explanation in the phrase: ‘Care home residents were among the first to be vaccinated.

Yes, yes, we knew that but wasn’t it more than that? They were THE first to be ALL vaccinated.

They were AMONG the first in England too but the death rate there is not falling and is much, two to three times, higher pro rata. Their weekly data is not so up-to-date but there were 1 365 in the last 7 days when, had they the same rate as Scotland, it should have been only 560.

Then we read:

It is unclear how much of the recent reduction in deaths can be linked to the vaccine as protective immunity takes around two to three weeks to develop. There is also a lag of around three weeks between contracting the infection and becoming seriously ill or dying, meaning that some residents will already have been incubating the virus at the time they were inoculated.

This is deliberate obfuscation. It does take two to three weeks to develop fairly full immunity but NHS Scotland was in the care homes vaccinating seven weeks ago and by three to four weeks ago had vaccinated 75%. By that time, in Matt Hancock’s own stupidly proud words, NHS England had done only 24%.

Any fool can see what has happened here. Scotland, by following the JCVI advice has saved hundreds of lives. Tory-led England has sacrificed thousands just to get off to a good start with the overall numbers.


16 thoughts on “Because?

  1. “alex thomson@alextomo
    From an English care home chain to staff today (below).One chain and one figure of 77.5%. Doesn’t mean the UK figure of above 90% is wrong necessarily. Does mean there is still much work to do in some areas of English care home vaccination.”

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  2. Shameful indeed. But it goes further than that. The Tory administration at Westminster is corrupt. Their policies are indeed killing people, and their deliberate awarding of contracts to their friends and associates, without following proper tendering procedures is an absolute disgrace.
    Of course, all these matters aided and abetted by an equally corrupt media.
    Why any right-minded would even vote for this lying bunch of chancers, is beyond my comprehension. And why anyone would believe any written or spoken word in the M.S.M is also beyond me.

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  3. Care home residents were the first to get the vaccine as a priority. 36,000. The elderly with under lying medical conditions are the most likely to die. They got vaccinated first as a priority. It takes 10+ days after the jab to build up a higher immunity. Factor in.
    Most care home members are well looked after in the main. Well cared for by excellent staff. With proper guideline enforced. It is not all depressing.

    Care home residents (elderly) are always the most likely to die in Scotland. On average 1000 people die in Scotland a week. (50,000 a year). Mainly the elderly. Limitations of the human body. Often after a good life and experiences.


  4. Fanny Handcock picked the “low hanging fruit” first, for good headlines in the media.

    That same media both enabled him, and criticized the Scottish government for doing the safest and the best thing for old folk.

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  5. Somewhat off topic but worth knowing, I think. Scottish research, not yet peer reviewed.

    “Conclusion Compared to working-age adults who are otherwise similar, teachers and their household members are not at increased risk of hospitalisation with COVID-19 and are at lower risk of severe COVID-19. These findings are broadly reassuring for adults engaged in face to face teaching.”


  6. I thought we had “fixed” homelessness during the pandemic.Seems I was wrong?

    “Andy Lockhard, the managing director of a finance company who volunteers for Kindness Homeless community group, told The Big Issue it was vital the community group “stepped up to the mantle”.

    “Monday was a particularly busy night for us,” he said. “We served between 200 and 220 people. On Wednesday I reckon we will only see, and I say only because the numbers are so big, around 100 to 120 people tonight….

    ….A total of 25 volunteers worked to help the hundreds of people requiring help on Monday, serving up 100 sausage suppers donated from restaurants across the city…

    Andy added: “This morning at 4:30am I was heading into Glasgow to provide hot drinks for two guys who are using scaffolding as shelter near George Square and it was -5.5°C this morning and those two guys are out 24/7. It’s just heart-breaking.”

    The shocking photo of the queue has caused anger on social media where it has been shared thousands of times.”

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        1. Uk EngGov have a heck of a lot to answer for they really do. Starving people, denying them basic human rights, ie food shelter and heating, utter criminals. The EngGOv and their compliant media use their attacks on the poor via their disgusting ‘austerity’ to portray the ScotGov as being the perpetrators of such inhumanity, it’s truly sickening.


  7. So they were prepared to sacrifice their most vulnerable as the cost of high numbers vaccinated. . . . . Their must be a lot at stake . . . . Wonder what that might be?

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  8. Proof of the media propaganda , lying to us failing to tell the truth doing it repeatedly to give a false impression and doing this for political reasons they support and are supported by Englands Westminster.
    Scottish law should be looking at this there must be law covering media reporting standards.

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  9. Mark Frankland, a modern day saint imo, writes about the tragedy of EngGov cuts to the poorest, most vulnerable in Scotland. Sometimes it’s impossible to read it’s just so heartbreaking. The reality is just horrendous, EngGov attacks on the poor and plunging people into poverty and destitution are ignored by the media who are complicit. All lowlife troughers.


    1. Arthetty
      And all this imposed on Scotland
      After 46 BILLION barrels of mis appropriated
      Oil revenues sent to 11 Downing St
      Show me just 1 brick laid and paid for in Scotland from these monies
      Bet none can
      Shame upon our fellow Scots for allowing this to happen

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