Ahead for a whole week: When will Reporting Scotland tell Scotland honestly?

Having saved the lives of thousands in care homes, NHS Scotland gets on with the next most vulnerable and immediately performs better than NHS England.


20% better every day for a whole week now but BBC Scotland harp back to a supposed slow start that was really a life-saving start and feeds us the Tory nonsense about a ‘postcode lottery’.

They know what they’re doing here. Sleep at night? God knows how they do it.

5 thoughts on “Ahead for a whole week: When will Reporting Scotland tell Scotland honestly?”

  1. As i said at the very beginning of the vaccination program
    England is the Hare
    Scotland the Tortoise
    No more bets now on this (race) please
    As the book is closed

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  2. Breaking News and not in the form of satire nor a joke as this pertains to not only Health
    But Wealth also
    And firmly points to where a current and former colony of England are heading
    Just published from a recent study
    The Republic of Ireland is now £ 3,300 P.A.
    I.E.12% Better of
    And life expectancy 14 yrs longer
    Than Northern Ireland
    But their is a joke contained within and ask to whom doth thou think such is upon
    Well The Joker in the pack is The United Kingdom

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  3. For the “Scotish” media, especially the BBC, Scotland is ALWAYS in a race. Of course we never know about the race until it’s underway.
    It could have been infections, but Scotland has a much lower rate than England: so it’s not.
    It could have been mortality, but Scotland has a much lower rate than England: so it’s not.
    Before the roll-out of the vaccine the Brit Nats ( from Cochrane to DRossy) suddenly insisted Scotland published the stats–so we COULD have worked out what the race was to be.
    It should be presumed England had their vax program ready to roll.

    Then the race was on; Scotland left at a starting line it never know about.
    But we are now doing well, so the Brit media will change the rules.

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  4. “Unless you have a free press in your country, there is no need to buy newspapers and there is no need to watch the news because there is no need to listen to the lies! And you already have one real piece of information: You are being deceived by the people you are governed by!
    This is an enough information for you!”
    ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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