Because they’re safer there?

I speak from experience. My mum at 90 has just had her jag. I at 69, get mine this coming Friday, three hours after my wife who is only 65.

My mum, shielding, and seen only by my sister, has multiple medications and her GP wanted to be careful about risking a home visit to give her the Covid vaccine after the flu vaccination. She was safe at home and happy to wait until it was safe.

The Herald has ‘found’ four old folk whose relatives prefer to go to the press rather than the Health Secretary, for whatever reason.

Scotland has vaccinated far more of its old and vulnerable than it’s Tory-run neighbour has or will. People increasingly know this and know just low low the Herald’s premium quality is.

28 thoughts on “Because they’re safer there?

  1. Newspaper reporters have their contacts , people who are politically motivated against scottish independence against Scottish government against SNP and Nicola Sturgeon they want everything in Scotland to fail just so they can keep saying Scotland cannot survive without Englands supervision.
    Its farcical , the people i talk of are of course anonymous lets face it who would want to be identified when telling such despicable lies
    This is modern day Scotland where we cannot live a free open and honest life because we are oppressed by our larger neighbour.
    They control so much of what happens in Scotland we have to waste immeasurable amounts of time and money investigating and correcting the lies the newspapers TV and radio put out every day.

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    1. On my ‘wish list’ is Sturgeon getting these occasional sop stories from journalists then throwing it back in their faces at the next TV Briefing once they investigate and discover the truth.

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  2. There will be some who will have fallen through the cracks on a vaccination exercise of this scale, but despite MSM’s hunger for bad news angles to exploit.
    I do wish the FM would be more challenging when such examples are floated at Covid Updates, such as “And what did you advise them to do ?”, “Do you know that they did it or did you not ask ?”
    The Herald like all the media will be tweeting out feelers for such examples to parade indignantly, their problem is the public have heard it all before and apply the apt “Did ye, aye” response.
    Were the SG or SNP to actually screw something up, folks are so used to the media nonsense they’d not believe it unless the FM/? owned up, 2600 years after Aesop’s fable.

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  3. Furthermore , i hear people say yes but there are many scottish people who are against Scotland being independent , i reply yes thats true but Scotlands population has been served lies and distortions all my life and im 64 no wonder so many are like that theyve been fashioned in the unionist ways over many many years such indoctrination is truly criminal we are fighting it now ,the truth is becoming clearer and clearer to more and more people as we take back more control of the administration of our own country so we must continue to seek out the lies correct them forgive and convert our people to the reality that Scotland is governed by a westminster that is colonial and always will treat Scotland as inferior to England.
    Covid19 and brexit has shone a light on who westminster puts first
    Its always england

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  4. Terrence Callachan
    It would be fair to describe the MSM as being the Gestapo, only a matter of time before their associates in the SS come out of the shadows to implement the final solution
    Of incorporating The wild heathen pagan Picts and Celts into Greater England
    This was brought to you from the Crystal Ball
    Seated upon the Monty Python News Desk


    1. Premieroneok , trivialising the effect a lying media has on a population shows a lack of understanding , media across the world tell lies regularly we know this but Scotland is unique in that ALL of the media in Scotland is controlled by people and government outside Scotland.
      You wont find that in many other countries around the world thats what makes it so dangerous and thats why England likes to overplay the union myth covering everything in the union jack always talking about British , Britain , UK when they are really talking about English , England England

      Brought to you by reality

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      1. Far from it am I trivialising it
        In fact I demonstrate where matters may end up
        From their beginnings The Nazi party got friendly Media owners on side to spew out their propaganda all in order to build a support base
        The rest is history
        Hitler and his cohorts knew all along where matters would take them
        He literally gave all the big clues in Mein Kamph
        So much so the renowned German Artist
        Otto Dix painted the seven deadly sins
        Which despite Nazi attempts to burn all Art
        That disagreed with them
        This painting hung in The German National Gallery till the end and was viewed by Hitler many times
        The painting at its heart has a mad deranged
        Man upon a wild beast set in a field of utter chaos ,war and death
        His eyes gaze upon all in opposite directions
        After the war Otto painted a copy of his painting but added a moustache to the mad figure upon the beast ,in a instant those who never recognised Hilter in the original did so then and Too Bloody Late
        Then they certainly done so when moustache
        Added so bloody obvious
        All you had to do with the original was add the moustache with your own mind and That is NOT TRIVIALITIES it is Wise
        He was telling the whole world under the most difficult of conditions who and what Hitler and his Nazis actually were and how it would all end
        Some art critics thought such was trivial
        As opposed to taking heed
        And that was reality and now history
        There are many ways of conveying the actuality of what occurs and where it is heading right in front of your eyes


  5. The MSM are angry that the Internet enabled blogs such as this to shine a light on their behaviour.

    The FM briefings are an eye opener for the public as to the true mission of the media. They claim incessantly that they are the “professional” journalists….and yet all you have to do is listen to the inane questions, observe the twist of a question into a statement. They demand dates and data, not to inform the public, but to lay a trap to spring later.

    The public are watching. They have revealed themselves as to what they really are.

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  6. And Neil MacKay, the Herod *Sage of all the Sorrows*, whines today in his inimitable style that the “Scottish” press aren’t to get subsidised by the nasty SNP.

    He purports to support independence, but his articles are relentless attacks on the only party which can get us there.

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  7. Since HM press here in Scotland want to ensure that everyone eligible to be vaccinated gets the jag,the SG should give them the contact details for all frontline organisations responsible and allow them to follow up.
    They clearly have time on their hands and would be performing a useful public service,for a change.


  8. It is just a disgrace. The appalling ‘reporting’. Within 10days 20% of the population will be vaccinated. Mostly the elderly. 1,000,000 people. A massive effort and undertaking. The MSM are an absolute disgrace.

    An absolute magnificent effort. Totally appreciated. Deaths and infection going down. People being kept safe.

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  9. John,

    You and your wife should go together and I’m sure you will get done at the same time. Phone them up first to make sure. Saves you a trip.

    My wife was booked two days after me. She phoned up and a really pleasant young lady changed her appointment to the same day as mine, about one hour later. When we got there the chap said just go in and they will do you both at the same time.

    The whole setup was excellent. Very well signposted.

    How can people not be getting done, when they support you like this?

    Sky subscription hanging by a thread after their opening “Covid” question yesterday. Sky Sport already cancelled for similar reasons. I have nothing in common with these people.

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    1. The opening question at yesterday’s briefing from the Sky reporter about the AS inquiry was a case of ‘job done’ as far as he was concerned.

      Just about every news programme broadcast her answer minus her opening reminder to him that it was a Covid briefing. That bit was cut.

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      1. Legerwood, this is the dilemma , Nicola Sturgeon asked inappropriate questions regularly , if she doesnt answer and says she will answer at the appropriate committee she is accused of avoiding the issue , if she does answer the question the media cut and clip what she has said in order to make it appear different to what she actually said.

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    2. Hello John , good points and may i add that the britnat media story complaining about some in their 60s getting vaccinated before 70s is probably because some couples have done exactly what you suggest which is to phone the helpline and say look im 65 my husband 70 can we come and get vaccinated at the same time avoiding two journeys.

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  10. There is actually a ‘story’ about a woman not being able to get a vaccination. With a photo of her being vaccinated yesterday.


      1. Herald

        ‘Coronavirus : Housebound elderly ‘still waiting’ for jags.’

        Helen McArdle – ‘Health Correspondent. PREMIUM.

        ‘Story’ of a woman having problems getting vaccinated. With a photo of her being vaccinated yesterday.

        Imagine paying for that nonsense?


  11. 4 weeks today since me and the wife had our vaccine no problems it seems only certain people complain I know of one who is always on about getting independence but I know for a fact that he always votes Tory and I’ve never known a tory who wanted independence.


  12. O/T

    Bbc Radio2 are pumping out Skerryvore’s new release. . . . . For years they haven’t played Runrig . . . I wonder why?


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