On the day they completed care homes, Scotland’s vaccinators surged into the lead

On the 1st February, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said 98% of older people in care homes and 88% of care home staff have had the jab and that the NHS is “ahead of schedule” to complete first doses for all over-80s by Friday.

On that same day, Scotland vaccinated more of its population pro rata than England and has continued to do so since then.

In desperation Scottish Conservatives appear daily on BBC Scotland to claim it’s a postcode lottery.

The data:

Data from: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/vaccinations: Totals divided by 56 and 5.4 respectively.

10 thoughts on “On the day they completed care homes, Scotland’s vaccinators surged into the lead

  1. Cry wolf they do
    And we all know hown that one ends up
    Stupid Stupid little boys
    After all they are all privates in Dads Army
    Someone please knit them a new scarf

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  2. To the BBC and the MSM the topic is now closed. Any issue only remains open for the period it gives political advantage to the Union arguement that Scotland needs English overlordship to function.

    Deflection onto a selected “gap area” will follow. i.e. England treating more ingrown toenails than Scotland. Why is Scotland lagging so far behind?

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  3. As has been rumoured today and if I could be tempted to predict the news headlnes over the next few days/weeks it will be that some English people are waiting for supplies of the ‘English’ vaccine which exclusively accounts for the slow uptake.

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  4. The new BBC Scotland programme on Sundays broadcast simultaneously on TV and radio, with Martin Geisler and Fiona Stalker actually quoted the kind of data which this site (and Travelling Tabby) has been showing for some time now. There was barely an “Ah, but…”. Jeanne Freeman was interviewed and the tone adopted was a reasonable one and there were no interruptions nor ‘framed’ questions – such as ‘Do you DENY that …?’

    Could their actually be an attempt at doing objective journalism?

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    1. Alasdair . . . .

      Before long they were disecting J. F’s interview, focussing on “if supplies keep coming”

      The Journalist from the National / Herald stable David Pratt stated that the UK has more than enough vaccine so the problem Jeane Freeman was alluding to must be with delivery within Scotland.

      Pratt didn’t see that JF was obviously referring to supplies of vaccine reaching Scotland, for whatever reason.

      He also failed to say anything positive about Scotland’s vaccination rollout.

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    2. “Could their actually be an attempt at doing objective journalism?” – 🤣

      Don’t be silly, they’re quietly dropping the previous strategy and regrouping to spring the next wizard wheeze when all are rehearsed.

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  5. Most certainly do NOT want to scare any far less cry wolf
    On Fri.I read a science paper and this one is keeping the Scientists on this virus case awake at night now
    The case studies are very small but most alarming and a rush on to expand the numbers involved to verify if accurate
    Without getting too complicated scientifically
    I explain as simply as poss.in lay terms
    One of the Sth.African variants has mutated again (as such mutants always do )
    The 1st variant is basically referred to as a 1 fold change
    But this one is a 4 fold change ( a 4 fold change in a deadly virus is more than likely to be a super charged one ) and although the study was on only 11 cases
    All showed a 90% drop in efficacy to the Astra Zenica vastra
    If this one gets out of control afraid after climbing the ladder Tis back down the Snake we go
    Worth noting this is exactly how Corona viruses are equipped to behave evolutionary
    In order to ensure their survival strategy effective
    This news is in all probability being deliberately suppressed


  6. Aye John, but with the vaccine Olympics now stuttering, the BBC have shifted strategy to “what went wrong”, doubtless as diversion to England’s tragic recent death toll in care-homes…
    Didn’t initially make sense that they featured a different angle on Annie Innes being injected back in mid-December until I spotted under the main Scotland page item sub featured the “Ten dead after care home Covid outbreak” the BBC (and the National) bizarrely featured recently, which was around the same period.
    Here we go again….

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