Herald makes case for UDI for Scotland

Former health correspondent, Helen mcCardle, now tourism correspondent, leaves me confused on this on. She opens with that 8% above and then:

Passengers on just 19 of the 247 flights landing at Scotland’s major airports next week will be subject to hotel quarantine, leading to fears that new Covid variants will continue to be imported. The Scottish Government is taking a tougher line than the UK Government by demanding 10-day supervised quarantine in hotels for all international arrivals, rather than the 33 ‘red list’ countries.

19 out of 247 is 7.7% but then we hear that, next week, Aberdeen has only 10 international flights next week, all from safely suppressed Norway, Glasgow has NONE and Edinburgh has only 9. So, that 19 ‘landing at Scotland’s major airports?‘ 100%?

Where are the other 228 landing? Prestwick? No, read on:

Aha! I get it now, Helen. You want Scotland to declare UDI and, in an instant, make all those flights ‘international‘ by definition.

Then, that opening sentence will be clear to readers.

What about the headline?

Calls for Scotland’s air border with England to be closed!

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29 thoughts on “Herald makes case for UDI for Scotland

  1. Oh what a tangled Web they weave in order to contrive a seemingly damaging, negative story hitting the SG’s stronger line.
    Does the Herald have any standards of worth in journalism?

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  2. The reason “Calls for Scotland’s air border with England to be closed!” is not the headline is because no one is actually calling for it.

    Perhaps they should be?

    Perhaps it’s time for the land border to be closed too?

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  3. If this RAG cannot be truthful and helpful for THE SCOTTISH NATION
    they should not be giving any STUPID HEADLINES
    That will not solve this inward bound COVID cases

    People should not be MOVING ABOUT ON ANY PLANES

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  4. The ‘Health? reporter’, who claimed a woman was having trouble getting a vaccination. With a photo alongside of the woman getting a vaccination the day before. Nonsensical.

    8% of flights at the present time in a relative small number of passengers.

    The main hub is Heathrow. That is where the problems are and remain. Thatcher centralised transport through London, increasing congestion and closing other ports/hubs. Spent £Billion on Tilbury Docks. Shutting ports and hubs all around Britain.

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    1. Aye but the variants are already being spread around England. and Wales. Flights and travel from there are unrestricted. As the variants arrive here it will be courtesy of someone from the South, not from incoming quarantined international passengers.

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      1. Yep, that’s the terrifying situation Scotland is in. With no actual border control powers, Scotland cannot hope to get on top of this virus, fighting a losing battle. All people should be quarantining on arrival into Scotland. Hotel, or at home, testing, strict quarantine, ten days minimum.
        There are tourists in Edinburgh right now it’s absolutely crazy.

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  5. ‘Journalists’, and statistics. Another fail. Most of them cannot even count.
    It is just ridiculous. No wonder people do not pay for the nonsense.

    Heathrow subsidised with £Billions of public monies. Poured into it.

    Anywhere but Heathrow. What a dump.

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  6. If they are quarantined at Heathrow/London. They cannot go anywhere until they are cleared. There are very little flights/passengers because of the (worldwide) lockdown.


  7. I’m not too sure that they are journalists, more like hacks. You see them in action on the daily briefings and nearly all of them are pathetic.
    The editors should be taking a long hard look at the standards of news that they expect us to read or hear

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  8. Once again the real story is the constant determination shown by the media to distort the facts and mislead the Scottish public.

    My only surprise is that they didn’t include all the crew change helicopter flights coming into Aberdeen. That would have really bumped up the numbers.

    If the degree of effort that is put into distorting the truth to fabricate a headline was put into actually reporting facts then people may actually be tempted to buy these rags.

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  9. “UK placed in quarantine by international community.”


    “But none of this was inevitable. The recent surge cannot be blamed on a mutant virus alone; in fact, government mismanagement of the pandemic meant that many more people became infected, creating the conditions for mutations to occur.

    The failures of the government’s pandemic response are legion. An earlier lockdown by just one week in the spring could have halved the death rate, according to Nick Davies, a Sage adviser. Ministers wasted billions on outsourcing an allegedly “world-beating” test-and-trace system to private companies. It has failed to monitor rates of self-isolation and provided scant financial support to those asked to quarantine at home, relying on workers who don’t get sick pay, such as those in the gig economy, to isolate while losing wages. After Britain’s spring lockdown, infection rates fell, but the government again failed to do what was needed in time to suppress the virus.

    The government’s poor control of Covid-19 has increased the force of the infection and allowed more mutations to happen. On top of the economic costs of lockdown measures, the UK has now been effectively placed in quarantine by the international community. The prime minister’s repeated dithering, delays and seeming inability to make unpopular decisions have led Britain to have one of the worst death rates in the world. We have now cancelled Christmas and triggered international alarm. We can only hope that we’re not still in this position by Easter.”

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    1. Horrendous. In fact Johnson should be locked up for the mishandling of the whole situation. His actions are impacting the global population a well, just despicable, money first, here immunity, unforgivable.

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  10. Helicopter crew changes are checked. Tested there and back. Airport test centre. Oil workers etc are tested regularly. Procedures protocol put in place. Legal requirement. Safe working conditions. Or isolation.

    If they can do it for them. Airports could do it for passengers. Relatively easy to set up. Instead of airport managers carping about Gov.

    Police, firemen, school staff are being vaccinated, as a priority. Healthcare workers have been vaccinated.

    Death and infection going down.

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  11. “Anthony Costello
    Replying to
    We [UK gov] halved all public health funding between 2012 and 2020, to a paltry £3 billion per year, even though a pandemic has consistently been the biggest threat to the country, higher even than war. We spend 13 times more on defence than PH. And 400x more than on infection control (9)”

    There has been,of course, a consequent knock- on reduction of the money Scotland gets to spend, including public health

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  12. As a result of a failure to commit to a policy of eliminating the covid19 virus, the UK government has caused what is and will be for some time a very deep recession. A consequence of that, over the long term, will be reductions in life expectancy for the most vulnerable.

    “John Bye
    @_johnbye Jan 31
    The other aspect the report to Sage looks at, which is impossible to judge yet, is long term deaths caused by reduced life expectancy as a result of the recession.

    Their latest estimate is that this might cause 40,000 excess deaths. But that’s spread over a 50 year period.”

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  13. Englands Westminster covid policy has been herd immunity from the start and still is
    The easiest way to fool people into thinking you are not just waiting for herd immunity is to introduce the measures recommended by the WHO and SAGE , JCVI etc but they did not want to spend money on such public safety measures so they pretended to do so and gave huge amounts of money to friends of the Conservative party through illogical untrusted contracts which failed to provide the safety measures required

    The public see it as wasted government money
    The conservative party seen it as another opportunity to give public money to the rich

    None of the contracts were given in error they were all meant and englands westminster government knew they would fail to provide what was needed , its all just another trick to fool the UK public

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    1. Precisely. English Torydum is ideologically hostile towards public health ethics and the “precautionary principle”. So they ignored international best practice so as to support their cultural bigotry. Their innate hostility towards a scientific world-view was articulated by letting covid-19 rip through the community. They only changed their tune once the horror of their tardy response was brought to their attention, as mass murder doesn’t tend to go down well with the public.

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      1. Cameronnb
        And the smoking gun is contained in the minutes of the 6 th Cobra meeting
        The first 5 of which Boris failed to attend
        K.Stammer requested that such minutes be released months ago and under Parliamentary rules they MUST be released within 2 months from request
        Stammer has a open goalmouth smack ban in front of him
        Ah but he Wants to be next PM
        and knows he blows his chances as soon as he puts the ball at his feet into the wide open goal mouth
        They not as Smart as they think
        Know thy Foes
        The person i would nominate to enter The Houses of Parliament would be Guy Fawkes


  14. As for flights between England and Scotland
    These should have been banned from the outset
    Scotland is in the ridiculously stupid situation where Scotland cannot close its border without permission from England.
    people in Scotland are dying because someone wants to fly from england to scotland .
    They fly into Scotland spread covid19 and people die from it.

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    1. We can quarantine, though.


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      “Scottish ministers say some of the problems stem from simple unawareness of the extent of devolution among UK ministers, citing as an example the system for quarantining travellers, which was introduced in chaotic fashion in early July.

      “I think there were some in the UK government that thought that because this involved international borders, it was a decision wholly for the UK,” says Mr Yousaf. In fact, the devolved powers over public health and policing would be central to any enforcement. But UK ministers were surprised when Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland declined to endorse automatically the Westminster government’s quarantine list. Mr Yousaf adds: “I think it was genuinely mostly coming from ignorance . . . I don’t think there was anything particularly malicious about it.”

      Still, Mr Yousaf says co-operation has improved markedly on quarantine since, with the UK government arranging better access to data from its Joint Biosecurity Centre for making quarantine decisions, although he adds: “I still get frustrated by the fact that I tend to hear about what the UK government’s plans are via the Daily Telegraph the day before we have our joint ministerial meetings.”


  15. Life expectancy already going down in the south under the Tories. 120,000+ early deaths because of austerity. Vote Tory to die younger.

    Quarantine airports London/Heathrow should have been done a year ago to save lives,

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  16. I wish to confirm that a Standard mean deficiency of +/- 92.3% is certainly more than acceptable rate,particularly so and when applied to matters of such Importance of being accurate in matters pertaining to Scottish Independence
    Because at all costs and by any means such must be prevented all in order to avoid the total and complete collapse of England
    I am sending a memo to all MSM
    to let them know that in fact being inaccurate
    In disseminating Propaganda that although 92.3% inaccuracy is acceptable but every opportunity must be taken where possible
    To aim for 99.9999999999999999999999%
    Inaccuracy whilst conveying messages of such
    Critical mportance as many people as possible
    Are influenced by the main headline
    This was all done the best possible taste
    All as Kenny Everett would have said

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  17. An offer to the NUJ members working at the Scotsman and Herald.
    Return to journalism instead of peddling propaganda every day and I promise to buy your paper every day.

    All you have to do is report facts and recognise the political reality that over 50% of the Nation support a Referendum.

    I would have thought a company trying to sell a product in Scotland in order to keep people in work, make a profit and deliver a shareholder dividend would have recognised that!

    You currently have a very strange business model for survival.

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    1. Julia
      They care not about losing money as they are part of a intricate web of deceit in the employment of the inner sanctum of the establishment elite
      And they are guaranteed that their losses not only well covered but that wealth WILL be greatly enhanced and by Tax Payers money
      They are merely the poisonous foliage of a most vile obnoxious root system
      Consider Independence as the most potent of weed killer known
      They most certainly do, hence their desperation now all in order to avoid a deluge
      And massive dose of the most powerful of ours that are VOTES VOTES VOTES
      They few we many
      They paper tigers
      They only see our votes as a double barrel shotgun ,loaded.safety catch off and stuck in their mouths with our little pencil in the polling booth as the finger upon the trigger
      Unfortunately for the them the speeding bullet is faster than the speed of sound
      So no bang just the head blown off
      But if they hear the shot it is not for them
      As such is discharged by voting wrong
      All they doing now are attempting to avoid our votes being rammed into their filthy lying
      Evil speaking mouths
      Know thy foe
      Especially when their matters and affairs take on the most serious of consequences for them
      Let us all stand united and fire our votes slap bang into their greedy mouths

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  18. O/T I thought I was fairly well informed on newly published documents on planning for independence but I missed these. So this is in case there are others interested in the specific topics but similarly unaware.

    The Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) – remember it? – is publishing a series of what it terms Transitions Papers.
    See: https://independenceconvention.scot/transitions

    The first two are on:
    – INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND’S SMART BORDERS (published 28 December, 2020)
    – SCOTLAND’S SECURITY (published 13 January, 2021)

    There is a webinar planned for 11 February on the paper addressing Scotland’s security which was written by Isobel Lindsay.

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  19. The British nationalist press, a.k.a. the BUM, simply can’t stop polluting our minds with their toxic guff, as they are a structural component of ‘our’ neo-liberal political economy. As such, they are philosophically and economically committed to conducting “epistemic violence” against the Scottish identity.

    [COVID–19] (Re)configurations of violent knowledge management, epistemic inferiorization and neo-colonial divisions

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