Keep the pressure on

As I await a response to one of my complaints on the Andrew Marr show, 70 days ago, it’s clear the BBC Complaints department is struggling.

After their supposed Education Correspondent’s difficulty with percentages yesterday, we should keep the pressure on:

Join me please.

Here’s the evidence they ignored too:


7 thoughts on “Keep the pressure on

  1. John
    May i have the name of the reporter and the program he used the words Roughly in Line
    And I will lodge a complaint basically on the following reasons
    Scotland / million on 7.2.21.
    Administered exactly 19.2 % more vaccines
    Than England
    So please explain if the same standards were applied to the following as a acceptable margin of error
    1.Targeting of a Nuclear Warhead which no doubt BBC could report as collateral damage
    2.Setting out the footprint of a large corporate new HQ building tightly adjacent to land you do not own
    Would BBC report that the owner has settled with adj. land owner.but fail to say that the completed Building is now Demolished
    3.Is a error of 19.2 % perfectly acceptable
    for a Aircraft upon which are the most Snr.Managers of the BBC are aboard landing in dense fog and solely by Auto Pilot
    But the transponder and receiver are acting on co ordinates 19.2 % out
    I only accept a reasoned reply on the grounds
    That your quote was actually rough and way out of line or What you consider as a acceptable actual margin of error and not of proximity
    So dependant on your reply you are either
    Accept your reporting as inaccurate or indeed you are a fool
    Never ever under any circumstances can 19.2% being acceptable by merely camouflaging with such Weasel Words


  2. John
    I added my complaint too and for what it’s worth also drew attention to their erroneous claim that Care Homes had been “done”.


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