The price paid for delaying care home vaccinations

Covid deaths per 1 million population

Leaving aside for the moment the likely inaccuracy, that is understatement, in the ONS data for England, care home deaths have begun to climb dramatically there, while in Scotland, the increase has been arrested before falling.

In Scotland, the Pfizer vaccine was introduced to care homes from the 14th of December and in England, I think, from the 21st.

In Scotland, early logistical problems with low-temperature storage were overcome and all the efforts went into to care home delivery. By the end of January 95% had been done.

In England, perhaps due to a more passive response to those same logistical problems or to jingoistic ambitions to beat the EU, care home vaccinations moved more slowly and in parallel with mass vaccinations of less vulnerable groups. By the end of January, at best 80%, but probably less, had been done.

In England, the increase may have been arrested by week-ending 24th January, but data for the first 5 days in February, suggest they are not yet falling.

Thousands of lives lie behind these lines on a graph.


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    1. Arthetty
      And should they care
      Tis money that is of primary concern to the Anglo Saxon race
      Always has and always will
      Tis in their DNA
      And they know full well that they cannot do
      Without Scottish Assets and that is why a full frontal attack upon us now
      No apology ever offered for themselves comments

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