LIES: Scotland vaccinates 20% more but BBC say it’s ‘broadly’ the same

On Reporting Scotland tonight:

More than 50 000 people got their jab (sic) on Saturday. This is broadly in line with yesterday’s UK-wide number.

Then from Jamie McIvor, the nearly 53 000 was:

Roughly in line with a UK wide number.

Scotland vaccinated 9 718 per 1 million population compared to England’s 8 153 and the UK collective figure of 8 238 per 1 million.

By no stretch of the imagination is Scotland’s performance broadly or roughly in line. It’s 20% higher, and for the seventh day in a row.

And, both said ‘jab’.

8 thoughts on “LIES: Scotland vaccinates 20% more but BBC say it’s ‘broadly’ the same

  1. In less tolerant and democratic countries these people would be considered enemies of the state and tried as such for their crimes.They are a disgrace to Scotland.

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  2. It wasn’t roughly or broadly aligned a few weeks ago when we were focused on care homes. Why are the UK Government not being asked questions such as those demanded of the FM?

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  3. A bit concerning that the English press are saying that the AstraZeneca vaccine will be effective against the South African variant by Autumn.
    So….presumably,until then,try not to bump into it.

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    1. South Africa continues to offer vaccines developed by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Pfizer in the coming weeks while experts consider how the AstraZeneca shot can be deployed.

      Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are also less effective on SA strain.
      Restrictions and lock downs will continue


  4. 2 + 2 in Scotland make 3.
    2 + 2 in England make 5.

    It broadly the same, if you squint through a Union flag lens, and take the Queens shilling.

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