LATEST: Calls for Scottish soldier vaccinators to be redeployed to england!

After doing so well at first with their ‘never-mind-the-hindmost‘ strategy, NHS England’s ‘world-beating‘ vaccination programme has fallen to last place in the UK.

English Labour have described the situation as a ‘postcode lottery‘.

No, they haven’t actually. I made that up based on a Scottish Conservatives line. English Labour have agreed the Government is doing its best. They probably know they wouldn’t have done any better.

21 thoughts on “LATEST: Calls for Scottish soldier vaccinators to be redeployed to england!

  1. Nope.
    Repressing Scotland want us to now worry about ” house parties”, policing the pandemic and “taking the knee”.
    Vax rates? Infection rates? Mortality?
    All yesterday’s news as they deflect, deflect, deflect!

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    1. It’s the folks flying into Scotland and driving in to occupy holiday homes and second homes during lockdown, that needs policing. had to report some around us, all gone now, not sure if coincidence and hate having to snitch but it’s just not acceptable putting others lives at risk.

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  2. The pandemic is still the most immediate and important item of news on every outlet—-except Repressing Scotland.
    We are now half way through the time slot, and there has not been any mention of Covid-19 or anything relating to it.
    Astonishing lack of judgement by our State Broadcaster.

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  3. I wonder what else they have to report, potholes? SNP bad anyway?
    No international news? There’s a lot of war going on around the globe, horrific really, what;s wrong with humans. Rhetorical question.
    Re; Covid I see that Northumberland, large mostly rich, privately owned rural region, small population of about 350k has more cases and deaths from Covid19 than Scotland, population of 5+million. What on earth is going on in England?! Do the BBC and STV and SKY know anything?

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    1. The numbers today in Northumberland are lower which is good to see but percentage wise given the low population it’s still very much higher than Scotland.
      I saw on a friend’s FB page, ( they live in the Fens in England so wanted to check out they are OK with the terrible floods there) saw they’d posted an article/video, from a medic I think, (friend said it’s ‘about UK Covid’!) from the FT about the myths around Covid and how it has spread so wildly across England, there was even a map highlighting England it was not about Scotland, but, before I got the chance to watch it, pooft off it went! I didn’t comment it was only in realtion to England, as is my usual can’t stay quiet about these things! It looked very interesting, but of course online FT is behind a paywall anyway.

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  4. Ooh… BBC in Scotland site has suddenly dropped all Covid stories, the usual suspects still persist only on the Scotland/Politics page, viz the Jack/Baronless “Weekend vaccine numbers up”/Soldier wheeze, the LyingStoneCowboy’s “Why are care home residents still dying of Covid” wheeze, and the HMS Sarah Smith “Covid in Scotland: Government aim to vaccinate all adults ‘in summer’ ” wheeze…
    Has their scamming being noticed made someone in authority take note of the slagging they’re getting ?

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  5. Why don’t they just deny the supply of vaccines and set up roadblocks to obstruct access to vaccine centres….it wouldn’t be any less obvious.

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      1. What was the stushie recently about the FM revealing numbers of the vaccine available or something like that and the BritNats having an apoplectic fit about it? What happened there anyone know? Do we know levels of supply of vaccine for Scotland? Can we compare to levels for England yet? Might the BBC ot STV or SKY know? They always seem to be able to get ‘experts’ on to lecture Scotland about how bad things are after all.

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        1. Not sure.
          Seems to me that, following Jeanne Freeman and NS (possibly others?) saying that you couldn’t square the circle of WM saying ScotGov couldn’t publish for commercial/security reasons, then briefing the media, leading to questions ScotGov couldn’t answer because THEY couldn’t mention the figures, things went a bit quieter.

          ISTR NS saying the figures would be published once a week. Not sure when. Perhaps it’ll be Wednesday when the rest of the vax stuff’s updated. Today there was a brief mention that they couldn’t compare with the vaccination levels for today yet – but she hoped they were good, because that was good for everybody. Plus she did mention supply figures, but I got distracted and didn’t catch what she said.

          Sorry not to be more informative…


  6. Hetty, I suspect this extremely well-judged “accidental” publication shot #10’s Wizard Plan to pieces, hence the furore and “treason” commentary from Iain (pretrendy hyphen) Duncan Smith.
    Many journalists took copy before it was removed so the information is still “in the wild” waiting to be used, and that’s what has completely screwed them.
    You only need look at how the rest of the propaganda played out (promoted most notably by HMS Sarah Smith) to get their strategy – The vaccination olympics/England faster vaccinating “over-16 year olds” (despite irrelevance), soldiers having to be sent north by WM to rescue the subsidy-sponging Scots yet again (despite additional military assistance being previously requested by SG), the DRoss/Baronless secret SNP vaccine stash, all that was needed to tip it the entire matter into crisis was a hiccup in vaccine supply to SG directly…
    I imagine Alister Jackatory and Andy Bowie-knife were completely put off their canapes, and this may well have something to do with the Union-Unit management kerfuffle/reshuffle…


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