Gap narrows again as Scotland vaccinates twice as many for second time

For the second time, Scotland has vaccinated around 60 000 per day, regardless of snow and ice, roughly twice the rate of NHS England and more pro rata than England for nine days now.

Though Scotland’s lower overall rate, while it concentrated on the care homes, was apparently fair game for comparison then, it is no longer of interest to the MSM, when it goes the other way.

From the line graph above, you can see the gap in overall numbers is now less than 1%. When they pass by, will Reporting Scotland have anything to say?

As for the 7 day average, above, Scotland is vaccinating approaching 50% more and on today’s figures far more than any of the other nations:

All graphs ONS/NLS data tabulated by:

18 thoughts on “Gap narrows again as Scotland vaccinates twice as many for second time

  1. Helen McArdle
    Care home Covid deaths falling nearly 10 times faster than general population.

    Care homes: 68 in week beginning February 1 compared to 116 in week beginning January 4 (down 41%)

    The overall decline in Scotland’s Covid deaths over the same period is from 392 to 374 (down 4.6%)


    1. Sam
      As all things in life
      If it is a good outcome you seek
      You better prepare and install a proper foundation
      If not so things will quickly start to crack and if not attended to,then only collapse and utter failure will ensue
      My business was mainly in Tree Planting
      And there is a old Victorian saying which oft i would repeat to clients who insisted on cost cutting and reducing of specification
      In all facets of life such is a universal truth
      Me thinks that what I speak of has has took a helluva time to make a pin prick of a entry to the cranium of a certain buffon who i believe may go by the name of BORIS


    2. The care homes members have all been vaccinated. Although it takes 10 day + to build up a stronger rate of immunity, after the jab. People should still be careful after their jab. Still follow guidelines.


  2. Helen McArdle Retweeted
    Edouard Mathieu
    We just updated our data on cases by age group in Israel: the trend is now markedly different between the groups vaccinated early (in which infections keep falling), the 40-59 (stable) and younger age groups (infections went up last week).


  3. Today I Received my 1st dose of The Pftzer vaccine and as i was leaving a TV crew were setting up
    I was so tempted to offer them a interview and feed them a load of utter crap
    But however here is how things went
    Please note that the whole route from the Maybury was extensively and clearing signposted straight to the door,only a idiot would get ould

    1.At entry to site had to produce my vaccination letter
    2.Park the car.
    3.whole of short walking route to
    Snow cleared and gritted
    4.large snow plough and small pedestrian one
    On standby
    5.At entrance clear notice of exactly what to do
    6.Security ensured your mask on and properly so,asked to sanitise your hands,checked your letter then pointed to clearly marked social distance markers to
    Quoue never any more than 3 such
    And less than 10 secs to next stage
    7.At reception your vacc.letter taken and details logged.asked for your DOB and Address then guided to Temp.waiting station
    8.No more than 10 second wait then staff gave you booth go to
    9..Vaccinator asked if he knew why you were here,confirm your details, asked have you been vaccinated before,when,what for and if any adverse reactions
    All logged on a computer
    10.Vaccinated then pointed to rest area for you to wait 15 mins before departure all in order for the attendant,s to observe for sudden adverse reactions
    11.Time up Ok to go
    It should be noted that all staff were obviously well trained and attentive but polite which clearly demonstrates care selection at recruitment
    Also all the vaccinations were being carried out by qualified medics from the REMC
    No other MOD personnel observed

    But purely from a management point of view it is so obvious that from receipt of invite to departure was a exemplary model in exactly
    How to achieve high nos.of vaccinations as safely and expiditously as humanly possible
    Their was no evidence if any staff idly twiddling their thumbs playing a number game,in fact all the staff involved without doubt well and truly earned their corn
    If i set this up then it would be with tremendous pride of all involved and their application to task1

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  4. “Fellow collaborators in the 4 nations project,…… to make all us North Britishers into Greater Englanders.
    I greet you from London, the Great City.
    As you may know, the Great White Father of us all, King Boris, has brought to you…and to me… a cure for the pandemic, a nostrum for the ages!
    How d’ye make it, Boris asked?
    Why, we have to SAMPLE your URINE, the scientists explained!
    Wow, the Boris Cure! A Nobel prize right there !
    If you are with us, and One of Us, then a JAB will be coming to you.
    If not, then I fear you will only get a JAG.
    The difference?
    A JAB is so much more beneficial than a mere JAG…..a multiple of ten, so I am told by Fanny Handcock.
    So if they tell you that those dastardly Jocks are catching us up, you tell ‘um….No Sirree,…….. Engerlund is miles ahead of them—ten times zero if my adding up, adds up.
    We will never be second, or Europeans or kow-tow to the Froggies or demmed Jocks. I must leave you now, Boris needs a foot-rest.
    Your Governor Generalissimo,
    Maximus Hi Jack.”

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    1. Gavinochiltree
      And in your capacity as Emperor Maximus of the Great English Empire (very soon only England to lord it over)
      I feel compelled to counter act your reference to those froggies as you put them
      So i kindly remind you The Frog going by the name of Joan of Arc was led into the English
      Barracks upon a very fine beast of a equine nature, and as she victoriously trotted in
      With a Scottish regiment leading her
      ( 1 of 2 ) who fought against the English alongside her,
      And all to a marvelous tune named ” Hey Tuttie Tatie”
      One that so few are aware of these days
      But none the less tis the march that Rabbie Burns wrote the words to
      Scots Wha Hae to and in commeration of a little fight called The Battle of Banockburn at which The Glorious English Army suffered the most ignominious of defeats in their History
      And as no doubt you do wonder as to what this marvelous Occasion was it that Joan sat upon her horse was for
      Particularly so no doubt your hideously expensive education failed to enlighten you upon such important Historical matters,especially as it was a matter of grave concern for your English forebears
      Twas all for That fair Froggie Maiden to accept the Unconditional English surrender
      Of all their forces upon Frog soil

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    2. Great White Father is a description of Johnson I had not heard. I much prefer that of Frankie Boyle:” a bin bag of albino body parts.”


      1. Blondie—whose locks were suspiciously tinged reddish on his last visit to Scotland (across the invisible, non-existing border).

        Was he using Carries hair dye?


  5. I genuinely hope folks have switched off from “our” media, a.k.a. the B.U.M., as they’re systematically gas-lighting us so as to support epistemic closure (ignorance), cultural prejudice, and epistemic injustice (social exclusion).

    Neo-liberal political economy isn’t only actively hostile towards the truth (epistemic violence), it’s also hostile towards social and environmental justice (see English Torydum, a.k.a. British nationalism).

    Epistemic struggles: The role of advocacy in promoting epistemic justice and rights in mental health


  6. The relevance of my previous post probably wasn’t immediately apparent, but I thought it a useful indication of what I’m trying to do, i.e. use my knowledge of social psychology and stuff, to help de-colonise Scottish minds.

    Contemporary British nationalism seeks to exclude Scotland from constitutional deliberation, and Scots from the British demos. We are truly the Palestinians of the north, according to English/British nationalism. Which has evolved to project a particularly English form of exceptionalism akin to Zionism (see Brexit).


    1. Just covering by back. That’s “political” Zionism, the contemporary form of which articulates an exclusionary form of racism not unlike that projected by contemporary British nationalism.


  7. STV News at c. 2230 hours has just reported Covid statistics. Total deaths in Scotland was given as 8,726. Does STV always quote the figure which relates to deaths where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate? That latter qualification was missing from the reported figure.

    Is it not more usual to use the figure for deaths of those who have tested positive in the last 28 days? The latest figure on that metric is 6,551.

    Neither figure is good, of course it’s not. But should we not expect at least to be properly, fully informed by the corporate media?

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  8. O/T More from STV – the Scottish Labour leadership debate.

    Lots more spending plans from both to be paid for by ‘progressive taxation’ – which must mean personal tax rises ’cause we don’t have other significant tax powers in Holyrood. But we don’t have a very big tax base in higher income groups and no control over the basic Income Tx allowance whilst within the Union. Do these two politicians really have no sense of the ‘problem’, of the bind?

    And both candidates want ‘more devolution’! Their’s seems to be the ‘asymptotic’ concept of devolution – they wish to get closer and closer and closer over time to a fuller and fuller set of powers for Holyrood but however close we get we must never actually get it all.

    So how is there to be more and more ‘devolution’ if this is going beyond what we have been told we already have (cf.Gordon Brown) namely, as close to (not to maximum devolution but) federalism as it is possible to get within the Union!

    And tellingly, on this more and more devolution wish, one candidate asks the other (in terms) have you asked Keir Starmer yet if he agrees on the devolution of specific powers. Never mind what the Scottish electorate might vote for in May, Scottish Labour will be waiting until the new Labour ‘leader’ in Scotland gets approval about future policy direction based on what Mr Starmer wants to see supported.

    And in passing, one candidate claims (in terms) that an independent Scotland is incompatible with social justice and social democratic values. IMHO that is insulting to the Scottish electorate of today and a slur on the potential democratic choices of our children and grandchildren when they become the majority of voters in the future. The claim is beyond nonsense.

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