90 year-old shielder accuses Scottish media of demoralising vaccinators

Annie Innes: not our source.

90 year-old Margaret Robertson of Dunfermline has accused Scotland’s media of weakening the vaccination programme by demoralising the teams working hard to get the vaccines done with negative reports like the one above.

She told Talking-up Scotland:

Just had visit from GP

Vaccination done

Over 80s were completed last week

Our surgery staff will work in local vaccination hub all weekend

All working their socks off & fed up with criticism fired at Scotland from media for lagging behind when we’re NOT

Soul destroying

19 thoughts on “90 year-old shielder accuses Scottish media of demoralising vaccinators




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    1. The Tories control the narrative, they make the people pay for it. They control the media, it’s even a reserved power, they effectively sanction Scotland by denying the right to have their own broadcasting powers. How mindbogglingly undemocratic is that. Don’t NI and Wales have broadcasting powers? England has broadcasting powers, yet Scotland is denied that, it’s bloody Draconian.
      Perfectly understandable that those working their socks off in Scotland are feeling demoralised. The journos dancing to the tune of their BritNat masters should hang their heads in shame, damn the lot of them!

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      1. And not only the media A.H. The other enemy within. The fifth coloumists. unionist politicians who continually bad-mouth the thousands of good people who are working unceasingly to make all of us safer.
        When the G.P administering my jag asked me how I felt, I answered, grateful.
        The traitors, because that is what they are to the general wellbeing of the people of Scotland, and I just don’t refer to the pandemic here, will not be forgotten when we gain our independence, and I trust their fate will be all I expect it to be.

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  2. Had mine down this morning, not only are they working hard, it’s very efficient, highly organised and they were very nice, very nice.
    To anybody not planning or can’t be arse’d turning up to get vaccinated, know this. The vaccine once opened lasts for six hours, then it has to be thrown away, wasted, completely fucking wasted. A friend of my wife’s had hers done a couple of days ago, it was quiet when she went in, a bit surprised she asked. She was told that they had very been very busy but over the course of the day about 300 hadn’t come. Unbelievable.

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    1. Golf nut,
      The appointment letters that are sent out have a number to phone if they cannot, or do not want, to come for their appointment. I get that some people do not want the jab for whatever reason but they do not have the right to deny someone else the jab by not phoning to cancel their appointment thus giving the organisers a chance to slot someone else in thus reducing wastage. I am sure that they have lists of people they can call to attend.

      I think I said before that my daughter-in-law, who works in a hospital, received her jab because there were some doses left over when they had done all the priority staff. The doses would have gone to waste otherwise.

      Like the 90 year old I am getting very, very fed up with the nit-picking going on in the media. If I hear one more moronic asshole of a politician say ‘postcode lottery’ there will be an explosion in our house.

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      1. Yes Legerwood, I do remember your comment, and your right about the info on the letter, it also tells you in the info book that once the vaccine files are mixed it lasts 6 hours. Not only have these people been told to cancel, they been told why, and that makes me really angry that so many in a single day at just one vaccine centre didnt. When I left Citidal in Ayr, there was a que of people stretching out and round the building of people waiting patiently to recieve the jag. My own experience took no more than 20 mins from the time I got out of the car to the time I left.

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      1. “Splits, feud, chaos in the Tory Brit Nit ranks. Squabble over gender quibble, pan-aphrodite Boris supporting Brexiteer wrecker infiltraitor. Are the Tory dreams over? Does a Baroness trump a whistling DRossy? What does Boris know; when did he know it, and blah blah.
        Gove waiting in wings–Cummings on call”!

        Tom Gargoyle tells all in the Soar-a-way Sunday Herod!

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  3. Never forget what the BBC and the MSM have been doing during this Pandemic. Never forget Marr and his selective graph period. Never forget the distortion of graphs and the daily twisting of data.

    Whatever the outcome of the Independence vote these people will try to regain your trust, to re-establish the control of the information you receive.

    they would risk public confidence in the system designed to save lives in order to damage a political movement. They would risk lives promote and please their beloved Union Masters.

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  4. Well done that lady for speaking up
    Im sure there are other people in Scotland who are in their 60s 70s 80s 90s who are fed up of the media in Scotland bombarding us with ridiculous nonsense like the continuous lies that Scotland is behind targets for vaccination

    I wish they would come forward and be more outspoken
    They are our seniors
    We respect them
    We respect their knowledge and experience

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  5. I note the usual right-wing voices elsewhere, are still punting covid denial-ism in an attempt to depict pro-active public health management as some sort of fascism. Radical right populism really is an unhealthy perspective, so it’s just as well that a scientific world-view has the same effect on the radical right, as salt does on slugs.

    COVID-19: Scientific Arguments, Denialism, Eugenics, and the Construction of the Antisocial Distancing Discourse in Brazil

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  6. P.S. A scientific world-view is equally effective against the radical-left, who have acknowledged their inability to counter neo-liberalism, by embracing neo-liberalism as a means of re-imagining culture. Unfortunately, this strategy similarly supports government through force, a.k.a. eugenics.

    Political interference in public health science during covid-19


  7. One soul that must be destroyed is the collective one contained in the Evil purposes of the MSM
    The Poles knew exactly how to take them on
    Whilst sawing through their Soviet chains
    The trick here is to realise that the MSM are the chains and Westminster the key holder
    So take a hacksaw to the B**t***s


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