The question they should be asking

The question BBC Scotland is not asking, above.

The question they and only they ARE asking:

Why are care home residents still dying with Covid?

BBC UK, England, Wales and Northern Ireland have not asked this question. Might this explain BBC UK/England’s looking away?

Might the answer be something to do with the Tory world-beating vaccination strategy?

At the end of 2020 and until the 10th of January, the reported number of confirmed and suspected Covid-related deaths was actually slightly higher in Scottish care homes but then things began to change.

In the week ending the 17th January, the level was the same, 1341 in England and 137 in Scotland. England has 10 times the population.

However, in the following seven days there were 2 364 cases in England and only 127 in Scotland. Per capita, nearly twice as many were dying in the English care homes.

In the week ending 31st December the Scottish figure had fallen to 104. The data for England will not be published until the 9th February but, already, by the 29th there have been 1 611 suggesting the pattern is continuing.

So, had England’s care homes continued to lose lives at the same rate as in Scotland, 2 000 fewer would have died in the last two weeks alone.

Why has this happened? From the beginning, following the JCVI advice, Scotland devoted all its energies to protecting the care home residents and staff, despite the storage challenge of the Pfizer vaccine. Using that as an excuse and in an effort to get big numbers and beat the Europeans, England had only done 24% care home residents two weeks ago when Scotland had done 75%. How many has NHS England done now? They’re stalling. Scotland has done 98%

The awful truth is staring us in the face. The Johnson regime, not for the first time, has sacrificed the lives of the weak and the vulnerable for the interests of business or for an infantile ‘victory’ over the EU.


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37 thoughts on “The question they should be asking

  1. Not off topic this link to a very early Prof Sridhar interview which she has put up again in a tweet. It reminds us of the inability and unwillingness of this UK gov and advisers to do it right and the inability of BBC adequately to report the issues, including the basic good manners of getting her name right.

    Prof. Devi Sridhar
    Reflecting how a colleague in China told me last March that if U.K. did early & hard lockdown, case finding & managed isolation, & border measures, we could be through COVID by June & back to normal domestic life. Said as much in this interview back then.

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  2. People know the truth. They are all getting their vaccinations. People are taking up cancellations. They are all grateful for it. That is the reality. Some farcical incompetent ‘journalist’. Blethering nonsense. Totally out of touch.

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  3. Has anyone else noticed, that with today’s news that the AstraZenica is facing scientific questions as to it’s effectiveness, all government spokespersons including the BBC, have stopped including Oxford when naming the vaccine.

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  4. Not only have England’s Tories got their rollout strategy wrong but now that we know that their favoured vaccine (Made in England) has limited effect against the South African variant,their plan for global trade is also on the ropes.
    Borders,quarantine and track and trace are going to have be be tightly controlled for a very long time,none of which the Tories have been very good at.
    South Africa has apparently stopped the rollout of the Oxford vaccine but are continuing with Pfizer and an American one.
    AstraZeneca are saying it will take at least 6 months to “tweek” their vaccine and we must assume that sort of timescale will apply to all future mutations of this virus.
    Sorry for going off topic a bit but this suggests that vaccination alone will not control the Covid virus.
    It is not flu and it is doubtful whether an annual shot of vaccine will be sufficient on it’s own to control infection levels.
    Yet another reason why we cannot afford to be dependent on England setting policies for us.

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    1. I think quite a few scientist have been saying for some time that vaccination will not eliminate the need for face masks, hand hygiene and social distancing.

      The WHO is going to be discussing the AstraZeneca vaccine today apparently. What the outcome of that will be is anyone’s guess

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  5. “The Johnson regime , not for the first time, has sacrificed the lives of the weak and the vulnerable for the interests of business or for an infantile ‘victory’ over the EU.

    There is also a reduction in pension payments and care home costs.

    That cash will come in handy for a government with a carrier fleet needing aircraft and a submarine fleet needing replaced.

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      1. Good point ? . . . They have reduced the requiremet for pension payments and care home expenses

        And spent it on a scheme that spread the virus. . . . Eventually back into care homes.

        Must be a term for this . . . . Cycle of death. . . . . Or from the Wastemonster bunker. . . Brilliant!, more money for Weapons!

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      2. How about ‘ social murder ‘ Clydebuilt, a term first used in the middle of nineteenth century to describe policies which would knowingly cause death.

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  6. There are other vaccines on order. Or a variant vaccine could be produced. If deaths go down and cases drop that will be an improvement. That is happening. The prognosis is good.


    1. Only good if combined with other measures and restrictions but we all know the EngGov will end lockdown as soon as the summer is here, but after the Scottish election in May.


  7. There are 36,000 residents in care homes. They have all been vaccinated. Over 70’s are being vaccinated. Healthcare workers have been vaccinated. School staff are being vaccinated. Drs etc have been vaccinated. People are getting cancellations.

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  8. Just watched the FM briefing update. Given the amazing skills of journalists uncovering a variety of unnamed elderly people who have not been contacted for their vaccination perhaps they could contact the NHS on discovery and pursue their case instead of merely throwing unverified, untraceable claims on air.

    Note to propaganda agents…think of those peoples welfare instead of your Soundbite.

    I find it truly amazing that so many people seek out a journalist instead of ringing their surgery….if they do exist of course!

    The best today was “the speedboat challenge” which claimed the people of Scotland couldn’t cope with a Pandemic without England’s broad shoulders and rapid response.

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  9. UK Gov pension spend. 2019 £98Billion. UK Gov pension spend 2020 £99Billion. Scotland pays (UK) Gov pensions/Benefits. Comes off the £66Billion Scotland raises.

    Pension spending has increased. Increasingly elderly population. Pensioners pay tax. Help raise the revenues.


    1. How many pensioners have any taxable income. The few fortunate enough to have any additional private income will be paying very little tax.
      E.g. An individual pensioner with a total income of 16k will be liable for less than 700quid. I don’t know many pensioners on 16k/year

      The State is struggling with paying State Pensions and I don’t think they get much back in tax revenue.

      Have I misunderstood your point?

      The greatest con ever was the recent introduction of Work Place Pensions. At present most pensioners who only have the State Pensiom are entitled to claim a large number of Benefits. Those now paying into Workplace Pensions will lose in benefits exactly what they contribute to gain a pension. The State saves exactly what you have contributed. The con is to lift you high enough to remove claimant rights.

      How many Work Place Pensions will give low paid workers an additional 5k/year on retirement…?

      A decent State Pension is the answer…but Westminster will not do that.

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      1. Julia
        Make no mistake about it,that it is the firm intention of a Right wing Tory administration
        To slowly and surely in the most devious of policy decision to over the years coming to
        Reduce The State Pension to ZERO
        It appears that indeed they aboard The Tardus but in their case one that can only travel backwards in time
        Ah but such are the days that they consider
        Great and World class
        I consider it all Evil,delusional and downright
        History clearly demonstrates this always ends in disaster but the enactor of such
        Do indeed become disgustingly rich


  10. No.

    If pensions had an increased pension they would not be on benefits. It would pay for itself. The pension bureaucracy/administration is more than the pension payout. More people now have workplace/ private pension. They pay tax. Women who live longer than men on average lose out. They mainly worked part-time. Retired women now, were denied pension rights because they worked part-time. They were not allowed pension contribution. At that time it only applied to full time workers.

    The cuts in universal credit cut people’s income. £100 a month. Especially women and children. They have had to change it. Reinstate it. £20 a week. Due to end in April. After all the bureaucracy costs £Billions. They will have to reinstate it. The Tories cut Welfare £16Billion, cut Education £6Billion a year. Cut NHS £4Billion (£20Billion). From 2015 to 2020.

    Scottish Gov child credit £10 a week payment will mitigate it. Reduce poverty.

    The Gov is reluctant to cut pensions. Pensioners vote and are increasing.

    Westminster mismanaged and wastes public money. Spend it on Trident, HS2, Hinkley Point etc. All a total waste of money which could be better spent. (On pensions). £Billions wasted.

    Goods etc are taxed. Petrol taxed.


  11. They will not be cuttings pensions any time soon. If they want to have any power. Pensioners are the ones that vote and they are increasing. Cutting pensions is not political astute. They will be vote out. Voted out in any case because of the Brexit mess and the pandemic. Vote Tory to die younger. Not very appealing.


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