The stupid question only BBC Scotland asks

From only BBC Scotland in the last hour or two:

It’s more than seven weeks since the first care home resident in Scotland received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Annie Innes said she hoped it meant life could “get back to normal very soon”. Since then almost every elderly person living in a Scottish care home has been given the jab. Yet care homes are still reporting Covid outbreaks and residents are still dying with the virus. Why?

The article does eventually clear up some of the misunderstandings their headline poses, such as the three-week gap before immunity is developed by older people, but the damage has been done by then.

Missing of course is any helpful context.

Any normally curious journalist might remember Channel 4 suggesting in the last few days, that only 80% have so far been done in English care homes and wondering how that might affect the comparative death rate there.

England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty appears but brings no data for English care homes with him.

The data from the ONS for English care homes only goes up to the 29th January and will only be updated to the 5th February on the 9th February but we can already see the awful truth emerge:

In the week ending the 17th January, the level of Covid deaths was the same, 1341 in England and 137 in Scotland. England has 10 times the population.

However, in the following seven days there were 2 364 cases in England and only 127 in Scotland. Per capita, nearly twice as many were dying in the English care homes.

In the week ending 31st December the Scottish figure had fallen to 104. The data for England will not be published until the 9th February but, already, by the 29th there have been 1 611 suggesting the pattern is continuing.

You have to say their choice of photograph lets them down. Where’s the soldier doing the jag? Where’s the photo of the Spitfire on the wall?


6 thoughts on “The stupid question only BBC Scotland asks

  1. All part of Hold the Union together at all costs
    And by such articles continually streaming out from ABC (BBC)
    It would appear Dads Army are at the forefront of their efforts
    Not only that but Pike is in command

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  2. it maybe coincidence🙄 but I notice that the only time comparison of data table information between England and Scotland are shown is when the English data can be presented as “better”. If the English data is worse a rigid control is put in place to only show the Scotish data in Scotland with the appropriate voice drama and sour faces under furrowed brows. The English data then disappears into the UK folder.

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  3. CQC inspection ratings, last month. Not great?

    “The past month’s ratings
    15 Outstanding
    428 Good
    254 Requires improvement
    77 Inadequate

    The service is performing exceptionally well.
    The service is performing well and meeting our expectations.
    Requires improvement
    The service is not performing as well as it should and we have told the service how it must improve.
    The service is performing badly and we’ve taken action against the person or organisation that runs it.”


  4. Following on from BBC’s (and curiously even worse in the National) deliberately misleading article on the 6th over the Lochgelly care home outbreak in December, this is forming a familiar pattern.

    Oddly enough they used a different angled shot of Annie Innes from your 90 YEAR-OLD SHIELDER ACCUSES SCOTTISH MEDIA OF DEMORALISING VACCINATORS piece.

    Having read this off indyref2 links this morning, the BBC must have been instructed to divert attention from England’s care home tragedy.
    Nothing of course on the England page.

    Now I note a new article and headline “Covid in Scotland: Government aim to vaccinate all adults ‘in summer’ “, note the subtle difference to “by the summer”…. Desperate stuff…

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