Iain and the Wolf

From the Herald’s Iain Macwhirter today:

Every so often political parties become so divided that they can barely function. It happened to Labour over Militant entryism in the 1980s, to the Tories over Europe in the 1990s. Now it is happening in the Scottish National Party. Only this is not about socialism, the EU or even independence, but over an obscure issue as toxic as it is undefinable: transphobia.

From him a year ago:

I feel sure I could dig back further and find more such claims from Macwhirter or, for that matter, the likes of Brian Wilson at the Scotsman, but these will do.

Is there any convincing evidence that internal struggle in the SNP leadership is likely to cause it to lose support?


For more than four years, from strength to strength, not one poll revealing the effects on support of apparent internal conflict in the leadership – Mackay, Salmond, Cherry, alleged anti-semitism or transphobia.

The huge membership, the millions of voters, are not listening to the MSM chatter. They don’t understand or give much of a whatever about issues other than, for example, the pandemic, the economy, the observable contempt of the Tories and the obvious solution in independence.

To ‘macwhirter’, to blether pointlessly about Scotland.


As its first editor insisted proudly, before he tried to become on of their MSP candidates, the Independent will criticise the SNP:

45 thoughts on “Iain and the Wolf

  1. As predicted, these headlines will become more and more hysterical as the date of the second independence referendum approaches.
    In what is a futile attempt to foster discontent in the Yes movement, in which the S.N.P will play a central role, they will resort to any lies and falsehoods to try, unsuccessfully, to divert us from our goal, an independent Scotland.

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    1. They have bad-mouthed and vilified the SNP for decades, especially since they formed a government.
      That is their problem. They have cried “wolf” for so long, no serious person believes them any more.
      If you want independence, you vote for the SNP.
      If you want to live in a colony, you vote for the Brit Nats.

      The Torygraf has a story about “Cabinet allies of Boris”, saying that Ross was “SNP-lite” and the Tories would have to win the election without him–that it was too late to dump him–that the chief Whip would need to punish him–blah, blah. Nothing like that in the “Scottish” press.

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      1. and what about the very real discontent with Westminster and tory cronyism, lies and lack of respect for voters and MPs alike? I’m not in denial about anything, just focused on a push for independence when there will then be a chance to sort out all of the rest of this shit.

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  2. Complete and utter
    Coital Bovine Scatology
    They are no longer scraping the bottom of the barrel
    They are now avidly licking the sides of it
    Result a tongue full of skelves

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      1. Thepaleale
        I think you correct
        But more importantly i hope they bed in their
        Forked Poisionous Wagging Tongues
        Swells like a balloon and chokes them

        A fate most apt and fitting
        Or Fa Heid First into said barrel in their eagerness to lick and become stuck

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  3. The VR that is Twitter,does not reflect the real world where most people don’t care about what he said,she said and rows about trans gender rights.
    The SNP is a very broad church whose purpose is to restore Scottish statehood and that is what motivates most of us now and will continue to do so in the future.
    Headlines in HM press aimed at a mainly unionist audience will not change that.

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  4. McTwitter. Some people should keep off of it. The members will decide the policies.

    The Inquiry is just a waste of time and money. No one did anything wrong. Gives a damn or cares. The UK civil service causing trouble. Par for the course. Just another obstacle to be overcome.

    There are more important things to worry about. There is a pandemic and people are dying. Brexit is a catastrophe. Support for SNP/Independence rising.

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    1. The members no longer have any say on policy. The recent rule changes give total control to the Party Leadership. Like many others you have missed the gradual erosion of the members voices.

      Which conference agreed the Party stance on TransRights?
      Which conference agreed the recent change to the List ranking of candidates?
      Which conference approved affiliation of “outforindy” with guarenteed NEC seats but denied affiliation of the “Womenspledge group”

      Wake up!

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  5. The arguement that “people don’t care” is just wrong!

    Most people don’t care about the life style of those who wish to declare their gender. The debate is always framed by the media and politicians in that way. However what is always ignored is how people feel about the assault on Women’s rights. Women wish to retain safe places. They wish privacy. They need the right to be treated or counselled by someone that they determine to be a women.

    Many in the SNP and various blogposts are framing ALL debate from the viewpoint of less than 0.5% of the population. 52% of the population are being shouted down for even suggesting a fair debate is required.

    Are you blind to the threats, the de- selecting of speakers from “debates”, the use of “transphobia” to end every challenge on law change or the very re-classification of the word women.

    I avoid expressing my views now because of the abuse it attracts. The comments above follow the same tired rant…weesht for Indy.

    Is an Independent Scotland achieved by shouting down Women and ending their mental sense of security, their safety in sport and ability to succeed against the physical strength of men identifying as women. To remove Mother and replace it with Womb carrier etc, etc

    The entire issue could have like any other topic have been resolved by listening to both sides of the debate.

    Nicola Sturgeon has declared War on those who challenge her blind charge towards pleasing one party in the conflict.

    I will hold my nose and give my first vote to the SNP because of a burning desire for my Nations Independence.
    My second vote will be to a Party who will champion both Independence AND Women’s Rights and identity the ISP.

    Like many thousands of others I have recently left the SNP. I would urge others to still pursue Independence but to also give some consideration to Women and send a clear message to the SNP leadership.

    The recent NEC rigged vote under the priority on list for Bame and disabled candidates is a Trojan horse to insert Transactivists into the MSP role. As well as self ID on gender you can now self ID as disabled.

    Is this the “Independent Scotland” you think Women deserve?

    I will not wheesht for Indy!

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    1. I share your concern about entryism into the SNP and the behaviour of some of those people which is unacceptable but tolerated by the leadership.

      As to self identity as disabled the Equality Act 2010 (and before that the Disability Discrimination Act define what is meant by disability. In the Equality Act a disability means a physical or a mental condition which has a substantial and long-term impact on your ability to do normal day to day activities. What is substantial and long term? ‘Substantial’ is more than minor or trivial, eg it takes much longer than it usually would to complete a daily task like getting dressed. Long-term’ means 12 months or more, eg a breathing condition that develops as a result of a lung infection.

      It is unlikely that the SNP will put itself in the position of selecting parliamentary candidates who are not disabled as defined by the Equality Act, imho.


      1. You obviously haven’t seen the list nominations or the claimed disabilities stated. They decided and put themselves forward.


    2. “52% of the population are being shouted down for even suggesting a fair debate is required”

      It seems to me there is just too much ‘shouting’ – or sometimes overly aggressive language – from various sides and sources! And if you wish an example of language likely to generate heat rather than light in what is undoubtedly a contentious issue, I only need to point to your own words:

      “Nicola Sturgeon has declared War on those who challenge her blind charge towards pleasing one party in the conflict.” Measured?

      And just to say, I am immune to a ‘whataboutery’ response when considering how such contentious, polarised issues are communicated. Such a response tends not move matters on, tends not to facilitate just resolution.

      I am, in principle, with The Guardian editorial back on 17 October, 2018: “It should be possible to advance trans equality without harming the interests of women. But a toxic debate has made it harder.”

      Social progress has often faced ‘challenges’ – including ones that truly raise ‘dilemmas’. Only the socially very conservative would advocate avoidance in order to have no change. It is how these issues are worked through by communities/societies that is telling. IMHO some (a vocal minority?) actively engaging in this issue are doing so in ways that would NOT suggest we in Scotland are in the early days of a better nation.

      However, your comment on ‘shouted down’ did actually get me thinking about the extent that sources/voices offering broader perspective on this issue were being ‘heard’ in Scotland. Perhaps it’s actually the views of the moderate, the balanced, the ‘just solution seekers’ that are being drowned out by shouters?

      I’d not delved into this issue much before this afternoon but with very limited searches I’ve become aware of interesting things of which I knew nothing.

      – how widely known is it that gender self-identification legislation already operates in Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Argentina, Malta?

      – and how widely known are the findings of evaluations of this legislation in other countries? e.g. from 2018 – Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2015. Report to the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Ireland

      – how well known is it that gender self-identification reform is supported in the UK by for example the Trade Union Congress and the British Medical Association?

      – how well known is it that gender self-identification reform is supported by other political parties across the UK?

      Now for the avoidance of doubt, my point here is NOT to assert that the list above provides a weight of evidence that should, for the neutral or the uninformed, clinch the argument in favour of a viewpoint different to yours, Ms Gibb.

      Rather, I am concerned that the way you have engaged in the issue btl here – with talk of declaring war and blind charging – needs countering for one reason, namely to gently remind ourselves of the value of perspective. This is arguably in the tradition of this site.

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  6. Baby boxes, nursery care, social care, equal pay, Education support. Equal rights for everyone. Including self ID. Young women etc support it. Carers allowance. Kinship payments. Care allowance. MUP. Healthcare funding.

    0.00005% says it all. That can be accommodated. They have mothers, sisters and family who give support.

    Women who co habit (majority) should have rights in Law. (1/3?). Instead of having to fight through Courts. It costs £thousands in legal fees. There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case. Women can lose their home. In England that has been changed. Letting agencies illegal claim 6 months upfront rent from women for accommodation. Even with excellent credit rating and funds.


  7. Macwhirter slavering over the idea of split in the SNP, pathetic. Far as I know the Tories and Labour are still in existence, and in power.
    No one should be losing any rights in Scotland, there is a backlash against womens rights, it’s not just in Scotland. The powerful use religion, sport, inequality, gender, anything to divide and rule. It won’t take long before the human rights act is scrapped in the UK now there is no obligation to retain those basic protections.
    I want independence for Scotland and so far not seeing any political party other than the SNP who could in all seriousness deliver that.
    The BritNats’ aim is to try to unseat them in May before there is even a chance to hold an independence referendum. SNP winning is not in the bag, and with Covid, surely campaigning is all but out of the question.
    The EngGov will keep lockdown going into April only because they know that scuppers
    much of the crucial campaigning in Scotland and as they control the media guess who gets to do their party political broadcasts and who doesn’t.
    Scotland needs SNP at the helm to secure independence, if not, Scotland will be punished for even having the cheek to defy the Brit state.
    The BritNat parties have money and power, they control the narrative.
    I’m getting my boots on there’s a great mountain to climb for Scotlands very survival.

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  8. “The SNP has been plunged into fresh disarray with a second member of its Westminster frontbench team sacked in the space of a week, after donating to a fund set up to sue another nationalist MP.

    In an extraordinary move, Neale Hanvey, the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, paid into a crowdfunder to enable barrister Sarah Phillimore to sue Kirsty Blackman, the former deputy leader of the SNP at Westminster.”

    From the TImes, most of it behind a paywall. The Times is no supporter of the SNP but what is reported here is fact. Ms Phillimore is taking Kirsty Blackman to court or a settlement, claiming defamation.

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    1. if you put the URL in archive.vn ou can read it all.
      The SNP is falling like a pack of cards. If people here can’t see it then it will take a wee bit for the public to cotton on. To be honest i think with suh blind devotion the public will get there first.
      Our job is to point it out and fix it nor present that NS appears to have lost her marbles.
      Wheesht for Indy
      Wheesht for women’s right
      Wheesht for free speech
      Wheest against corruption
      Wheesht for integrity

      Just do a though experiment
      What if this was the Tories trying to make a whole day disappear. Wake the fuck up. Independence is being stolen from us.
      What if this was another party hiding results from a search engine by adding gaps between letters in words
      Look for Became and Aware in this document.

      Click to access JR_-_Open_Record_-_as_redacted_23rd_October_2020.pdf

      Then try again with “b e c a m ” & “a w a re”


      1. So upset at all the sackings and the u-turn on HCB amendments i can’t even spell-check.

        ‘To be honest i think with such blind devotion the public will get there first.
        Our job is to point it out and fix it. NS appears to have lost her marbles.’


    1. Thanks for that @sam a most interesting debate as it filled multiple blanks in what has been going on of late including the Hanvey and Cherry situations.

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      1. Possibly sam, but this sort of fenagling is no longer a state monopoly and can be contracted in for those with deep enough pockets. The phone hacking scandal was but the first public glimpse of what can be done…..

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  9. Celebrate while you can the fact that the polls have not yet been affected by the ghastly mess that the SNP has become. The electorate won’t remain unaware for long. The British media will ensure that they are made aware of a suitably embellished ‘truth’ just in time for the election.

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    1. Oh jesus. The Crown Agent Harvie is MI5. Iain Lawson pointed it out and Craig Murray confirmed it. He will be deciding what can be blocked from the Harassment Enquiry. WHY?! It isn’t to get Independence. It is to keep in power a party which has no intention of delivering.
      Willingly or not the SNP and compromised NS have been weaponised by the UK state. It isn’t the fault of the messenger.
      Unfortunately they may have overplayed their hand.


    2. Spot on Gordon.
      The longer the SNP polling stays up as the election approaches the more shrill their voices become. The more articles per day the Grand Mufti of Bathistan churns out.

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  10. The britnat media is rightly being ignored by the majority of people in Scotland.

    Independence, first and foremost.

    Thank god for the Irish.


  11. Julia,

    Thanks for your reply. I have no reason to doubt what you say. If it is the case that SNP list parliamentary candidates are being chosen on the basis of self ID disabilities not conforming with the Equality Act and given preferential treatment that would be open to challenge.


  12. It works for women too. Gender lists. Women are under represented. (the most). 30% representation. Male dominated representative. Likewise other groups. Throw out the baby with the bath waters. Discriminate against women and other groups. Looking for equality.


  13. Rugby authorities to meet to discuss the awarding of the Calcutta Cup. It seems they are considering the fact that though Scotland scored 11 points, England offered 111.

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  14. People are being played by the media
    There is no SNP internal war
    People get selected people get deselected
    Happens in all political party,s all the time every year

    Gender ID will be determined by equality law not by politics

    Stop being weak those of you who turn against your own just because you read something in the newspapers or on twitter or facebook
    ALL of those are being used to influence and coerce you to do things and think things you know are really not right

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    1. Terrence
      Simples givens the prize that is Indy that now stares us in the face my advice to all
      Shut your mouth and open your ears
      Make note of all who wag their poisonous tongues and then separate these lambs from the ewes when Indy arrives
      Always exact revenge COLD

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  15. No SNP/Greens majority in May, no independence in our lifetimes if ever.
    Of course all the levers of BritNat power are being deployed against the SNP and the more independence supporters join in the less chance of a win in May and well we all know what comes after.
    The BritNat operatives must be having a right old larf, lolz, spreading dirt and handing the compliant media a huge shovel.
    Yep it will get much worse in the run up to the election in May, Scotland is in great peril, it’s last chnace saloon time, and the BritNats know that as well. Scotland being banned by the EngGov from having their own broadcasting powers is the cherry on the top for the BritNats, especially as they have also hijacked twitter, which I personally avoid at the moment except to share TuS’s articles. It’s either like fb, ‘what did you have for your tea last night’ pap, or people having hissy fits at how bad the SNP are and never voting for them ever ever again, no matter how much they have done so far to repair horrendous damage of 300+ years of BritNat rule! Jeezus christ.


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