Lowest infection rate since December 19th

The Herald’s minimalist ‘update’

From the Scottish Government for last 24 hours:

584 new cases of COVID-19 reported

Falling for a whole month now and down from 2 649 on January 7th

9,479 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results – 6.9% of these were positive

Back above the WHO 5% for pandemic under control.

108 people are in intensive care with recently confirmed COVID-19

Lowest since January 8th and down for 16th day since peak of 161 on January 22nd.

1,710 people are in hospital with recently confirmed COVID-19

Lowest since January 11th and down for 16th day since peak of 2053 on 22nd January.


13 thoughts on “Lowest infection rate since December 19th

  1. Record number vaccinated on Saturday too – around 52,000 I think

    Noticed my local vaccination centre was in operation too.


  2. Devastating news, for the media! Was watching a YouTube channel by a Dr. in England I think Sheffield, he does good vids about VitD etc. His update though was disappointing yesterday as it showed the ‘UK’ at just (improving apparently but still in danger zone) below the US on the graph, ‘UK’. Comments from all over the world, people believing that the ‘UK’ means Scotland is just as bad as England, this is what’s deeply frustrating about this so called union, it’s only a ‘union of equals’ when it’s bad news.
    Btw do all take Vit D regularly, no less than every other day in our house.

    I find it interesting that it’s not be tested for ie low levels, and not being prescribed therefore. The Dr. wonders why it’s not being pushed for as a way to lower chances of serious Covid infection, etc. It’s very cheap to produce he says. Ever the cynic me, why would you want a healthier population when it might mean you can’t sell your very expensive meds to the NHS and of course even more so in the US!

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    1. I’ve been taking it for around three months and yesterday bought another packet. I had run out and found it hard to get more after trying a supermarket and a chemist with no luck. They said there had been a lot of demand so that’s a good sign that people are already doing this.

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      1. Good peopole are taking VitD. Lesley Riddoch did a programme, or article can’t remember which,years ago, about major research in Canada to find out about low levels of VItD among countries in the northern hemisphere, it showed that most people in the Northern parts of the world were deficient in this vital vitamin. My son had a support worker from Poland who said they had lots of outdoor time and plenty of sun when returning to Poland, but were still found to be low in VitD. The interesting part of Dr J’s video I thought was how long it takes for the body to process the supplement, quite a few days.
        Anyway, sorry so O/T, but it is interesting there has not been more testing and more prescribed supplements, I can’t remember when, even in winter, the orange ball in the sky seemed so elusive!


        1. Research from the USA
          And from large no of hospital cases of Covid
          Those with low levels of VtD had 13% more deaths than those with normal or higher levels of VtD
          Such it more than fair to say that VtD is a significant factor in maintaining a good healthy immune system
          Various Governments are considering free issue to the covid to those that are vulnerable
          in their population


    1. Both UK and Scot gov yielded to commercial pressure in december to relax lockdowns.
      UK gov’s excuse that lockdown not working against “new variant” particularly silly

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