Is Four Nations Army of vaccinators understrength in Scotland

There are now 200 Army Vaccinators from Fife, working in Scotland and the same number is helping out in Wales, despite it having a much smaller population.

As with figures for care home vaccinations, Covid-testing and hospital-onset infections, the number of Army vaccinators working in England is not yet available.

Scotland has more than 3 000 civilian vaccinators so the Army 200 represent 6% or less of the total force.


18 thoughts on “Is Four Nations Army of vaccinators understrength in Scotland

  1. Ah, but its the English army.

    Governor Generalissimo HiJack, Brigaroness Ruthie Von Buffalo and First Trombone DRossy in charge in the colonies.

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  2. This is aimed at strengthening the impression that Scotland is incapable of looking after itself, so must rely on the British state for functional government. Methodological nationalism employs many discursive strategies to subvert truth, promote prejudice, and support the “learned helplessness” of the subordinated cultural Other, e.g. British Labour’s desire to re-interoperate nationalism as patriotism.

    Please try to remember that it isn’t possible to be patriotic to a unitary state, one can only be nationalist towards a union of nations. Brexit insists that contemporary British nationalism is defined through right-wing and populist English nationalism. As such, contemporary British nationalism inescapably supports eugenics.

    Principles of critical discourse analysis

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      1. My self-confidence is growing, so I’m more willing to try to articulate my message using my own words. Though you still can’t beat honest academia to give contemporary English nationalism a good kicking. đŸ˜‰

        Flagging nations? Exploring the banality of national
        discourse through a study of everyday talk and
        media texts in England


    1. CameronB, you write: “My self-confidence is growing, so I’m more willing to try to articulate my message using my own words”

      That is excellent, thanks for sharing this. And please continue in that vein. It’s candidly impossible for all or many here – OK let’s just stick to saying, it’s impossible for me – to engage in the level of scholarly reading necessary to understand the significance of, to penetrate, the subjects you regularly raise.

      I know it’s asking you to do ‘work’ to help us understand but having you explain concisely and in lay terms the key learning points you wish to convey will, I’d argue, achieve the enhanced knowledge and awareness among visitors to this site that you are, legitimately, seeking to achieve.

      I acknowledge that I too need to keep remembering tho’ one other thing. This is that ‘less can be more’ valuable especially when what’s given is relevant, logically and clearly presented: I find it’s a constant challenge to get close to this whenever and wherever writing!

      All best wishes for sharing more and achieving more impact!


      1. I’m more than happy to do ‘work’ to help expand folk’s understanding, and do appreciate that post-colonial political science isn’t necessarily easy for the ‘uninitiated’ to get stuck into. I also appreciate that less can sometimes mean more, though I do try to limit myself to source material that will support a cognitive understanding of our peril. As well as provide the epistemic tools to support Scotland’s legal identity and potential for political AGENCY. đŸ˜‰


  3. Scotland, getting your money’s worth? How much do the EngGov take from you for defence? Do you feel safe? How are those nukes doing that they keep under your territorial waters and other mass killing machines under your mountains, all that keeping you safe doesn’t come cheap you know, so be grateful you have a couple of hundred sojers sent to have their photo taken for the media, damn lucky to have them standing at the door of your useless Scottish vaccination hubs wot!
    Click click click go the BritNat press’ cameras! What a farce.

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  4. Well done Scotland.
    It could easily have been a more comprehensive victory, but we are magnanimous in victory, and gracious in defeat.
    So well done England–the scoreboard did not reflect it, but you were scutched!


    1. I can manage academic studies in some fields, but not others (and not yours!), so the simplification is much appreciated. Keep up the good work – and I hope you continue to gain strength.


      1. Thanks. I’ll do my best to make this stuff accessible, but I’ve not been involved professionally for almost three decades. So I’m a tad rusty, and wary of punting mince.

        I’m not expecting folks to turn themselves into competent political scientists. Even a cursory ‘dipping of the toe’ will help help expand folk’s consciousness, and capacity to resist English Torydum.


  5. 200 army vaccinators from fife ? Dont think so
    There arent that many army staff in fife
    The 200 i beleive are TA territorial army nearly all of them will not be vaccinating anyone they will be standing arms behind their back hands clasped
    The RAMC medical core have two bases in scotland 225 Dundee and 205 Glasgow these two units have small depots in glenrothes aberdeen stirling nearly all the staff are part time TA there is a handful of full timers at each HQ Dundee and Glasgow.

    The RAMC employ TA too , GPs are officer rank as are a few others with similar background but im sure they will be the only ones vaccinating anyone

    This BBC story is nonsense


    1. Terrence
      Tis not the story that is nonsense
      It is the BBC who are nonsense
      And such is factual due to the fact
      That their story is infactual
      Therefore the prepratrator off such
      Must be nonsense
      All this is none other than the application
      Of logic and by full consideration of what actually the word nonsense actually means
      Nonsense can only come into being by either
      Ignorance or application of nonsense
      So in conclusion i submit that the BBC were in full knowledge of what they have non sensically done
      Thereby upon such they became nothing other than a piece of nonsense
      All this appears to be a habitual occurence
      On their behalf So one has no option but to be absolutely certain that paying the licence fee is nonsensical
      And further more in order to return to a state of sense it is obligatory to cease this nonsense immediately for sake of making sense of such matters
      This was Not brought to you by The Monty Python team because if it was then it would have been nonsense
      Now for something completely different
      I have switched to Netflix in order to return to sanity from which i had temporarily departed
      Twas Fauldhouse Madhouse who advised me
      to do so otherwise I was destined for the State Institution at Carstairs


  6. Scotland pays £4Billion for the Military. £12.5Billion for the SNHS.

    A 99 year old ex army is walking in a zimmer to raise money to fund the NHS. It should be funded properly. An absolute disgrace.

    The Tories cut NHS funding £4Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. £20Billion. They just increased military spending £Billions a year.
    The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the cuts and waste.

    Brexit costs £Billions more than all the total contributions. Losing trade and jobs. The union will cost Scotland more than Brexit lose of trade and jobs. The Tories are a complete and utter disgrace. Spending £Billions on Trident, HS2, and Hinkley Point. Scotland has to make repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Westminster bad decisions and poor policies.


  7. O/T
    I note the rational of the Fabiani Committee is being questioned in public. If Scots ever want to enjoy equality in law and the potential to experience the benefits of open democracy, we will need to do all we can to cleans ‘our’ justice system of all law officers who place Westminster’s assumed legal supremacy above practical reason and the Moral law. Though I doubt this will be possible in Brexitania, which consolidates and solidifies English legal culture’s hostility towards law and legal method that is coherent and compatible with Natural law reasoning.


    Click to access 376lpaust.pdf


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