BBC ‘accuses’ STV of risking lives of vulnerable to get story before they can do the same!

Researchers at the University of Union Studies in Kilwinning have revealed that 17% of Scottish over 70 year-olds have been vaccinated after someone they know who is between one day and up to one year younger than them.

This shocking study, allegedly funded by the Scotland in Union think tank, is expected to lead to calls for the resignation of Jeanne Freeman.

Labour spokesperson Monica Lennon has said: ‘Eh, wait, 17%, is that like more than half?

Scottish Cons leader Douglas Ross shrieked: ‘Another failed SNP algorithm!’

BBC Scotland’s Donna Summers was heard to mutter: ‘I was right behind them. Those STV cheats were not wearing face masks to talk to a vulnerable person. I’ll be reporting them.’

Note: Prof Robertson (69yrs and 8 months) is getting his jag THREE HOURS AFTER his young wife (65 years and 6 months)! He is seriously considering resigning from the SNP for the first time since the FM let a war criminal take a selfie with her.

22 thoughts on “BBC ‘accuses’ STV of risking lives of vulnerable to get story before they can do the same!

  1. All over seventies will have had their vaccination within 10 days. Everyone has had their letter. They are 15% of the population, All care home residents will have had their vaccine. 36,000.

    The MSM are an absolute disgrace. Disgusting. There are no words to describe their nonsense. Instead of being appreciative of the massive effort going on. The gratitude for the magnificent effort. All they do is criticise. No wonder people totally despise them. Trying to cause trouble and ruin people’s lives and expectations. Not a word for of thanks or appreciation, All the political parties that criticise will just go under along with the MSM. Tanking.

    Deaths and infections are going down. Due to the great effort. That is what matters,

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  2. Over 65 are 20% of the population.

    What a magnificent effort. People are grateful and thankful. No wonder, Thanks to everyone. Medical science is an amazing thing. The SNHS magnificent, Thanks to all the healthcare workers people are grateful.

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  3. Nona and octogenarians have the ability to phone the MSM to complain yet can’t find the number of their local surgery to enquire?
    Something stinks, methinks.

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  4. Incredible , the benefits of the union , a mainstream media that lies to the public .
    This shows their desperation
    They look for an under 70 person who got vaccinated before an over 70 and they search right across Scotland for such a person
    By the way Is Boris Johnston over 70 ?
    Yesterday theywere asking Nicola Sturgeon the date when the last person ofer 18 will get their vaccination
    They also asked her when football supporters will get back into stadiums to watch matches
    The BBC STV SKY lie lie lie
    They also ignore and dont mention Scotlands successes like the staff getting the vaccinations done a huge national programme
    They dont mention the people staying at home implementing the FACTS advice

    Benefits of the union ? media propaganda working against the wellbeing and safety of the population lying to them every day to ensure that england keeps control of scotland

    Theyre poison
    Heaven help them and their families when this is over

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  5. Yippee!
    Blue envelope has just arrived (0910) for me and my sweetheart, for Friday. Like a story in the bible, I go to my birthplace in Auchinleck to get my jag.

    Watch the news, as I expect a call from the BEEB, DRossy and Monica Lemon—– my 6 year younger wife is getting done 50 minutes before me!
    Tut, tut and zut alors!

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  6. The MSM are just doing their job…misrepresenting facts, causing fear and distress, running down Scotland.etc etc

    Drip, drip, drip the poison of propaganda. Even the National today has a photo of a soldier “in action” positioned beside an article on vaccines. Everything designed to push the Union saved us message.

    The reality of course is that the Union endangered us in the first place by slow implementation of lock downs and the delayed border closure. The failure to support the incomes of the lowest paid. We are to forget the lies about PPE availability.

    Remember all those scenes from Italy as hospitals were overcome…Boris didn’t react. He didn’t even attend the first half dozen Cobra meetings.

    The friends of the Tories have made an excellent profit from it though. An aperitif waiting for the Brexit feast and it gave a boost to their hidden wealth now save from taxation visibility out of the EU.

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  7. One of call Kaye’s moaners mother has dementia plus other health problems, and two carers, hasn’t had her letter or phone call for the jag.

    So why didn’t the idiot phone the Doc’s.

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  8. Last night I was in ASDA, it was very quite so I had a very quick chat to a young nurse after noticing her NHS Jacket, I just said I’m 67 so will get my jag soon & had a wee laugh, I went on to thank her and the great job NHS Scotland were doing. Her eyes filled with tears, at first I thought it was with joy, however she went on that she had just finished a very long shift & was looking forward to getting home but explained all she see’s on the news was how badly they were being portrayed, by that time I was almost in tears with her, I tried to explain these people that are reporting are just idiots & I assured her personally this is not the way the people of Scotland thought. I really cant stop thinking about this, sorry getting a bit upset now

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    1. Tommccrory
      And that is what The MSM would file under
      The Truth in folder
      Under no circumstances must this ever be reported as such truths are our deadliest of
      Enemies not for us but our Colonial Masters
      If any even think about doing so then this WILL result
      In a immediate halt upon your career prospects.

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    2. Got my blue envelope yesterday. I’d already decided to express my appreciation.

      Will definitely do so now.

      This is appalling. Can’t say I’m 100% surprised, but it’s still appalling…

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  9. Aye, beyond the jokes though, what those in and connected with NHS et al have had to deal with throughout this pandemic as been atrocious, the vile behaviour of Scotland’s media adds a whole other level of completely unnecessary pressure ‘Up North of North”.
    At least with Chris MussontdisobeyTheBoss there is always expectation of “Scum”, but Scottish media passed that boundary of what is fair and reasonable years before without a pandemic.
    James Robertson’s “The news where you are” is a sage reminder that no matter how sinister the intent of it’s “betters”, Scots will have a belly laugh at their delusions, long may that continue.

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